We citizens need to do everything we can to help law enforcement keep us safe. The audit actions by the county executive and council reported in The News-Post can only serve to distract our exceptional sheriff and his department just when we can hardly go more than a few days without hearing of another incident we do not want to endure.

Do the CE and council want to bear responsibility for the results of their distraction?

Barbara Luchsinger


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Audit...what is Jenkins afraid of? They'll find corruption and graft? Or maybe just mismanagement and incompetence?


When did the sheriff ever say he was afraid of an audit, I seemed to have missed that?


Jenkins gets so distracted that he goes down and patrols the Rio Grande River, in a speed boat with an assault weapon over his shoulder. Why would a little thing like an audit bother him? Did he lie on his internal audit? As the Charter does not give the Sheriff authority to sign contracts for the County, does that mean the agreement is not valid?


Aww, this letter reminded me of my beagle. How I miss her. She got so much done.


Part of leadership is being capable of multi-tasking. Its a natural trait that you either have or don't have. If Sherf is so easily distracted, then he is not competent of the position. The content of this LTE reminds me of the fact that the sherf never took a corporals exam, he never filled in as "acting corporal", "acting sergant", etc. He never took any initiative to gain a formal education, background, or experience. And as this letter points out - it may be because he does get easily distracted and has trouble getting his head in the game. The role of sherf is an elected position. Background, education, prior leadership roles, or lack of prior leadership, have no bearing on whether or not one achieves election. If he sherf position was like most other police top leadership positions, he would not have made it past the first interview, as they would have recognized that he can't multitask, as the writer shares with us. GREAT LTE, THANKS FOR BRINGING THIS TO LIGHT!

Kelly Q. Alzan


A financial audit of what is supposed to be a major federal law enforcement program is not a "distraction", it is standard procedure. Anyone who cannot handle both at the same time should find a new line of work.


the same sherf that threw a tantrum and would not let fnp into his 'celebration party?


Quite simply, the celebration was for invited guests and they were not invited.


Wow, sounds like a very easily distracted police office. Maybe they should considered another line of work.🤷‍♂️




Audits are part of the job for just about every profession. Work continues as normal for those in the sheriff’s office. Your call to 911 will still be answered.


I'm not sure why some of the sheriff's supporters are against an outside audit and keep making it a spectacle, when the sheriff himself has supported it. I assume this audit - just like previous impartial internal audits - will show he is doing everything above board. If it does find mistakes - nobody is perfect - then hopefully he can address them. His so called friends - who seem to have very little faith in him - should stop putting this issue in the news and let everyone do their jobs.


its their golden opportunity to shove it back in his opponents faces. The real issue is that in police careers, there is POWER. A police officer has POWER over the people. And a police leader has not only POWER over the people, but Power over the police. This is a psychological thing. An audit is happening over an issue involving the Sherf, and its out of his hands, he can't do a thing to stop it, can't meddle with the numbers. He's powerless (at this point). He must pray hard and long that the findings come out cherry.


👌👌👌👍 three!

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