Having read George Sisson’s recent letter to the editor about the Maryland End-of-Life Option Act, I feel compelled to respond to his unfounded concerns. Medical aid in dying is an option for mentally capable, terminally ill adults who have six months or less to live. With this option, those whose suffering has become unendurable can request medication to allow them to die peacefully, surrounded by loved ones in the comfort of their own homes. This option is available only to adults who are already dying from an incurable disease. In fact, helping someone to die who is not both mentally capable and terminally ill is illegal in states where medical aid in dying is authorized. In states where medical aid in dying is authorized, patients are more aware, and make greater use, of all end-of-life care options, including hospice and palliative care. The Maryland bill specifically requires doctors to inform anyone who requests medical aid in dying about all other end-of-life care options. In every state where medical aid in dying is place, medication prescribed is subject to strict Drug Enforcement Administration/Food and Drug Administration regulations to safeguard its use. There is no evidence whatsoever of medication misuse in more than 40 years of experience with medical aid in dying. Medical aid in dying offers a compassionate option for terminally ill people when no other treatment can relieve their suffering. I would certainly want this option to be available to me. Both my father, a general surgeon, and my mother, who died after two years of unbearable pain, would have wanted the autonomy to choose when and with whom to die, and, above all, to die with dignity and in peace.

Barbara Pilgram


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You can fill in the blanks from the Oregon model stats that 1/3 changed their mind and did not use the lethal script It follows that 1/3 of the balance 66% also changed their mind but were forced to satisfy the facilitators.1 in 5 were likely euthanized after changing their minds The violating States must close this gap in the safety net and they know exactly how to repair the damage...there are no excuses only oppressive intentions.
There are eleven categories of wrongful deaths.
A wrong diagnosis
A wrong prognosis
Unaware of available treatments
No access to palliative care
Denied funding for medical treatment
Mentally ill at risk
Ableist judgement of “better off dead”
Bullying or coercion
Killed without request or while resisting
Social contagion of suicide
Not a rapid or peaceful death
PS: expect expansion of categories due to “category creep”.


You posted this identical comment before. I asked a question then that you may not have seen so I'll ask it again.

You write...."You can fill in the blanks from the Oregon model stats that 1/3 changed their mind and did not use the lethal script It follows that 1/3 of the balance 66% also changed their mind but were forced to satisfy the facilitators." How does the second part follow from the first part? On what basis is it reasonable to assume that one-third of the people who did not change their minds must have changed their minds? How can one data point describe a trend?


Good comment, Brad. [thumbup]


First, Barbara, George is a Deacon at Holy Family Catholic Church. What he is stating is the Church's position on suicide. And anyone that thinks there will not be pressure on sick people because they are a burden or heirs hope to get their money sooner just dose not know human nature.Also, you do know that many that consider suicide change their minds at the last minute.  How will they be affected by those telling them to commit suicide?The Catholic Church views suicide as a sin.  If you are religious and believe in God and a life in the hereafter, you would too.https://www.catholiceducation.org/en/culture/catholic-contributions/the-sin-of-suicide.html "Before addressing the act of suicide, we must first remember that God is the giver of all life. Each of us has been made in God's image and likeness (Genesis 1:27) with both a body and a soul. Therefore, life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death, and no one can justify the intentional taking of an innocent human life."https://www.catholic.org/news/health/story.php?id=77453"Suicide is a violation of the Fifth Commandment, but it is a complex problem that requires more than spiritual consideration, but also professional help. Love and affection can also go a long way to helping a person."


Dick, I know you don't read the bible and I also know that you aren't part of the sola scriptura crowd, but nowhere in the bible -- neither the Catholic nor Protestant versions of the complete Word of God -- is suicide condemned or prohibited.

Some Protestants hold that suicide is forgivable. They point to a couple of places in the Greek Scriptures -- Romans 8:32 and John 10:28. Those verses can be interpreted to mean that no one can separate a believer from the God of the bible. No human has the power to overrule God goes that school of thought.

Such are the various Christianities.


No, I don't read the Bible, not much anyways. I do go to Church every week - usually. Although I have some belief problems, there's a lot anyone can learn from the bible and the Church always has two readings before the gospel and the gospel is always from the bible.

As far as suicide is concerned, I would not do it whether it was in the bible or not. Now you worry about whether it's in the bible, let me state on religious matters the Pope is considered infallible.


So, if God doesn’t have a problem with suicide and the Pope does, then God is wrong about suicide and the Pope is right?



Nuff said.


I'm sorry about your parents.

Barbara reynolds

Thank you. I appreciate that.

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