U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen recently won the Western Maryland Democratic Summit straw poll here in Frederick with 86 percent of the vote. I am encouraged that so many voters in this area understand the impact Van Hollen will have in the Senate. He is the best candidate to succeed the retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski and will continue her legacy of fighting for results to help working families and move Maryland forward.

I appreciate that Van Hollen came out to Frederick and voiced his commitment to create a level playing field for working families, better education for our children, and equal pay for equal work. When Van Hollen speaks, you can trust his words, because he has a proven record of getting things done for the people he represents. He led the fight for more resources to build schools and is fighting to make college more affordable. He strongly supports the crucial medical research effort taking place at Fort Detrick and the National Cancer Institute. He knows how important it is to invest in our infrastructure and create good-paying jobs here in Maryland.

Van Hollen has proved he will never stop fighting to achieve results for the people of Maryland and that’s why I am voting for Van Hollen on April 26.

Bonita Currey


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Sorry Bonita, Van Hollen's credibility was destroyed when he was willing to serve on the Cat food Commission (Simpson-Bowles) whose main purpose was to cut Social Security.


Term limits bad idea and unconstitutional; it is up to the voters to decide when an elected official is done in office unless removed by impeachment or recall again by the voters. Van Hollen or Donna Edwards - tough race to call; but as a conservative would not vote for either of them nor can I as a registered Republican in the MD primary. The race is tight, but something tells me Chris will get the win with support from the Democrat establishment. MD will still be waiting for a black woman senator to the US senate.


Hi, Bonita, no need to worry, Van Hollen will win.


I voted for Connie Morella and liked her. She was a true moderate Republican. Perhaps one of the last. But I have followed Van Hollen and think he will make a great Senator. As for term limits, I detest them. The only term limit should be a vote of the majority who vote. Other term limits are only a way for a minority to subvert democracy.


I feel the same way, terms should be limited by the voters, not by laws. Those seeking laws are admitting they cannot win enough votes to win an election.

Rick Blatchford

Bonita, We can, it seems, assume that you are not a supporter of term limits for politicians. Van Hollen already has accumulated 13 years in the House of Reps. Should he win the Senate seat (6 year term) he'll be up to 19 years. Many who support term limits think the max. should be 12. Van Hollen is already hit that mark. Additionally, he lies about the opposition cutting Social Security to scare the older people, AND he won his first national election by defeating Connie Morella. This was achieved only due to gerrymandering by the Dems. Don't forget, if you support term limits and Van Hollen you should be conflicted.


Meaningless comment,there are presently no term limits. Van Hollen 13 years,lol, he's a rookie. Rep Petric 35 years,Rep Sensenbrenner 37 years,Sen.Cochran 39 years,Sen.Hatch 39 years,Rep Young 43 years. Should I go on?


Rick, you are guilty of distortion. Everyone knows that the Republicans, under Bush, tried to privatize Social Security, which would have led to a cut in the benefits and possibly total destruction of it. Term limits are usually for a specific office. Look at all the Senators and Representatives that run for President, which does have a two term limit. Your bias is showing.

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