County Executive Jan Gardner should explain in this newspaper the inequities that currently exist in county government, and why she, as the head of government, permits them to continue.

If, as I suppose, there are none, why is a new Office of Equity needed? Government should not be expanded without good reason, and in this case, she is proposing a solution searching for a non-existent problem.

Glen Dunham


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The definition of "equity" is "without bias or preference". Therefore racial equity is without racial bias or racial preference. The reason I suppose there is no inequity in county government is I doubt those hiring apply racial criteria. Maybe I am naive, but as I wrote, if inequity exists then Gardner is the person responsible to fix it.


Dims don't need an excuse to waste taxpayer's money. If it's there, they'll waste it. If it isn't, they'll raise taxes to get it, and then waste it. It's a way of life for them.



Because giving money away to B/Millionaires to throw it at space is sooooo much better.


I don’t see where there’s harm in checking to see if the county government has inequity in employment.


What is the implementation difference between equal rights, equality, and equity?

What is the definition of each please?


wran; you have heard of "google", correct?


Well yes. Way ahead of you , smartalec. I probably rank in the top ten world wide doing google searches on numerous topics. I have googled equity and have not found a very good definition applied to everyday situations The sites I have reviewed define equity in terms of outcomes. They provide no explanation of how to achieve outcomes. Most of them give the example of 3 people observing a baseball game over a fence. One tall, one medium height, and one short. The tall person can see over the fence, the medium one barely, the short one can't see over the fence. So, equity would require they all be able to see over the fence. They should be provided boxes to stand on. Equlity would require they all be given one box. But, the tall guy needs no box so he would not be giiven one. The medium guy can see a little better standing on one box. The short person can't see even standing on one box. Therefore, equity requires that the tall person's box be given to the short person so he has 2 boxes and can now see over the fence. I have found no good definitions of how equity is applied in numerous situations we have in life such as economics, jobs, athletics, etc. Only that equity focuses on outcomes. So, if a person wants to become a brain surgeon, but lacks the intelligence and skills does equity require that he/she be allowed to become a brain surgeon regardless?


wran, you are being intentionally obtuse. It means that people are given opportunities relative to their situation. The Trumps do not need student loans. Others do. If someone is QUALIFIED and INTERESTED in being a brain surgeon, then equity is removing the financial barriers that might exist for that person. It does NOT mean that we just make anyone a brain surgeon who wants to become one. Equity in job markets is considering how the job opening is advertised and what the requirements are. The veteran's preference is an example of this. Some jobs require a BS degree but if you really looked at the job, it just needs a set of skills and knowledge that can also be gained without a BS degree. Equity is addressing these barriers that are generally "false" barriers (why is there a fence these people need to look over in the first place?).


Equal Rights and equality mean that every person in the U.S. should have the same opportunity for success. Equity is giving those denied Equal Rights and equality a “handicap” to allow them to compete with those that have it.


Phy. Thank you for giving me your explanation of equity. Glad you didn't tell me to go see google. In posing the question I did not need a smart alec to tell me to go to Google. I was/am interested in hearing what people on this forum think. I have researched the term on google and have not found very good explanations. They focus on outcomes, not equality as you say. Most of them cite the example of the 3 people watching a ball game trying to see over a fence. Tall guy can see okay, medium height guy nees a box to stand on to see a little better. Short guy needs 3 boxes to be able to see. So, society should give the short guy 3 boxes to provide equity. Equality would require that each be given one box, buy that does not provide equity. So, I was interested in how people would apply equity to situations like employment, economics, sports, education and every day life. So, how do you handicap a person who wants to be a brain surgeon but lacks the intelligence and skills required to become a brain surgeon. Same for airline pilot, etc, and just about every other aspect of life. The term equity is used a lot, but I wonder how it applies to just about every situation in life. And, how can it be applied to Frederick County. I wanted to hear people's definitions and opinions, not havesome one tell me to "Go Google. If you shiftless are so smart, tell me your personal definition and how you would apply it. I have read Lenin wanted to apply equity in the early days of the USSR. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Lenin found quickly this would not work. Like, initially, the factory manager and the floor sweeper were provided the same compensation. The factory manager had a lot of pressure to meet quotas, et. He asked I am to be compensated the same as the floor sweeper? Yes. Okay then said the factory manager. Where do I get my broom? Thanks for responding to my question. I would still like to hear honest opinions of how equity can be applied in Frederick County and elsewhere in life.



Your response feels very much like you are not asking a question as much as it feels like you are arguing in bad faith.

Equity cannot magically grant you skills and abilities you don't have. It is an admission that previous circumstances (like perhaps skin color) have put you in an historical disadvantage and trying to slightly tilt the board so that you have the tools to allow you to catch up.

If you want an example of these types of inequalities, I will use my own family.

My grandfather was a farmer. My grandparents were sharecroppers. When they went to go buy their land, they had to use a white person as a middle man and ended up paying a premium that they should never have had to pay. That money is generational wealth that was stolen from my family by a system designed to hold up whiteness as a value above all else.

The problem with the "get over slavery" crowd is that:

1. They never actually get over a darn thing and expect the world to cater to them (which is whiteness at work)

2. They have no idea of how systemic racism is so completely ingrained into all American institutions and how it has systemically robbed wealth of non POCs for generations

3. While slavery ended, white supremacy didn't end along with it and has disadvantaged non-whites for generations

I'm appreciative of the old saying by Maya Angelou "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." We should be trying to do better for/to each other.


It’s called being proactive.



At this point is actually reactive.

Proactive would have been not using slave labor.


Glen , she is playing politics as always and she does love to spend/waste other folks $$$$



I think that its funny that you think you aren't. But, please explain how you aren't.


I suspect we do have inequalities now. However, this office might prevent future problems. "A stitch in time..."


TLDR; version of this article...

I am white and I chose not to see inequality and since I exclusively use my privilege to shape reality, nothing should happen.


Lady - you're just part of the problem....



Because acknowledging the problem is the REAL problem here....


Maybe - but I never see you with solutions. Only complaining. Be the solution, not the problem.



And you are never here complaining?

You don't do anything, but complain about "liberuhls". Your lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.


Conflicting arguments. There is, so why not do something? She does, but no need to.🤔


Ditto on white male. Probably thinks "those people" are lazy.


another racial comment



I think it is amazing that you think that your comment adds any value whatsoever to the conversation while you think your specific comment is NOT racial.

My I am mighty snippy today..LOL and as usual on point.


Let me guess, Glenn: you are a white male. Am I right?


Gary, not Glenn. You are right.


Glen with one "n"; my bad. The LTE author.


Gotcha, my mistake.👍


Who cares what he is, you racist. Why not engage with what he says. That's what matters, not skin color.


"If, as I suppose, there are none, " Of course he supposes there are no inequities in this county. Because he is likely a white male and therefore likely blind to the inequities that exist. He did not say "I did a lot of researching and do not see inequities." He did not refute areas where people have stated there are inequities. He made a supposition based on nothing. There is nothing with which to engage. It is hard for children to understand adult problems because they have not experienced them. It is hard for white people to understand problems that POC experience because they do not experience them. So they should probably not presume to evaluate something with which they have no experience.


Yeah, everything is race, race, race.


marinick1; in many cases they are. In these discussions race (and gender) play a role. The fact that the writer is so ignorant makes me suspect that he is a white male. Any bets as to whether or not I am correct?



The problem is the default context in which to view everything assumes the person is white. Without realizing it, your default context is white and the fact that you don't ever have to think about color is part of your privilege.

Let me tell you that being a person of color is GD exhausting as you watch people around that are completely ignorant of their own privilege and the many ways in which they practice white supremacy while believing they are completely unbiased. Those same people always stomp their foot about matters regarding race completely unoblivious of the many ways their actions are drenching with white supremacy from the decisions they make about housing down to the vehicle they drive.

Its easy to scream kicking and screaming as an entire society built around the assumption white default is forced a reckoning.

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