Thank you to the Lamberts for their many years of bringing their carriage rides to Frederick. We went on the Cinderella ride and loved it!

It was so nice to see the lights of downtown in a comfortable carriage at a leisurely pace. We can’t help but wonder if one of those protesters got angry because they had to follow a slow-moving carriage instead of being able to zoom through town. Once again, we have let a few people dictate what we are allowed to do — or not to do — in this case.

Shame on you.

Vicki and Mike Moser


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Alice Jones

Although I may not agree, your decision was probably for the best. Well done being the adults in the room and not lowering yourselves to both sides of this argument as written out in the comments section. Unfortunately, neither side can claim the higher moral ground.


Lowering? Please provide an example where the Lamberts supporters have been disrespectful, let alone abusive. In a FNP poll, 74% of respondents support the Lamberts and the carraige rides. I plan to take another very soon to support them.


"Shame on you"? You who? The previous sentence used "we". Shame on us? The Lamberts had no other choice to preserve safety and peace of mind. Animal activists are a feature of modern life. Frederick no longer escapes notice. There's no going back.


I did get stuck briefly behind one last year at night and was concerned it's lights were maybe not bright enough, but I certainly would not have protested that. I think the main problem was some rude animal rights protesters, which I also witnessed.


Yes. Rude. When was it ever ok to come from out of town and harass residents and tourists, it's not. Go home, you are bad visitors. But p.c. modern mores have to allow them to make their point, which they apparently cannot do without being loud and scary. They are impossible to embarrass into more empathetic human-centered behavior because it's not their thing.

Alice Jones

But all the hateful replies to the protesters are ok? Hmmm. SMH.


Hateful? Where do you see hateful? Example please. What I saw is people expressing their disdain for the poor behavior of the protesters (shouting vile language at children, chasing the carriages down the street, etc.), and people expecting the town officials and law enforcement to do something about it. If you think that's hateful, grow some skin.


Yes the hateful comments are ok. I have had several run ins with these so called animal rights activists protesting. They were beyond rude. Just last weekend one of those fruit cakes dumped a coffee on my car as he blocked the road from travel. So rude comments are much better than me whooping that ass. Those horses live to do things like pull a wagon.



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