Thanks to those who responded to my letter. I’m sure there were more letters The News-Post didn’t have space to use.

The “words of wisdom” I referred to were those of the late Rep. Cummings, who admonished elected officials of both parties for constantly bickering and fighting for or against impeachment instead of focusing on issues such as health care, education, national security, crime and infrastructure — issues that affect all Americans.

The current candidates and party leaders — put into the spotlight by a media that has for the most part discarded the basics of journalism — objectivity, verification and presenting all sides of the story (by both liberal and conservative media) have voiced hate. You can’t deny that.

Unfortunately, it has created a nation of people who too often won’t discuss differences or work together.

I registered as a Democrat in 1968 because my parents were Democrats. My first vote was for Richard Nixon. I have always voted for the person I felt would do the job best. A few years ago, I switched affiliations because I wanted to vote for a Republican candidate in a primary election and I disagreed with President Obama’s policies. I will continue to vote for the person I feel I can support, regardless of party.

Thanks for the writer who mentioned Lincoln. I hope no one forgets that Democrats hated Lincoln and led the split in the nation and formed the Confederacy. A hundred years later, as Lyndon Johnson pushed for civil rights legislation, his staunchest opponents were not Republicans, but Southern Democrats.

So, thanks again for the responses. Now it’s time for Democrats to get their leaders back to the values that have been the foundation of the party since Franklin Roosevelt (though many of FDR’s progressive ideas came from his Republican cousin Theodore) rather than spending time, and or tax dollars, fighting each other and Republicans and start working together. Diverse opinions and ideas have made this nation strong, a place where others want to come to, but our leaders need to work together to keep the nation moving forward.

Thanks again and God bless America.

Ed Waters Jr.


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Words of wisdom: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. - And do it first.


Even wiser: Do unto others as they wish to be done unto.


“I hope no one forgets that Democrats hated Lincoln and led the split in the nation and formed the Confederacy.”

A.k.a., Freedom Fighters


right, it's hilarious to watch them try to walk this tight-rope. "the confederates were demonRats!...but, uh, also they were good actually and we need monuments to them"


[lol] I saw what you did there Ed. You are too nice. Good job.


What, reinforce his slanted world view?


"as Lyndon Johnson pushed for civil rights legislation, his staunchest opponents were not Republicans, but Southern Democrats."

and what party was Johnson? what party was in the majority at the time and had all the power to pass or kill the civil rights bill (ultimately passing it)? what did the southern democrats do after this? why did the entire south suddenly switch from staunchly dem to staunchly republican right after this????


[thumbup]SJ. Right, Kennedy and Johnson made the Democratic Party the party for civil rights. Those not for civil rights jumped ship and landed in the Republican Party. It is a shame that the same division stands even today, but it does make it easy to choose which side you want to be on.


"I will continue to vote for the person I feel I can support, regardless of party." We have this in common, I'm unaffiliated. Right now you're in Mitch's corner. Hard to process.


Just one person that refutes your entire argument Ed - Mitch McConnell.... Kind of makes all Democrats look like saints.


Mr Waters tells the Dems to get back to their values as he discusses Lincoln as a Republican? Really? I wish Republicans would get back to Lincoln's values.


Wow, Ed, you sound like you are proud to have voted for Nixon - who was actually far superior to Trump: Nixon actually was a thinker and cared about the country. Trump's major accomplishment is that he makes presidents like Nixon and GWB look good by comparison.


Ed, when you go back over 150 years and start stating what a party stood for you are wrong. Wrong because Lincoln would never agree with Republicans today - Lincoln would be considered a liberal today. Johnson was disliked in the Democrat South, but those same people are Republicans today.


Dick, stop trying to spin this. How would you know what Lincoln would think today?


Bunny - good point but how does Ed know what Lincoln was thinking?? Kind of silly to make that argument.


DickD is correct BunnyLou, the Democratic and Republican Parties were exactly the opposite of what they are today at the time of the Civil War. Read “Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era by James McPherson. Or just look it up on the Internet.


It was what he thought at the time, Bunny. Read your history.


“Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah!”


Mr. Waters,

"Words of wisdom" We are a deeply divided country. As you alluded to, this is far from the first time. 24/7 information streaming is a relatively new occurrence. It definitely helps deepen the divide. Let us hope for the best as we learn to adjust and move forward. Let us hope moderation tempers the tyranny of idealism.


It isn’t clear to me that lots of information leads to more division than little information. As you observed, we have been deeply divided when information sources were limited in scope and almost impossible to double-check.

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