The argument that a president who is already out of office cannot be tried for impeachment is ludicrous. Do we really believe that the framers of the Constitution intended that a president who commits high crimes and misdemeanors in the last days of his [or her] term would not be subject to being barred from holding future office — a penalty that is only available through an impeachment trial?

The former president’s counsel would have us believe that the framers would have specified that this could be done had they intended it; I suggest they found it too obvious to need to be said.

Also, is it so hard to believe that people who were told by their president day after day, in tweet after tweet, and speech after speech, that the election was fraudulent and their votes were stolen and their country was in danger, might actually do something as a result? The courts and even the attorney general found no evidence of election fraud, and yet Donald Trump continued, on Jan. 6, to tell the angry crowd that the Democrats were “illegally taking over our country” and warned that “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” They did fight, seven people died, and our elected representatives had to run for their lives.

To acquit a president for such egregious deeds is nothing short of complete moral cowardice. It sends a message to the world that, for the majority of Republicans in the Senate, fear of reprisals from a demagogue outweighs any devotion to our Constitution or laws. Perhaps worse, it opens the way for similar behavior from Trump or others like him in the future.

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Fashionable Fascism. The next authoritarian is watching and will not be as ineffective as Trump.


Margaret writes a good letter.


It was so ludicrous that Justice John Roberts did not preside because he knew it was not constitutional, but a partisan farce. Really, you ought to understand that even President Trump has the right to speak despite what the rabid left and The Party have to say.


Rescusal - an important concept when the Court could have heard a political question appeal. This isn't a rabid left concept, no matter what you might here on talk radio.


Piedmont, you are very likely correct that Robert’s recusal was based on the likelihood that if Trump was found guilty the matter of whether it was constitutional would come before the Supreme Court. [thumbup]



One thing to take note here is that the part of personal responsibility never takes responsibility. When it is them on the chopping block there is always an excuse. The buck never stops with them. It is all one big conspiracy rather than the plainest, easiest to explain situation.

I always remember this when I hear Conservatives speak now:

"If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts; if you have the law on your side, pound the law; if you have neither the facts nor the law, pound the table."

We are watching Conservatives pound the table over and over again. To quote Dave Chapelle: “Watch that crowd that told Colin Kaepernick he can’t kneel during a football game try to beat a police officer to death with an American flag.”




pdl - is it ludicrous to believe that the leader of free world should choose his words carefully, not denigrate a cornerstone of our democracy, the free and fair election, not call people to the Capitol to protest a cornerstone of our democracy, and then refuse to act in a timely manner. If you think that is ludicrous, then you have no concept of what being a leader and honoring the constitutional components of our democracy really means. You are either incapable of free thought or you support turning the US into a banana republic.


Piddle; keep it straight: This was BI-PARTISAN in both the House and Senate. The only partisanship was the defense.


Pdl603, Trump doesn’t have the right to incite an insurrection on the US democratic process. Quite the opposite, he is obligated by oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, uphold our democracy.

Comment deleted.

PDL, might be the setup guy to win the counter-argument.🤷‍♂️ He may be fake not stupid.

Greg F

“Knew” piddle? Hardly. There are no laws existing that limit impeachment to simply being in office. Otherwise you risk someone committing atrocities (like t-rump) and getting no way to hold the accountable except I’m having a morally bankrupt group of senators with no conscience or sense of loyalty to country.


piddle, Trump killed Americans by inciting Domestic Terrorists to breach the Capitol Building security with weapons they brought for the attack. He betrayed his Country and those of us who love America. He does not deserve the support of ANYONE who loves our Country.


This so precious. Now Fido AND Doctor Fed UP GregF are deciding who are patriots and who are not. You two angry old farts crack me up.

Don't forget your daily Chairman Xiden cognitive test and dementia medication. The entertainment you two provide is priceless.


How can someone support a President who was only President to 47% of Americans? He, like you, couldn’t care less about Americans who didn’t believe that he was interested in Governing in accordance with the Constitution and the Rule of Law. He hated me and anyone like me who believes in Liberty and Justice for ALL. He listened to no one, respected no one, every one of his closest friends and allies that he thought “ratted him out” he vilified and he plotted to kill his Political opponents and his own Vice President who had been his most Loyal supporter. How can anyone that believes in his behavior and rhetoric and actions far out of the American Ideal consider themselves American Patriots bosco? Somehow you deny that your behavior and rhetoric and actions are exactly the same as his. But they are and it’s well documented right here on the FNPOF???

Greg F

Piddle...seems like you are not a true patriot at all. You side with a guy who incites a riot and insurrection that winds up with a murder of a police officer, pipe bombs, invasion of Senate offices an THEFT of highly sensitive and national security related documents out of a Senate office? I'm sure you'd have an issue if this were any democrat, period. We all know it..that's you. What a sad little piddly life you must have to side with a guy who cheats on his wife while his kid is upstairs nursing, who assaults women and (fortunately) now will have to answer for that since he is no longer "immune" to those charges, who never once showed his taxes (surely he is hiding his misdeeds there), and who is fully backed by multiple white nationalist groups including KKK and Nazi parties who fly their flags undenounced at his rallies. You are one of them....that is clear.


Thank you for a well written letter. Hard to understand how a once proud party now puts pure politics ahead of the country. Even Nixon had enough sense to resign. Trump will go down for what he is, a bully and all around loser.


Nixon understood he erred and accepted responsibility. Quirky in his own right, he showed class when it counted and behaved Presidentially. We had no hope from the start this time around.


I agree with Trump's lawyer, who suggested the incitement case should be tried in criminal court, rather than in the Senate. It will be good to get rid of politics as much as possible, and try him in courts. Should NY get him first, then Georgia, then DC, then federal, then civil cases?


Seems Chief Justice Robert had a different opinion, he did not preside over the impeachment, unconstitutional he said. One of the most political of the political hacks in D.C. was the presiding officer. Not a good look !!


Wrong Mickey - The Supreme Court had no comment regarding Roberts’ absence from the second impeachment trial. It is likely that Trump was no longer in office so that job falls to the president pro tem....




Micky; you are part of the problem by spreading false information. Fake news! Please show a quote from Roberts stating it was unconstitutional. Thanks.



Please show me where that Roberts was actually quoted saying that. If not, you are a liar.




The GOP is now the QOP. They should be wearing dunce caps


Since they picked Trump, the GOP became a party about personality over ideas. So whether the GOP splits depends on what leading personalities emerge. Trump still has so much support that It will take some time before any anti-Trump voice can really emerge within the GOP.


Not a stretch for so many of add a white hood to that dunce cap.

Do we really need to see more pictures of the murderous attack on the be convinced?



It's a loose-fitting dunce cap. More like a pillow case really. Also, you need to have cut-outs for the eyes, because you have to be able to see, right? Also, it gets dark out there so you need to carry torches to light the night. You know what would be cool? They could show how Christian they are and light up the night. Burn a cross. That's 2-birds with one stone right there.


Yes. Charlotttesville Redux. But instead of "there are good people on both sides" as in Charlottesville, America and the world saw Trump telling his murderous rioters on January 6th......."We love you". Sick, souless, ugly people following their sick, souless and morally dead "leader", with the cowardly Republican Senate unwilling to take a stand in the face of what their own aberrant Party has become. A place for racists, conspiracy followers, freaks, and the poor disenfranchised lost-souls who just can't find a place in American society today...but thought they had a future with the reality TV "star" and bankrupt grifter from NY..


Well written and concise summary. The worst lesson this taught is that fear of reprisal is more important than honoring the oath to protect the U.S. Constitution and the nation. There's no real argument supporting Trump's actions before, during and after the election other than supporting him on a political basis. And that destroys the foundations of a democratic republic. The damage is done and the record is there for anyone more crafty and less bellicose to pick up right where he left off.


Heard it said millions of Trump cultists are guaranteed to turn out to vote for Trump no matter what he runs for, but are very much less likely to pay attention to other races, much less turn out to vote for Rs whose main feature is they are similarly infected. So, continuing to pander to Trump Rs probably yields...nothing certain at all, except Trump surfacing again. Whack-a-mole it is.

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