If you are not paying close attention and wonder what really is the difference between the two political parties, I offer this: Democrats want to govern, come to consensus, negotiate, and try to do something positive for the American people while the Republicans are more interested in the raw accumulation of power and have a continuing unhealthy interest in what goes on in our bedrooms.

Don’t think so? How then do we explain the fact, not opinion, that Democrats are on board with investigating what went wrong in Afghanistan while Republicans cannot even be bothered to want to investigate the attempted overthrow of our government on Jan. 6? How is it that Democrats voted to raise the debt limit seven times under Donald Trump, even though he ran up record deficits, while Republican refused to raise the debt limit under Joe Biden and risked government default?

These are just two examples and I could go on and on beginning with the brazen appointment by the Republicans of a ultra-conservative Supreme Court justice during the last election while an Barack Obama appointment was not even provided a hearing an entire year before the 2016 election. The power-hungry desperation of the Republican Party is maddingly there for all to see and I hope independents will remember that when they next go to the polls.

Gary Bennett


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Both parties lead their loyal lemming followers via media manipulation and fear. This tact divides us, makes us despise and attack one another, We need adults willing to listen, learn and lead more than ever. Make it a great day all.


The letter writer needs to stop hitting the lithium!!



Over 90% of the comments are from Democrats and Biden is barely mentioned, if at all. Like you I sensed desperation and despondency. After reading Mr. Bennett's intro:( "Democrats want to govern, come to consensus, negotiate, and try to do som ething positive for the American people while the Republicans are more interested in the raw accumulation of power and have a continuing unhealthy interest in what goes on in our bedrooms.") I thought to myself- hook, line and sinker. A product of a manufactured reality.

Governing and consensus? That is far from what is happening. And ironically after saying the Republicans are only interested in accumulating power Mr. Bennett falls back on the abortion issue. A social issue that the Democrats must rely on to mask their ineptitude and try desperately to maintain some power.

But it is a blessing in disguise. A greater number of people are waking up to the real reality. And as Roe becomes more challenged hopefully more people will see how this arbitrary, unlegislated opinion comes from a Court that acted unconstitutionally as it did with many other areas such as gay marriage. Or religion in schools. (Not all conservatives may agree on these issues but may very well agree that they are not the providence of the federal government mandated by unlegislated opinion._


jsk - what does the Constitution say about religion in schools? Currently, religion is protected speech but schools cannot favor or direct religious events in schools. Not sure what your complaint is about.

As far as abortion, would you also support that the provider of the sperm that caused the pregnancy be forced to either undergo forced medical remedies to prevent this happening again or co-raise the child with jail time for failing to do so? Is this society's choice to make or should it be left to the individual?


The very first clause of the First Amendment guarantees freedom from government-imposed religion. It seems to me a strange thing, mystifying, that some people don’t comprehend that.



Don't usually respond to your post. Your trolling borders on obsessive BUT that is one of the most ludicrous comments I have seen. For nearly 200 years plus pre-independence religion was a central part of education. What the First Amendment guarantees is the Federal Government be totally separated from interfering with religion in any way..




JSK: "A troll is Internet slang for a person who intentionally tries to instigate conflict, hostility, or arguments in an online social community". That sound more like you than Public...

Only a locked mind or an attempt at obfuscation and deflection would say what you did about the Constitution and religion. Or, to be fair maybe you read but misconstrued it; nowhere does it say what you allege; "What the First Amendment guarantees is the Federal Government be totally separated from interfering with religion in any way". What it really says respecting religion is "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"; . You should be better than this.


As Mr. Bennett's letter and most of the responses herein so aptly reflect, Democrats are increasingly despondent and desperate in the wake of the self-inflicted decimation of the Biden administration. Leader of the Pack Biden, to the dismay of his minders, caretakers and apologists, has sunk to 38% approval rating and the numbers are even worse when broken down, e.g. Hispanics and Independents are abandoning the president and his agenda in droves. Naturally, the Biden Ick completely permeates the Democratic Party. The left is beside itself with fear and anxiety that its hopes and dreams of inflicting "transformational" assault and battery on American politics, society and culture are fast waning -- and the midterms are nigh. Biden is a poster child for the Peter Principle, having been elevated to his level of abject incompetence. Of course he's never really been very effective at much of anything, save as a pompous gas bag and braggart. As party leaders Pelosi and Schumer regularly demonstrate, Democrats are so stridently hostile because, for the life of them, they can't accept that more than half the country doesn't buy into their grand scheme - and believes that they shouldn't be selling it in the first place.


I find listening to some rock and roll seems to sooth me.....give this a listen. Lucky we are sane after all we've been through right?

Live From Daryl's House - Lifes Been Good -



I don't hear Major Winchester's voice from MASH when I read Veri anymore. Now I hear Claymore Gregg from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.



The difference between Democrats and GOP...the democrats are deep thinkers and the GOP just keeps getting stupider....to spout nonsense that 800 year old people voted?? and there are some people that will believe 800 year old people voted...because they are that stupid..

We are all living in the movie Idiocracy.....How dumb can a nation get and still survive?......pretty darn dumb it seems. I remember when Bobby Jindal said the GOP needs to stop being the stupid party....instead the GOP has run full force right into the stupid, I guess because they need to keep the people stupid because stupid people don't use critical thinking skills when they vote, they just vote stupid into office....like what is happening with the Mayoral race?


"How dumb can a nation get and still survive?" Hmmmn.

Well, just as Eugene Robinson stated in an opinion piece in the WaPo a few days ago (as he asked that very same question):

".......It looks like we're going to find out".


And Dems fight among themselves. We all lose.


Most Republicans have now bought into Trump's big lie, they don't care about the truth anymore of their lack of honesty. It is a disaster and some Republicans recognize that and are leaving the party. You can be a conservative and have conservative values, those can be respected. Worshiping Donald Trump a Mafia gangster cannot be respected.


In essence, Trump is a diseased limb of the GOP tree. The leaves are mostly grey, and that tree cannot be saved. Maybe take some cuttings and nurture them, but not in Trump manure this time.


Glad to see we are finally coming together!!


Another difference is that Democrats will do whatever Chuck Schumer tells them to do.


Yeah, and republicans do whatever the insurrectionist traitor Trump tells them to do including overthrowing the Constitution... Not to mention their boot licking brown nosing to McConnell and McCarthy... Republican moderates privately urge on democrats and then vote against them, go figure.


And what about MItch [lol][lol][lol]


Republicans will do anything Trump tells them to do… a coup at DoJ, insurrection at the Capitol, lying about legitimate election results, treason.


What has he told them to do? Storm the Capitol and hunt down the Vice President?


Far better than listening to a nut case Trump!


The demographics are working against the Republicans. Gaming the system and outright voter suppression are the only cards they have left.

Please vote folks. Vote like your lives depend on it. Dems can outvote Republicans every time. We just need to show up.


Mr. Bennett,

There could not be a better example of how the corporate media outlets are able to sustain their profit driven, zany, slanted, news(?). Folks gobble it up hook line and sinker. But more scary is the fact that they are addicted to daily soap opera.

Want people out of your bedroom? Don't drag your bedroom into their homes.

Replying point for point is fruitless. It would be very similar to criticizing a TV soap. Attacking fantasy.

One bright point of the Biden/Harris debacle is that it may awaken more of the public I was a life long Democrat until Obama went off the rails in his second term. I trusted and valued Meet the Press, Morning Joe, Wolf Blitzser etc. etc. It was not until my eyes were opened that i realized they truly were members of a fabricated, profit driven industry that sought daily sensationalism, true or false, opposed to real facts and news. I hope more eyes are open by the insanity that is now transpiring. Some democrats may want to govern but as a whole they lack the ability.


I don’t know any woman seeking an abortion who is interested in coming into your bedroom, j.



You seemed to have missed the point, But as far as abortion- as whacked out as Roe v Wade where the judges delved into an in depth analysis of the history of abortion (reflecting their pre determined bias) concluding the proper time to end a pregnancy was, PLEASE stop trying to make people pay for others mistakes (abolishing Hyde). And hopefully the new court make-up will stop judges from overruling legislatures in communities and States who do not wish to have this God forsaken practice part of their culture.


I don’t know of anyone who has dragged their bedroom into a legislature.


This comment by jsk is the most asinine comment in a sea of asinine comments he sputters here almost daily.

Paragraph one perfectly describes his right wing whacko media outlets, like Fox, OAN, and the other Qanon trash talkers...

One line paragraph two is so woefully ignorant that it belies his ability to understand the most elementary issue of "a woman's freedom of choice". That is their Constitutional right, free from religious usurpation. If he cannot understand that, how can we believe anything he says..

And that folks, is the reason he bloviates his last paragraph full of lies and deflections. He, like others, want to blame Obama for continuing to oppose his anti-abortion ecclesiastical beliefs. Make no mistake folks, his one issue religious and politically driven opposition to "a woman's right to choose" is the only reason he's here in these comments. Is there any question how his "eyes were opened"??? Might I suggest Trump's promise to end Roe v Wade seems logical.

"The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable". James A. Garfield's statement fits jsk well.


That is interesting OF and you are no fool!


OLE - Thanks for the Garfield quote. Quite apt.

I just feel for JSK’s daughter…..and granddaughter’s….


olefool, I’m not sure I agree that abortion is the proximate cause of nelga’s mental dyspepsia. If memory serves, I’d suggest that his bugbear is marriage equality. And the vague reference to Obama going off the rails may be related to Obama having the White House illuminated with multi-colored lights after the Obergefell decision. To be sure, nelga’s disgruntlements are rooted in religious biases. He appears to be taking hard the realization that his views no longer benefit from privilege and are now suffering the “persecution” of equal treatment before the law.


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