How does the Honorable Amy Coney Barrett see herself? A women’s rights advocate? A judicial conservative? A constitutionalist? A champion of mothers and families? An example for other woman (and men) aspiring to the serve the country? A political pawn?

I hope everyone realizes that the person right now who has the most power and say in what our government is about and what values are to be cherished is Barrett. Imagine if you will, if at the end of the hearings, she thanks the Senate and declines the nomination.

In rejecting the judgeship, she says the following: I have listened to the arguments for and against my appointment. I understand that 74 percent of Americans are saying that the next Supreme Court jurist should be nominated by whoever is elected president. I recognize that RBG was a liberal and that the court — in order to be more balanced — should have a liberal replace her. I think it is unconscionable to have any party “stack” the court. I also believe that because of the pandemic and economic fallout, the Senate would better serve its constituents by focusing on aid to the needy, the families being evicted from their homes, the sick and small businesses. Finally, as a wife, mother of seven, person of religious beliefs and judge, I want to set a good example to speak up, speak out and do the right thing. A Supreme Court seat has been my dream job, but I do not want it if it is given to me at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons and the wrong motivation. I want my story in American history to be different.

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Rog, your commentary is absurd and wonder why you never spoke up for the decades that the Supremes were "packed" Dem....Huh??...sounds like sour grapes to me with no logic attached


This is a letter that a person of integrity would have written. Like others, I was mildly surprised that she didn't decline.

As it stands, she'll be confirmed along strict party lines and will be known forever as "another Trump judge." She will be tainted. She obviously didn't think this through.

I don't object to SC nominees having political views. We all do. But I draw the line at having actively worked for a political party--as Amy, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch have done. I'm not sure how you can claim to be neutral if you've worked on the Bush team in the 2000 vote fiasco or if you worked on Kenneth Starr's impeachment commission. To me, that disqualifies you for the Supreme Court.

And sure, she's smart. She graduated #1 in her law class. Someone graduates #1 in their class every year at Notre Dame. And at each of something like 237 law schools in the US. So she's among 2,370 #1 graduates in 10 years. That's quite a pool to choose from.



I agree with you that Ms. Barret would be respected for her stance if she declined the nomination. And few would disagree that she is honorable and deserving But...

She IS being appointed by an elected President and there is certainly no requirement or precedent that a newly appointed Judge should be of the same political persuasion as the person she replaces. A politically balanced court is a somewhat odd concept since the court is supposed to be apolitical.

Unfortunately for our country raw and nasty politics has destroyed value oriented actions. The Kavenaugh hearings were a despicable, political disgrace. The anti-constitutional actions of the activist court over the past several decades has diminished the honor of the court. Maybe Ms. Barret sees herself as a patriot and a person in a unique position to right some wrongs and set this country on a better course.

But you are correct. This process will only fuel the division in this country. Ms. Barret will make an excellent jurist but odds are the court will lose in the end.


jsk says ---"Maybe Ms. Barret sees herself as a patriot and a person in a unique position to right some wrongs and set this country on a better course." Therein lies the fallacy and problem with your comments.

Greg F

That power comes from a corrupted POS-OTUS. That and her jezus income that she wants to ram down everyone’s throat. The whole thing is a sham and everyone knows it but are just too self-centered and-or sheerly too ignorant to see. This is wrong. There is no good that will come of it and when trump is out there are enough of us that will rejoice in flushing all of you trumpets right Down the $h1Tt3R and disown you line a drunk abusive uncle that you are.


The “Network” Catholic Lobby, comprised mainly of Nuns, has come out with a statement that Catholics cannot be true to their faith and vote for Donald Trump. They have also approached Republican Senate Leaders and asked them not to vote to put Judge Barrett on the SCOTUS.


Excellent LTE. The day after she was nominated, I wrote that she would turn down the nomination if she had an ounce of integrity, but she could do even better by turning down the job after the Senate confirms her. She would be a true American hero. Otherwise, she will always be haunted by her tainted nomination. Clarence Thomas should warn her.


Great LTE.

If Barrett did that, it would show that she is a woman of phenomenal character -- as opposed to being a rank opportunist who is ethically bankrupt.


The politics of personal destruction has always been a favorite weapon of the left. Some of the comments herein are particularly scurrilous and sleazy. Discusting, but not surprising. And, oh yes, this LTE is really stupid.


It’s so simple veritas, you can’t be a Christian, or any Religion that supports doing the right thing, and be a Trump groupie. Time to change your thinking and vote for Biden-Harris before you get humiliated. VOTE...!!!


“ you can’t be a Christian ... and be a Trump groupie.”

You may wish to reconsider your opinion of Christianity.


Yes. She will always have a shadow. Painless, and probably not enough reason to do the unexpected that would endear her to many...briefly.

PurplePickles aka L&M

Ms. Barrett is also seeing really big dollar signs and cannot even if she wants to back out now. Dark money trumps morals every time.

Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination Is Backed By Dark Money. So Is Her Refusal To Acknowledge Basic Climate Science

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), a member of the judiciary committee, used his allotted time during Monday’s hearing to lay out this case. Basing his presentation on research from the Center for Media and Democracy, Whitehouse showed that a common set of billionaire donors, shielded by an identity-scrubbing funding organization, administers a three-pronged assault on the judiciary to further their agenda.


I think St Amy needs to spend some time praying for guidance as to the people she associates with. Did she actually introduce Trump to her children?

The odor of Trump will cling to her for the rest of her life.


yep, Amy's dresses all bear the orange stain................


again just sour grapes by the democrats who lost. You know they would be doing the same thing if they had the opportunity


Republican motto “We corrupt this country because we can!”


No they wouldn’t Read1954. They have morals.


As Senator Harris said at the hearings to Barrett: "Let's not kid ourselves". I think we have about as much chance of this happening, as of Ben Sasse standing up and casting a "no" vote, or of Barrett herself admitting that she has heard Trump's tweets, stating why specifically he had picked her to accomplish the "lame duck" SCOTUS cases he wants decided. Ethical and moral principle is not in their vocabulary, or their core, when power or the next election is at stake, despite their glowing resumes'; and for Amy, the love and service to God. Not far from the Evangelicals support of Trump, noses held against the amoral stink, but, nevertheless....... The 100+ colleagues of Judge Barrett at Notre Dame asked her to do the same as this letter supposes. She stated she would not, for her desire "to serve", outweighed the drawbacks to her family and the hardships posed to her children specifically. What she knows is that Trump would move down the list down to his number 2 pick, faster than that speeding bullet, not even bothering to say "bye" or "thanks" for your trouble as the door slams on the way out. Nice letter, but let's not kid ourselves.


Interesting, but if you listened to Amy thanking Trump; not likely.

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