I suggest before anyone else writes a letter, or in any other way, reports anything about President Trump’s speech on Jan. 6, they look up and read the full and exact words used by President Trump in his speech. I read those exact words in “Transcript of Trump’s Speech at Rally Before Capitol Riot: NPR.”

Also, I ask the News-Post to publish an article on President Trump’s impeachment defense lawyer’s video showing all the Democrats who used the word “fight” in past rhetoric. Those two items should be enough to reply to all the letters I feel were wrongfully published by the Frederick News-Post from writers like Leatrice Urbanowicz, “Grievous crime vs. political theater” on Feb. 15.

The exact words spoken when President Trump talked about going to the Capitol were, “I know everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."

It has also been reported, and now proven true, that the insurgence on the Capitol was planned and known by law enforcement in advance of Jan. 6.

I, and all Americans, grieve over what happened at the Capitol of our country on Jan. 6. We also grieve at the riots that have and continue to happen in many of the large cities in America over the past several months. Most of these riots used peaceful demonstrations as a staging point. These riots are equally damaging to our country including the reckless destruction of small businesses that include loss of jobs, loss of other government buildings including a police station and the un-American image each of these reckless attacks present to the rest of the world.

Everyone of these wrongful attacks on America need to be fully investigated by a bipartisan team of honest Americans, and laws need to be established and enforced to prevent any of the rioting or other insurrections from ever happening again without the consequences of due process of all new and existing laws. Those laws must be fully applied and followed up on all the participants that were not involved in only the peaceful demonstrations.

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Let me see if I understood this letter correctly:

1) Protesting against police murdering citizens in the streets is equivalent to protesting the results of an election and the legitimacy of the elected government.

2) A handful of rioters burning a Target store is equivalent to c. 800 rioters taking over and damaging the Capitol.

Thanks for the clarification.


Anyone who thinks that tRump and his followers were not complicit in this attack needs a serious reality check. And more information on at least one of his appointees and at least one person close to the inner circle being in contact with the rioters is being released.


Phydeaux: Nancy Pelosi was the most senior officer of the Congress 1/6. McConnell was a lameduck. The Capitol Police are answerable to the Congress via the Capitol Police Board which comprises three Congressional staffers: the Architect of the Capitol, and the two Sergeants-at-Arms, all of whom serve at the pleasure of the Congressional leadership -- for all practical purposes that was Pelosi on 1/6. So no "slinking" on my part!


You are a little too invested in the idea that Nancy bears significant blame for the low level of security. That is idea is so messed up, partly because the rioters were literally hunting for her. Shall we wait until the investigation is finished before blaming anyone?


I bracketed "Pelosi and the Capitol Police leadership" as failing to evaluate the threat of the Trump rally and failing to mount an adequate defense. I'm not "invested" in singling out Pelosi. I only pointed out, when others here suggested she had no say in the matter, that as Speaker of the House she is ultimately the person responsible for the Capitol Police and for the general level of security of the Capitol.


Pete, under oath, the commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard Gen. William J. Walker, and both Sergeant-at-Arms, Chief Steven Sund and Paul Irving all say differently. They needed permission from the department of defense and army. Their request was delayed by 3 1/2 hours.



I accept all that. The delay in providing backup was a disgrace too.


“No one person oversees USCP -- the oversight apparatus includes representation from the Architect of the Capitol, the House and Senate Sergeants at Arms, as well as COMMITTEES from both Houses of Congress.”.....Slinking on your part.


phydeaux: whoever it is you quote there ("No one person... etc") is describing the formality of an organization chart, not the reality oi how power works. The reality is that the three members of the Capitol Police Board are employees of the Congress and they serve at its pleasure, on terms it sets. So the reality is that the Congressional leadership is in charge of the Capitol Police. With a mob being openly organized to overrun the Capitol, decisions were made abut the defenses -- how many police to deploy, the kind of fencing, what level of backup should be arranged from DC cops, Nat Guard etc. If the Congressional leadership, especially Speaker Pelosi was not involved in considering these plans then it was gross dereliction of duty on her part. If she was involved then she botched it.


Mr. Bugg, here’s the question I ask every Trump lover who lacks the reasoning skills to understand that Trump is 100% to blame for this attack on our government.

Was there a “steal” to stop? It’s a yes or no question.


matts853 - "Mr. Bugg, here’s the question I ask every Trump lover who lacks the reasoning skills to understand that Trump is 100% to blame for this attack on our government.

Was there a “steal” to stop? It’s a yes or no question."


Applauding from Myersville. Really appreciate your comment. Be well out there!


Sorry, but it is a yes or no question, and the answer is "no".


Definitely "No".




NMP: I one-hundred percent blame Trump and his supporters at the Capitol for the attack. But Pelosi and the Capitol Police deserve blame for the lack of proper defense against the attack.


Did you see the bit about the request for National Guard being delayed by three hours by the Trump Pentagon?


If you blame Pelosi then why don't you equally blame McConnell?


My understanding was that the Capitol Police answer to the Speaker of the House and that the Majority Leader of the Senate is not in the chain of command.


Exactly what responsibility does Nancy Pelosi have for the security of the Capitol Building petersamuel?? Quit makin’ stuff up.


How, exactly is Pelosi to blame?


Let's blame Pelosi for Benghazi too, since Hillary isn't around.


I hope you get the latest reports and stay tuned. There is more to learn about blame.


The last people to understand the con are the marks.


William, you said it well but unfortunately the lefties don't give a hang about the truth


Donald Trump got those many thousands of supporters to come to his rally, people who were angry at what they believed was a stolen election. He fired them up over that stolen-election theme in which no judge has seen any merit, including judges he had appointed. He urged the rally attendees to go as protesters to the Capitol. He claimed VP Pence had the legal authority to negate the Electoral College votes and that this unconstitutional action by Pence would be right. Not only that, but that it was the last chance to "save" the country. All this was advocacy against the peaceful, lawful transfer of power mandated by the constitution. Having pointed the attendees of the rally toward the Capitol to pressure VP Pence to do his unconstitutional bidding Trump bears a heavy responsibility for the riotous behavior of the mob. As the rioters fought the police and ransacked the Capitol he watched it all live on TV in the White House ignoring pleas for National Guard backup for the overwhelmed police for two hours. Sure Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Police leadership knew a dangerous rally was planned by Trump, that he was likely to incite a riot and they were grossly negligent in planning the defense of the Capitol. And sure many of Trump's denouncers are hypocrites who apply a double standard, having quietly cheered the Antifa/BLM mini-insurgencies in major cities in the summer. And one can approve of many accomplishments of his administration. And you can be opposed to Joe Biden and the Democrats's plans. But none of that diminishes the perfidy of Trump's misconduct in his last weeks in office, misconduct more than sufficient to disqualify him from any future office in government.



Wow... just wow.

Watching you pivot from putting partial blame on 45 to trying to both-sides Nancy Pelosi was pretty astonishing to watch. You still haven't moved through the bargaining stage of grief, huh?


Ms Pelosi thought the "optics" would be bad if the Capitol was prepared for a mob attack and the Capitol was left undefended. You think she doesn't deserve blame for putting 'optics' ahead of proper protection of the Congress?


Exactly what responsibility does Nancy Pelosi have for the security of the Capitol Building petersamuel?? Please explain or creep away in shame.


Peter, Yes I do remember days before the attack, multiple security experts said it would not be a good idea to have military like presence, as it could inflame a riot, much like it had with BLM demonstrations. Maybe Nancy agreed with that and - who knows - it could be true. However, I don't think Nancy had any authority in this situation, and I don't know why people such as yourself thing that she did. Why would she??


It’s kinda like saying your best friend shouldn’t have beat his wife and acknowledging that’s why she died, but she sort of had it coming. There has to be some mitigating blame elsewhere.


Here is the video of Michael Cohen saying the very thing that was captured in the Miami Herald.


It is the reason why it is always hard to prosecute mob bosses. They practice the "plausible deniability" method of speech where they train their underlings to commit heinous acts and reward them with favor and only punish failures, yet never punish the heinous acts themselves.

It was one of the reasons why it was difficult to prosecute Jim Jones and he was able to successfully lure his cult to commit suicide.

It is and has always been a cult.

Congratulations William Bugg on belonging to a cult. I'm sure your parents would be proud.


@William Bugg

Twitter thread for your perusal:



One thing that I am sure the letter writer will easily ignore is that the violence for each of these events was initiated on a different side of the "protest".

For the protests regarding BLM, mostly the police were the aggressor while for January 6, the insurrectionists were the aggressor. That makes all of the difference in the world.

Any normal person would point that out because it is a big distinction and the truth. I for one have no problem with investigating all the incidences, but they should be treated separately because they are. This attempt to tie all of these incidents together as having some sort of commonality is so disingenuous that it could only be suggested by a partisan hack.

For those who are unaware of the way that 45 code-talks violence, may I direct you to his very own fixer who upon working for several years for 45 stated as much:



Mr Bugg, did Biden win the election and did states ( both Red and Blue ) certify the results? The answer is yes and DJT spent months lying about the election, called it a "steal", and incited folks to march on the Capitol to overturn a free and fair election. DJT tried to circumvent ( and still claims the same ) a democratic process and encouraged others to act. Period. Spin it and try to justify your support but don't try to con me or others who think freely.



Exactly! That is the rhetoric of someone who is trying to inspire violence. Not only is it filled with lies. It is meant to make the audience feel helpless as to stoke the flames of violence.


“I know everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."

I thought the speech was longer than that.


He said "fight" or "fight like hell" 20 times in the speech, and "peacefully" once, but Trump is an honorable man.


Wait. Are you suggesting he said other words besides the ones quoted here?


Technically yes, but the "peacefully" part was the only part that he meant.


Wait. Are you suggesting that Trump said word(s) he meant?!?! You libs are delusional.


It was a perfect speech with the best words, but you have to be in the know to know what he meant.

Greg F

Bugg....a true trumpist. Trump established himself in a pattern of behavior that started even before he took office. He lied over 30,000 times in 4 years...a blockbuster record. He continues to say he won, and slandered/libeled the election machine companies to support his fake claims. He has not done one thing to foster anything but division and disinformation on nearly anything he's touched, and worked to establish his position as being legitimate to the point of directing news media personally (Fox...one of the biggest ones). He set the stage, loaded the gun and shot his mouth off on January 6th knowing full well what the consequences would be and keeps trying to establish some sort of plausible deniability. Capone and Manson both did something similar...and that guy with the tiny mustache did it to start WWII using the same tactics that Goebbels employed. History repeats when nobody knows history.


Mr. Bugg, the President spent most of the summer forward stating that if he lost it was a fraudulent election. He assembled his followers on the day the Congress certified an election to protest the peaceful transition of power in the US. Nothing you or anyone else says on this subject escapes the core conclusion that Donald J. Trump committed deliberate acts that severely damaged the United States of America. Rather than attempt to parse this out to a fantasy conclusion of your own liking, perhaps, just face the facts and accept them for what they are. The damage that this man and people like you who supported him in this attempt to overturn a US election by lies and, in the end, force, will be taught in our history books as a domestic insurrection attempt conceived and coerced by a sitting US President. That's the legacy of Donald J. Trump.




So who incited this? Who asked people to come to DC on Jan 6 and for what purpose? Remember, Trump did and said it would be "wild"


"Those two items should be enough to reply to all the letters I feel were wrongfully published...." Some opinions are wrong, if you own a paper you get to decide what's right to publish.


Mr. Bugg: A wise man once said, "Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be".. The reality is that Trump incited and pursued a vision of insurrection and overthrow of our duly elected congress and government when he planned and carried out the criminal attack on our democracy at the US Capitol. That's what happened on January 6th, It is undeniable, even his own lawyer said "he talks in codes". Throwing a bunch of crap against the wall in an attempt to spin, deflect, obfuscate the FACTS does not get you any gold stars or brownie points. It ain't complicated Mr. Bugg.




Going after Trump is as difficult as going after Capone for many of the same reasons.


How many times do some people need to hear this before they get it: It wasn't only that speech that incited the riot. It was months of tweets, speeches, letters, etc. And again if you still wonder whether Trump incited the rioters, just ask the rioters. And wow, yes, the word "fight" has more than one meeting. Good for you William! Yes, everyone knows that. Stop being played. By Trump's actions we know he wanted the riot to delay the electoral vote count, and unlike Rudy - Trump's lawyer - Trump tried to put some plausible deniability in his speech just before the riot, just like he did with his "no quid pro quo" in air quotes to his minions with regard to UkraineGate.


Even in the "Watergate White House tapes" Nixon said "You can do that, but it would be wrong..." and expected the tapes to exonerate him. If we look at other messages from the President, and the case for Impeachment, it is clear.

But all in all, I agree. A careful investigation of the events and legal interrogations of all who were arrested or to be arrested, will lead to a clear picture of who directed that attack. It will clear up false reports of who was there and who ordered the events. And all responsible people should suffer the consequences of their deeds. Lock them up.


Trump will have a chance in court to explain why he urged his supporters multiple times to “fight” and “fight like hell”. What he meant by saying , “you’ll never take back our country with weakness.”

Here’s the transcript of the speech:



You wouldn't admit to finding anything wrong in the great buffoons speech because it would prove the lie to all you believed four the past four years. You and the 100 plus republican lawmakers who sought to invalidate an election are traitors to the police who were injured or killed that day. Shame on you, but you have no shame!

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