In her Sept. 9 letter to the editor, “Biden is America’s clueless leader,” Carol Keeney berates President Biden on the withdrawal of our troops in Afghanistan. Does she know that this action was already being planned by the 45th president?

Her judgment and berating of Joe Biden is not only misplaced, but totally incorrect. I assume she has forgotten the details about the war in Vietnam which took many lives from our military, but was also a no-win for the United States.

In her letter, she also denounces Biden, calling him clueless etc. Let me elaborate. Biden inherited a myriad of serious problems left by the last administration which included exit from the war in the Middle East. From the first day in office, he and his qualified appointments (unlike the unqualified Trump appointees) faced and tackled the raging pandemic, unemployment, climate change, infrastructure, natural disasters, and let us not forget the problems his predecessor created during his tyrannical four years in office.

Biden made it perfectly clear that his agenda would not only help our country, but would demonstrate to our allies, that the United States would return to sound policies. He promised he would address the relationships that Trump severed by neglecting his duties as President.

Trump perpetuated his ever-changing, problematic agenda to the extent that we could not predict any outcome. Ms. Keeney has some choice words to describe Joe Biden that are just plain wrong! (pathetic, weak, clueless?) Every time Biden addresses the public, he speaks decisively and gives us up-to-date information about his well thought out plans. As for calling him “a tired old man” I wonder if she understands the difference between a glass which is half empty and a glass half full?

Alice L. Haber


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Haber is delusional in her assessment of what has happened in Xiden’s first 8 months in office and what he inherited. Border under control before it ain’t now. Orderly withdrawal planned and set in motion, bungled by Xiden administration. Gone from energy independence to begging for oil and energy from a far. Those are just a few things Haber forgot to mention. Maybe she has a touch of what Xiden has. Xiden can’t complete a thought or finish a sentence. We have all seen it. His handlers went as far as to cut his mic off to prevent his incoherent rambling recently.


Piddle: If you learned to spell, or speak without the ad hominins for Biden you'd maybe jump up a notch on relevancy. If you and Joe Biden were to meet in a debate, without question he would make you look even more incompetent than he did when he met with your hero Trump.... How'd you like that California runoff??? Adios Trumpers.


Yep, Biden hasn’t reunited all the children separated from their parents under the Trump administration.

The problem wasn’t executing the exit out of Afghanistan but spending 20 years there in the first place. Our longest war.

And, oil is a world commodity. If you want energy independence you want alternative clean energy fuel.

You may want to get a touch of Xiden and cut your mic so no one needs to guess whether you don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s no longer doubt.


Is the "B" key on your keyboard stuck?


No, Ji Jing Xiden is owned by the Chinese. We just found his buddy Gen. Milley is as well. Good times, not.


Are you sure the president is owned by the Chinese? C.D. Reid told me that Biden’s handlers are Schumer and Pelosi. I’m kinda surprised that you think C.D. is so horribly wrong.


And veritas thinks it’s all the Deep State. Maybe we are all Vice-presidents of RAMJAC Corp. Didyou ever think about that?


Kudos to FNP. Ms. Haber's letter sparked a lively discussion amongst the Amen Chorus and it's always enlightening to learn what the delusional are thinking.


Glad you are listening, Veritas. The Amen Chorus has a huge choir. Trump lost Maryland, your state, by a million votes. Maybe you weren’t really listening? It had a great sound. 🤔

My solo 👩‍🎤, if you are into nation building sing closer to home- like Haiti, Central America. That would put a big dent in migration from the south. Monies and lives better spent in resolving the problem at the border. What tune are you singing, your tune 🧏‍♂️ , your opinion? Here’s the 🎤.


Carol is correct and you are dead wrong need to open your minds eye and look at the facts; since taking office Biden has opened wide our southern border to allow yet hundreds of thousands of thousands of illegals to enter our country, most un vaccinated and many ill with cmvid,he ended Keystone construction and new drilling and the result is the cost of oil has gone up 40% and and more than 40 thousand jobs eliminated and now he is begging OPEC to drill and pump more at a higher price too boot and the oil from Canada is still coming this way by truck, ship and train burning up millions of gallons to do so inset of a pipeline...brilliant..., the Afghan removal has been a disaster and just yesterday Blinkin, one of the biden gang , stated they didn't inherit a plan which means the travesty occurred based on the Biden plan including the $85 BILLION in military equipment left for the tailbn to murder more innocents

; all prices for goods are skyrocketing and the Fed. prediction is 6% increase in CPI....guess you are loving all this stuff Alice but many of us are not


jethro, if you would do a little research before you make comments you might gain a little credibility……… The Biden Administration Continues To Expel Most People

The Biden administration continues to rapidly expel most people encountered at the border. In the first five full months of the Biden administration, 64% of all people encountered by the Border Patrol were expelled under Title 42 (see Figure 5). While unaccompanied children and some families at the border have been allowed to come into the country and challenge their deportation in immigration court, they represent just 28% of total apprehensions over that period.

Figure 5: Processing Outcomes of Individuals Encountered by the Border Patrol, February 2020 to June 2021

Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Southwest Border Encounters.

As a result, significantly fewer people are being admitted into the United States and placed into normal deportation proceedings when compared to 2019, even when considering the increased numbers of single adults and a record number of unaccompanied children crossing the border (see Figure 6). If the Biden administration continues the practice of expelling most people arriving at the border, apprehension numbers will increase above 2019 levels even though significantly fewer people are being processed into the country.


Look on the bright side, some one posted yesterday the military equipment left to the 3000,000 Afghan army, that they threw down, wasn’t ‘state of the art’ military equipment. I’m willing to bet the 124,000 evacuees would disagree that it was a disaster. But a great success.


I like you, Alice.


Ms. Haber took the time to write a thoughtful and accurate account of Biden's first 9 months in office. I give her credit for taking that time (and caring enough) to rebut the nonsense of the 30% or so, who remain unable to discern the qualities of a true leader, vs a morally bankrupt buffoon who tried to encourage his followers to overthrow an American election. I give Ms. Haber credit. Most are fully able to ignore the spewings of those still struggling with the idea of a true leader leading America thru a tumultuous and tragic time. They're looking instead for a reality TV "Rambo"...which of course only exists in their contrived adolescent fantasy world.


Trumpers string together a series of insults and think they are being clever. It’s a debate tactic they learned from their Beloved Leader.


[thumbup]seven Yeah I don’t care about Trump anymore. But that’s the Part 2 of these comments, “libs” still fear him, don’t like him, whatever, as if he is still figured into some equation. What office does he hold, I missed it.


Trumpism thrives. Trump is now an iconic figure to his followers.


...and all the results coming from this idiotic administration and BAD


A couple of things that Trump and Biden have in common is that they are old men but not tired old men. When I get to be their ages I only hope I can play as much golf as Trump does and speak as well as Biden does.


I bet you also hope you have 1/1,000 of the wealth either of them have.


Wow that means Trump is working his way down the ladder? He has dropped out of the Fortune 500’s most wealthiest people in the world? Or Trump stating that, was ‘Trump being Trump.’🤷‍♂️ You didn’t fall for that. Right?


Blue, Biden is only worth about $8 million, according to Forbes.


[thumbup]three Turns out most older guys are sharp and I daresay wiser than it seemed possible for them to be, but then, maybe I’m wiser too. 🤔 What’s amazing is meeting old people who are still jerks.

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