Considering that one characteristic of a great logo is to be “impactful,” Frederick city’s new logo fills the bill. Actually, it overfills it. By the time I cast my vote in response to The News-Post’s survey on the new insignia’s appeal, more than 84 percent of respondents had voted it to be “atrocious.” A majority of us seem definitely impacted by the graphic and are repulsed.

A couple of things enhance the repulsion factor. In a historic and a vibrant town, rife with creative, accomplished graphic design services, we outsourced our logo project to a design firm 700-plus miles away in Jacksonville, Florida, to the tune of $45,000! In a community where citizens have a proud and productive legacy of participating in collective efforts to help government leaders make assessments and decisions, the majority was excluded from this process. Ergo, the “impactful” nature of the logo also speaks to a noninclusive development and approval process that sucks the wind out of the concept of “community.”

The new logo with its “stylized lowercase ‘f,’ incorporating “blue, red, green and yellow to pay homage to different aspects of the city’s character,” is more than a challenge to unpack. The “Explaining the new logo” addendum to Thursday’s article was invaluable. Absent that background, my first response to the logo’s invitation to “Join the Story” was, “What story?” Secondly, the lowercase “f” fluttering above the expansive capital letter “Frederick” appears to be intersected by an arrow that points the way out of town.

Darlene Dolan


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A logo change is more than $45k. And not a single person has brought this up. Re-lettering the city cars and trucks and letterhead, envelopes, and employee uniforms will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Not only that, but city employees have spent a lot of time on this. The mayor still has not said the new logo is out, but I believe it will never make it to the official stationary.


It's been brought up in comments on some of the other articles.


I'm surprised that so far the haters havn't come forward and stated we needed a new logo because the clustered spires logo promotes religion.


Looks like you’re the first hater to mention religion. Congrats!


Although it may be common, not all spires have religious meaning. Plenty of sky scrapers have spires. Additionally some churches may be repurposed. You don't have to be religious to appreciate appealing architecture.


Exactly. I always thought the clustered spires recognized distinctive architecture. Or maybe lightning rods.


I think it looks like a gang symbol. In short, no new logo is needed. The Clustered Spires is perfect and should be permanent.


Gang symbol. Really? What sort of gang? [batman]


Not the Clustered Spires gang, that’s for sure.


Maybe the feathered pen gang.


“When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way....”

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