They're calling it the "Cancel America" election.

The Democrats aim to pack the Supreme Court with leftist ideologues who will produce their long-sought "living constitution" that will allow imposition of any law. Similarly, the Democrats aim to guarantee perpetual power for themselves by packing the electorate, granting citizenship and thus voting rights to millions of illegal aliens.

Their aim is to change America from a multi-party democratic constitutional republic to a permanent one-party all-powerful state. Freedom of speech and religion will be replaced by the cancel culture. Firearms will be confiscated, leaving to the tender mercies of well-armed criminals and leftist rioters — those not rich enough or important enough to have professional armed security. Free enterprise prosperity will be replaced by socialist/communist poverty, science and common sense by leftist dogma, an independent America by globalist control, a colorful diverse world by Communist Chinese domination. It's all Obama's "profound change" come true. Cancel America.

There's no room in such a leftist dystopia for those of us who think for ourselves and question authority.

So we vote for Trump. It's peculiar that the role of preserving the greatest, freest, sweetest land in history, the great experiment in democracy, the world's last best hope, falls to a fellow like Donald Trump. But he's done a remarkable job despite a bureaucracy permeated by his opponents' minions, a skein of turncoat lieutenants, perpetually hostile media and popular culture, and a "peaceful-transfer-of-power" three-and-a-half-year-long attempt to hobble and overthrow him.

They hate him because he stands in their way.

Unlike the many who have risked and given their lives to win or preserve the freedom that we enjoy, now that it's our turn, we don't even have to risk our lives. All we have to do is vote.

God bless America. God save America.

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Greg F

There is one thing I would surely agree the vast majority of us want to cancel. That would be the constant flow of lies from Trump and Pence. Dozens of blatant fabrications daily. Lies we are "turning the corner" all the while we are now actually WORSE than back in March and April. Lies that it's "going away" from Trump...when it is very clearly doing the opposite, infecting himself, Pence and both their cohorts in crime. Around the 3min mark here...just some clarity...sure...most of you will dismiss it because of the network, but the facts stand as they are....Trump is a pathological liar.


Red meat partisanship rarely has much flavor and way too much salt. That's my take on this letter.

PurplePickles aka L&M

When I read letters like this I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not living in that movie Idiocracy, and I'm not sadly. Idiocracy is now actual real life.

Make sure you watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm because sadly it will show you why Idiocracy is real life. We have become the dummy's of the world here in America and Walt's letter is another example of how dumb we have become. Well thanks to the Trumpster.

Greg F

Unfortunately we are and trump is president Camacho, and at least Camacho wanted to make things better but was just as stupid as trump....though managed to succeed....unlike trump.


Walt, As someone to the left of Joe, I assure that most of us do not want any of those things that you said we want, except maybe statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, but those are not high on our agenda and are not likely to happen. What we are focused on is switching away from fossil fuels, campaign finance reform, healthcare reform, college cost reform, women and minority rights, and world peace. Hopefully you see somethings in there you like.


In his letter, Walt claims to think for himself while he parrots nonsense and disproven talking points [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


"They hate him because he stands in their way." Uh yeah I don't hate. I'm resistant to drama over substance. This letter is Exhibit A.

Gee Scott



Read Dark Miney by Jane Mayer.

It the REPUBLICANS who have been scheming to remain in power although they are a minority party. They wish to destroy the concept of one person, one vote and majority rules.

Greg F

What a load of bunk from the author. Trump wants a dictatorship...why else would he go to great lengths to suppress voting, disavow the system as "rigged" against all evidence to that, and then say well ahead he won't go quietly? Why would he appoint friends and family that have zero qualifications into key positions (aside from the illegal financial benefits) which is a trait of dictators? Why would he threaten anyone who challenged him and walk away from interviews when things got too tough for him? You seem to have the whole idea backward, bub....100%. Accusing the others of what you yourself are (or in this case, your party). More Goebbels playbook tactics, just like Der Fuhrer wannabe Trump. Your party's guys even tried to kidnap a governor. Who does that accept total fascists? Who waives Nazi and Confederate flags at rallies? Who consistently LIES LIES LIES about absolutely everything?'s Trump. Who holds rallies while infected? Trump AND now PENCE. Who has zero, and I mean ZERO understanding or respect for the constitution? Hint....same person just mentioned. You have a warped view on reality given to you by the Fox and Friends Kook-Aid Factory of Lies.


[thumbup]Greg What I'd say if I weren't so lazy and....weary


👍🏻👍🏻 Greg!


Mr. Staruk, I would be interested in seeing some real evidence of anything you are asserting that the Democrats would do to destroy America. Based on the last 5 Administrations, I would contend that the Democrats have done a great job of restoring America’s Economy and World status after failed Republican Administrations. First Clinton/Gore, then a tougher one for Obama/Biden, and now the Country is in a shambles under a disastrous Trump/Pence Administration that Biden/Harris will face should they win. If Trump wins, I will echo your sentiment, GOD save America.

Gee Scott

Trump has said in the past the Democrats are good for the economy


Walt, Trump has been remarkable, the rest of what you wrote is wrong.


IMPEACH BARRETT.... She is nothing more than a political appointment to be used to assure the continuation of this administration, A pawn of the current president and wannabe dictator. Likewise the political hypocrites in the senate. Return the USA to a place of peace and prosperity, health and happiness.


Time to take your nap...

Gee Scott



Wait, what impeachable offense has she committed olefool? She hasn't even made one decision while on SCOTUS. Do you think she is a far right zealot? If so, how did David Souter work out? John Roberts? You have no idea what Justice you will get until they make a ruling. Souter surprised the hell out of both R's and D's with his positions after being nominated by George HW Bush. Neil Gorsuch penned the majority decision supporting LGBTQ rights. Earl Warren was a staunch supporter of civil rights (Brown v. BoE). Brennan turned out to be very liberal, much to Eisenhower's chagrin. You really don't know what's in the box until it is opened.


If Republicans have any confidence in Trump they might not be pushing so hard and fast to get their Judge on the Court right now. I suspect that they will be disappointed when she does not vote as they want her to vote. Judges have been quite independent and the new normal is liberal. We will see. And Congress when not divided has the keys to solve all the problems of a Court. Even the Chief Justices has said that Congress can always overrule the Court. They just have to pass a new law.


Gary, the Republicans are relying on a few reasons for appointment of Barrette. Abortion and perhaps giving them the election, if Trump loses and they try to suppress the votes of many in battle ground states. They are likely to get changes to Roe vs. Wade, voter suppression is not so likely.


Earl Warren. Such a Conservative. Or so Eisenhower expected him to be.

Gee Scott

It's "Cancel Culture", not cancel America...

A lot of fear mongering in your "opinion" article. I would be scared for my life too if I truly believed all the things you're saying. Good day sir, I wish you the best in this life


I think of this as the “let’s teach our Republican Party a lesson election”.

Oust Trump and as many of his enablers as possible so we can get back to being a party of small government, fiscal responsibility, constitutional values, and conservatism.


The sad part of this Gladys, is the Republicans could have solved this by supporting Trump's impeachment.


“They're calling it the "Cancel America" election.”

I wondered who “they” are so I googled the last three words of that sentence. The very first hit was this very letter. And almost nothing else on point. A lot of people are saying that Mr. Staruk is making up the “they” part.


It's really sad that Mr. Staruk has drunk in all misinformation laid out by Trump. Trump is the real threat to the constitution. It's not free speech, when Trump demands that you have to agree with his position. Just look at those he fired for not agreeing or his calling anything that disagrees with his position as "fake news". It is not an attack on 2nd amendment to require background checks, no one is taking guns, but they are trying to keep our kids safe. Trump is a threat to our very existence - why has he denied & lied about COVID to the point that his supporters are willing to sacrifice themselves and their loved ones by not wearing a mask. Masks are not a sign of weakness or infringement on ones rights, but simple respect for our fellow man during a crisis. We are better than Trump's autocratic view of world, he's no christian, no god or strong man. He's a pathetic weakling with delusions of grandeur who like a carnival barker at the side show is out to con anyone who will listen into believing what they see are freaks, something to be feared, and something to pay money to see.


This is the paranoid, delusional stuff of QAnon. I pity people who think this way. Of course Walt also denies climate change, so there’s that...


I truly feel sorry for the letter writer. For whatever reason they have given up any semblance of listening to both sides. They have bought the snake oil and lies from the buffoon. To avoid admiting to it they double down on him. I feel sorry for you when the truth about his lies comes out. Among them is the admission that his administration cannot do anything about the pandemic. I hope the letter writer is not one who loses their life because of this coward and criminal president.


So you think Republicans aren’t packing the Court? By refusing to even consider a moderate nominee from President Obama, who was just as qualified, the Republicans push through a right wing conservative when people are already voting to remove Trump from office.


It's simply the Republicans way of getting back at the hypocrisy Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer display every day. Blame your own left wing nut party.


BTW - great letter Mr. Staruk. The left can't get their little brains wrapped around the fact that America is sick of professional politicians like Joe Biden - a 47 year swamp rat that has literally done nothing for America (ok, I'll give him the benefit of Chip Jewels column) except make himself and his family wealthy. It's George Orwell for the libby's - we're all equal but some of us (Pelosi, Biden, and their ilk) are more equal than others. The truth hurts the lefties. It drives them coo-coo!! Hahahaha!!


Jerry - you are almost as delusional as the letter writer. None of this is based in reality. More fear mongering and QAnon nonsense. The sad part is that you can't actually see that.

Gee Scott

You're a little dramatic but not wrong about not wanting professional politicians. Trump is not the answer though. Maybe in 4 years we'll see some new faces come to light, one can only hope


Not sure how you can complain about hypocritic professional politicians in the Democratic Party, when you have the two main examples in Graham and McConnell. Graham, who said to please use his words against him if he ever advocated for voting on a Supreme Court nominee during a presidential election year, and McConnell said virtually the same thing. They served their hypocrisy in platters on a banquet table and you devoured it. The gravy stains are still on your shirt.

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