Did the Maryland taxpayers pay the salaries of those Republican legislators from western Maryland when they drafted a letter asking West Virginia to absorb Maryland’s three westernmost counties? Did they really think that such a proposal had any chance of being adopted?

Was that a worthwhile investment of their time and budgets? Are there no more important issues to work on?

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Note that we have a two-term Republican governor and not long before that we had another. So it's not like this state is dominated by Dems. If you think that something a twice-elected and popular governor REALLY wants wouldn't happen then I think you are naive or disingenuous.


If they want to be in a different state, they can move and would likely make money in the process, as Maryland property tends to be more valuable than WV and PA property.


Is Maryland property in those three Western counties more valuable than the surrounding counties in PA or WV? I can see maybe if the rest of the state is included.


I invite you to check on that if you are interested.


It's valuable in that I suspect that they get more money and support from MD than the surrounding areas get, per capita, from PA and WV.


Once again, they have perfectly adequate representation in the state government. Gerrymandering has not reduced their state-level representation. But yes, people are SUPPOSED to do what is right for their state and their country and yes, I with the Republicans who are calling their fellow Republicans "traitors to the party" for voting for the infrastructure bill were run out of office.


I beg to differ. Politicians (just as people i general) tend to help those who have like interests and those who can help their political career. Someone not of their party is not likely to get the same consideration as someone in the same party as the politician. That is not "perfectly adequate." The Democrats in Maryland gerrymandered the state twice to go from 5 democratic representatives (out of 8 total) to the federal government to 7 democratic representatives out of 8 total. If representation were perfectly adequate regardless who the politician was, why did the democrats gerrymander the state districts twice, once in 2000 and once in 2010?


And again, you are confusing state and federal help. The original discussion by those counties was about state attention.


I am not confusing anything. I use a federal example in support of my position. Politicians do not represent all of their constituents appropriately. The Maryland legislature controlled by the Democrats for so long can and does ignore the minority public opinion and does direct resources in a manner to support those in their party more than those of the opposing party (the Republicans would undoubtedly do the same if they controlled the legislature in MD).

Aweteam, the democrats make up a little over 50% of the registered voters in Maryland, the republicans roughly 25%, not affiliated over 18% and the rest of the parties make up about 7%. Now look at the state representatives. It doesn't come close to matching those percentages. Of the 47 senators, 32 (68%) are democrats and the remaining 15 are republican (note the two major parties are over represented). Of the 141 representatives, 99 or 100 are democrats (almost 71%) and 41 or 42 are republicans (again both major parties are over represented). Again slightly over 50% of the registered voters are democrats and roughly 25% are republicans. Finally, districts within the counties can be drawn to support one party over another or any others.


My point is, MD, that federal and state are very different. I would agree that politicians should represent their constituents but they will never, and have never, perfectly bent to the will of the minority that did not vote for them. And again, I am surprised you weren't railing at the Republicans nationally in their opposition to Obama and then Biden purely on party lines and not on what they actually want. Parties are King.


shiftless, I oppose all illogical and detrimental actions whether it is the republicans, democrats or any other political party. As an example, if you think back far enough (you don't even have to go as far back as Obama's administration) you may recall my opposition to Trump's stupid environmental positions. I despise politicians that only vote their party line and not the issue. Unfortunately most politicians do that at all levels of government. An example on the republican side is all the idiots that bought the weapons of mass destruction argument (even if IRAQ had them they had no capability to hit the U.S. with them), so they pretty much all voted to support an illegal war. At the state level, all the democrats fought casinos and gambling in MD when pushed by the republicans and now they can't get enough of it. Just two examples of stupid behavior by our politicians.


If you are referring to gerrymandering, that’s about designing districts for federal representation. How is Garrett, Allegheny and Washington counties gerrymandered in state representation?


What are you talking about? Roscoe Bartlett may well have been elected again had the lines not been re-drawn. NOT a Roscoe fan, but those who were should have not had the wool pulled out from under them.


Perhaps if the rug hadn't been covering their eyes....


These politicians need to spend their time encouraging their constituents to get vaccinated instead of this foolishness. The three counties are among those with the lowest vaccination rates in the state but that is just on par with West Virginia which has the lowest rate of all the states. If these folks want to be part of West Virginia then let them move there.


It’s my understanding that Many from the 3 counties welcomed the idea and still do.


All the other Counties support the idea. 👋👋

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