In the 36 years we have lived in Frederick, it has been the mayor who has been the determining factor for either the growth or stagnation of Frederick.

Arriving in Maryland in 1982, my wife and I knew we could never live in Rockville. There simply was no “there” there. Entering Frederick via South Market Street, we made a left on Patrick Street and stopped at a Realtor. We purchased a house downtown within a month.

Our first impression of Frederick was, “What a great little town. But why are the sidewalks and streets such a mess?” Mayor Young was responsible for that chaos! We had arrived amid his plan to bury utility lines to renew Market Street! Ron Young was also instrumental in building the Carroll Creek flood control project that works so spectacularly.

Over the years, mayors have contributed significantly to the city; others have not. The mayor of Frederick can promote significant, long-lasting and permanent improvement to the lives of all Frederick citizens. Mayors must possess vision and courage to promote change.

The Frederick Community Action Agency soup kitchen and its services need to move to another location. Services for the homeless can be improved by moving these functions to a purpose-built facility. And the negative impacts created by the FCAA services would no longer afflict a small, historically neglected neighborhood.

Resources will be required from the city, county, state of Maryland and federal government. After all, the unfortunate people who queue at 100 S. Market St. come from everywhere.

It is a valuable piece of Frederick’s architectural history because of Abraham Lincoln’s address at that railroad station. And it is the gateway to our city.

Lawyers at Planning Commission hearings lobby for the “highest and best use” of property for their clients. The mayor and Board of Aldermen must also do that with city-owned properties. A soup kitchen is not the “highest and best use” for this property.

It will take vision, courage and tenacity just as another youthful mayor demonstrated decades ago.

Mayor Young’s contributions are well-known. But history is made every day. Mr. Mayor, it is time for you to seize this moment and create another significant legacy for our beloved city.

All of Frederick will thank you if you do.

Kevin Hluch


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If I understand correctly- Mister Hluch chose to purchase the property where he now resides after living in the North End for seventeen years. He chose to buy his current residence in the South End nineteen years ago, with full knowledge of the City’s history and services that were already in place (for precisely the reasons stated by Deb). Mister Hluch’s disingenuous LTE reads as an attempt to gentrify the South End; NIMBY is more typically a reaction to something new, rather than an objection to something that’s already there. [thumbup] @ dwasserba


Something blue? Something new? Or just not in my back yard? It can work if someone objects to neighborhood actions or activities. Otherwise, it would be NIMBYN. (now)


huh? [lol]


"NIMBY is more typically a reaction to something new, ..." But not always and not by definition. Just the way it is used.


Kevin seems to be saying "NIMBY."


I've lived it in the South End for 19 years. And the FCAA been in this neighborhood longer than that. Would you like to take it on in your neighbor hood? You are more than welcome to invite the FCAA to locate there. It is inappropriate in ANY DR or DB zone. It was wrongly located there in the first place. Frederick is not what it was in 1978. The South End has suffered long enough. AND, by moving it, better and more efficient services can be undertaken in a purpose-built facility dedicated exclusively to the needs of the people our dysfunctional society routinely and consistently produces. It's not a question of NIMBY. Its a question of where can these services be located that helps the homeless while not devastating a residential neighborhood...ANYONE's residential neighborhood. You don't see this organization on College Terrace, Church Street, Record St. or Magnolia....The reason it is in the South End is precisely because of the NIMBY's attitude which placed it initially away from more powerful, wealthier and privileged neighborhoods. (I might add another descriptor of those types of neighborhoods but I won't)


To quote Hayduke, "spin it baby, spin it!" The facility was there before you were. Another person that would move next to the airport, then complain about the noise. SMH...


Gabrielshorn - The FCAA provides way more services than it did years ago and the number of clients has grown very significantly. The reason neighbors are riled up is because the conditions around it have changed for the worse over the past few years. According to FPD data, arrests, citations, and calls for service have skyrocked in the blocks surrounding this facility in 2019. This isn't a NIMBY issue, it's the fact that the organization has outgrown what the neighborhood in the south end of downtown can handle and what the facility can handle in that location. Judging by the drug use and overdoses around Carroll Creek, there is clearly a need for services that the FCAA could be the provider of. If they had a larger facility that was purposefully designed for the needs of the city, more people could receive the support they need and the neighborhood could be allowed to recover. I think just labeling the issue as "NIMBY" is an oversimplification. Moving to a newer, better facility that is not in a densely populated area could be a win for everyone - including the mayor, the FCAA, the recipients of FCAA services, and downtown residents.


Oh, I understand very well grisgris. The neighborhood around that facility has grown and been upgraded, so those people really need to go. After all, people shouldn't have to see "those people", so let's move them to "a better facility that will better suit their needs" (wink, wink) and make it somebody else's problem. The thing is, every time one of these facilities is proposed, the potential neighbors get all up in arms, and write LTE because they don't want "those people" near them. They all state that "someplace else" would be more appropriate. It has happened several times already, with the latest being a halfway house for recovering addicts who had a good compliance record. Nobody is buying what the author is trying to sell.


Replace some of the Democrats that are on the Board of Alderman along with the Mayor and add some Republicans to the mix, would change it. I might even consider backing Blaine Young if he would run for Mayor.


Not surprised that you want these changes. Why? Just to be contrary?


So the LTE writer wants Blaine Young to do for the city what he did to the county??? Hold on to your pocketbook...


Blaine Young was a total disaster for Frederick County givings tens of millions of tax dollars away to developers. Never again.


Are you joking? The reference is to Ron Young, native and then city mayor, who deserves every rare scrap of praise he gets. Otherwise, to this writer I say, run for office. The CAA is where it is to be accessible to those who need it, and it's generous of the city to continue to use that particular location despite its growing attractiveness, because, um, that was not always so. "They come from all over" because they can get there.


D - [thumbup][thumbup]


👍👍👍 deb!




Lame. The Republicans couldnt even get a full slate in the last BOA election

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