I read the letter in the paper ("An open letter to the US Postal Service" on Jan. 4) about a package not being delivered and found it interesting. My question is why can the post office seem to deliver junk mail but cannot seem to deliver what the people need? For instance, bills so people can keep up with what is due or a notice of insurance or mortgage payment being due.

This is if we get mail at all. We have gone the past four or five days with no mail at all. If there is a problem with help, hire some people. Certainly there are enough people out of work. Don't blame everything on the pandemic. Our mail was messed up long before that. Maybe someone should do an official investigation.


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Most people don't seem to realize that DeJoy's only qualification for becoming Postmaster General, was that he donated one million dollars to Donald Trump


not true InterestedPerson. He was the CEO of a logistics company, giving him significant relevant experience. Look him up. The policies he is carrying out were derived by the Postal Service Board of Governors long ago.

Greg F

He has a $75-100 million direct conflict of interest. He’s a donor. He was hired to do the most damage he could with the knowledge he had and to benefit him as thanks for his donation. Stop twisting things gabe.


Twisting things GregF? What I posted was readily verifiable fact if you look it up. The changes that DeJoy is overseeing were established long before DeJoy, or even Trump took office, and are a matter of public record. The Post Office Board of Directors (both D and R over the years) established that plan over several administrations (both D and R). These plans included the shuttering of the Frederick sorting facility, and the removal of all of its sorting machines, in 2011. The operation moved to Baltimore. The story, and all of the complaints may be found in the FNP archives. Did you also know that although 711 sorting machines were decommissioned last year, in fiscal year 2016, USPS removed more than 1,100 machines from across the country? DeJoy may have been a Republican donor, thus making him a convenient whipping boy, but these changes have been in the works for decades. You can find the reports on the Post Office website, and in Congressional testimony. You cannot have expensive equipment that must be properly and regularly maintained sitting idle for up to 70% of the time. That is inefficient, and significantly increases maintenance costs by sitting idle. Removing one or two from a facility that has several will not affect service.


has anyone given thought to what changes Dejoy had was going to streamline and make better the mail service if it was business as usual with mail delivery? But then with the Covid EVERYONE started buying and doing everythink online to get stuff delivered? Kind of like making dinner for 4 but then 20 show up. Not a lot you can do to satisfy all.


Reader; Dejoy was installed about five months into the pandemic. Nice try.


There have been several issues affecting mail delivery recently, any one of which would have had a serious impact. The four together are a perfect storm and can't be considered SOP. First off was Louis DeJoy's meddling, tampering, call it what you will, with the whole mail processing scheme. Removal of equipment and prohibition of overtime had a negative effect on both morale and timeliness of delivery. Second, the virus decimated the workforce. Third, there's been a huge increase in mail-order due to the virus disrupting normal purchasing by the public. And fourth, of course, the Christmas rush. Comparisons with UPS, FedEx and other private delivery services are silly, as USPS normally delivers far more mail pieces in one day than any of them deliver in one month. The situation right now isn't good, but USPS will recover.


My payment of my Verizon Wireless bill was mailed December 18 and still has not posted to my account. Dejoy should be prosecuted. Bob Lewos


Similar stories as others. I prefer to get paper statements rather than do things online but it is causing major delays, overdue notices and other issues. I am sure some of this is related to Covid but that doesn't explain it all. Time for Congress to step up, realize that the PO is a service to America and stop trying to make it a profitable business. We waste billions on pork, an ineffective wall, lack of accountability in the military, etc. - how about we make sure the PO is efficient and reliable?

Greg F

Did you not read about DeJoy removing sorting machines that process thousands of articles per minute and disassembling them (most not returned) and putting them into warehouses? There is why this resulted in where we are all of the sudden. This is on Agent Benedict Arnold Trump, who wanted nothing more than to wreck USPS to his electoral favor. That's when this all started to get really bad. Nary a problem in a decade before that in 2000 packages a year shipped. Now it's all of them.


Add to it that DeJoy is part of an industry that wants to take the USPS business and turn it to their own profit. UPS charged me $26 to have a letter delivered in two days. There's no investigation needed. Trump ordered the USPS ruined to try to save his election chances and enrich his donor buddies. Biden just needs to work on undoing the damage.


hayduke2...online payments and banking is the way to go. We even have some recurring bills automatically charged to a credit card, which I then pay monthly directly from the bank electronically.

I still get a paper statement from the credit card we use for recurring payments. Yesterday I received the paper statement with a payment due date of January 5. Good thing I didn't wait for the paper statement to write a check and mail it in.[scared]


Definitely there is a problem. Got a notification via email that November phone bill was over due, so paid on line. Just got bill in mail yesterday. Credit Card company just sent notice that usps mail delivery was running late. Guess I’ll have to set up email notifications or arrange direct payments via on line. Definitely a problem.


I am amazed at how many people write letters to a newspaper when they apparently do not read the news.

Greg F

They did read "news." Just not news as to the fact that DeJoy was hired to destroy the post office, and republicans have been after it to destroy it in favor of privatized mail (against the constitution by the way) for decades. Pre-funded pensions...a GOP idea and the beginning of the downward spiral.


UPS charged me $26 to get a letter delivered in two days. The USPS is a SERVICE designed by the founders and until Trump, run to help other businesses make money. Trump destroyed it trying to suppress the vote. Maybe that's why he didn't lose worse than he did.

Greg F

BH, do you not realize that UPS and FedEx often use USPS for their "last mile" deliveries? Yes, UPS charged you $26 and paid a pittance to USPS to cart it the last mile. Did you ever get a "surepost" notice or delivery? That's UPS or Fedex farming their work on to USPS, while reaping a higher PROFIT that USPS can't see any of for their efforts other than cost only, if that. Thanks republicans.


Yet another LTE author who seems unaware of the deliberate kneecapping of the USPS by Trump appointee DeJoy. No investigation needed; we know exactly why mail is not being delivered. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2020/09/16/postal-service-louis-dejoy-senate-report-85-million-pieces-of-mail-delayed-in-a-week/?sh=44b2a6842df0


Right on Shiftless88


I have been waiting over a month for important documents that were sent from Florida at the beginningof December, but have yet to arrive. I went to the Post Office in Middletown on Saturday to send some certified mail, and while there asked what the situation was. If folks remember, we lost the Frederick Postal Distribution Center back in 2011, and all mail was routed through Baltimore for our region. That Distribution Center was hit with a massive CoViD outbreak in December, affecting over 220 of their workers, creating a huge bottleneck due to lack of personnel. The machines were there to sort the mail, but there was nobody to run them, or process the sorted mail.

Greg F

If you have a tracking #, do the lost mail service online. They've found every one I did a case for and they even called me personally to update on some. The employees want to do their jobs. They were gutted by what DeJoy did c/o Trump.


Likewise. This is not the fault of the people on the ground trying to do their job. This is the fault of Trump and DeJoy trying to hamstring a legal election and get the USPS business to the private industry DeJoy is a part of, where the rates would go up like you wouldn't believe.


The docs were not sent by the sender with a tracking number, so that will not work in this instance. I have tracked other letters/packages, and they all get stuck in Baltimore. I had one shipment that said the package left Baltimore and was in transit to Middletown. It arrived two weeks later. The original shipment left Richmond VA, and arrived at the B'more facility in a few hours. It sat at the B'more facility for a couple of weeks, then was listed "in transit" for a couple of weeks before arriving in Middletown. As I pointed out to you previously, the machine utilization rate for the sorters was about 30% in some centers, and they had multiple machines. That means the machines sat idle for for about 70% of the time, taking up valuable space, and incurring expensive maintenance costs for those custom-made machines. Removing one machine from a facility that had three will not affect delivery times. Having nobody to run the machines, or handle the sorted mail will. Additionally, cutting back on the allowable overtime during a surge in processing was a serious mistake, and must be reversed. Don't forget, all of the changes were approved by the 11-member Board of Governors before implementation. They were also the ones that hired Dejoy by unanimous vote.



Greg F

Baltimore is one of the worst hit hubs in the nation...and had their sorting machine removed, not replaced, and COVID employee outages are rampant. I've spoken directly to someone there with insight into it. At the height of it, there were literally packages to the ceiling, with trucks lined up for days outside to load and offload packages. Packages were also dumped onto trailers for later sorting that may still be sitting there. One I had was stuck a month between Phoenix and Baltimore...the agent said it could literally be on one of 1000 trucks anywhere and they have no idea where. Thanks Trump.


My delivery from Nashville got stuck in District Heights MD for 8 days which I heard was a major bottleneck in the delivery of mail. Once it got to Baltimore it was delivered the next day. I signed up for the USPS website which shows where the package is day by day if you have a tracking number. Regular mail is another matter. Some dam must have broken, I’ve had a small flood of Christmas cards mailed in mid December.


I mailed Christmas cards on Dec 7th. I have heard from multiple recipients since Saturday thanking me for the card. The cards were post dated in Baltimore on Dec. 28th. The removal of hundreds of sorting machines last summer had its desired impact. And, a postal worker told me in mid-December that hundreds of employees across the nation are sick with Co-Vid.


I got Christmas cards, also some Christmas coasters and wrapping paper from a non-profit. I can always use coasters. Get well, postal employees.


same thing with my mail. All I seem to be getting is my grocery store ads and junk mail. I have had to call to get my water bill and credit card amounts so I can pay them online


A lot of mail is of the “presorted” variety. In one of my former lives, I worked at a presorting warehouse. In my case, it was a private company that sorted mail by zip code & printed information such as bar codes on the individual letters. Those presorted letters, arranged in bins, were then turned over to USPS to deliver. Perhaps that’s why you get some type of mail & not the other.


100% Agree.

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