Some context regarding the op-ed in the April 10 Frederick News-Post headlined “LGBT community ‘weary & sick’ of simply trying to be accepted.”

In Baltimore, Johns Hopkins used to perform “sex-change” operations. But no more. Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Paul McHugh writes in Public Discourse, an online publication of the Witherspoon Institute, that “after pioneering sex-change surgery, we demonstrated that the practice brought no important benefits.”

“Gender dysphoria” he writes, “belongs in the family of similarly disordered assumptions about the body, such as anorexia nervosa” and it “should be treated with psychotherapy, not surgery.” In other words, “sex-change” operations (which don’t, simply can’t, actually change sex) make as little sense as performing liposuction on an anorexic.

The operations don’t repair the underlying psychological problem. In extremely liberal Sweden, McHugh notes, “the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to twenty times that of comparable peers.”

In some states it is now illegal to offer psychotherapy to a child suffering from gender dysphoria, but legal to pump him full of powerful chemicals that would block puberty and might stunt growth. Such treatment is opposed by the American College of Pediatricians, and it reeks of child abuse.

The totalitarian homosexualists’ demand that states cave to open-bathroom laws for pseudo-men and pseudo-women reveals two points of hypocrisy.

The first is the idea that one’s sex, a genetic characteristic, can be ignored and changed — this in contrast to all the claims that homosexuality is in-born (which has never been proven) and therefore is “God’s will” and must not, cannot, be changed.

The second hypocrisy is the support and praise for large corporations using their money to coerce states into acceding to the open-bathroom laws — from the same crowd that campaigns vigorously against corporate money in politics.

Our culture is sinking in a morass of lies and nonsense.

Walt Staruk


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The only thing worse than people ignoring science is people pretending to utilize since but doing so incorrectly and deceitfully.


Shiftless, are you talking about the creationists, the non-global warming movement, the anti-vaccine movement, the flat earthers, the Trump supporters, the Cruz supporters, and the anti-LGBTs?


shiftless (and threecents) - Link to the Swedish study that you portray as having been used incorrectly and deceitfully:


Though I don't agree with the topic (I believe all people should have equal rights and acceptance), I do agree on one point. Progressive extremism/Passion Blindness/Enlightened Arrogance or what ever you want to call it is getting out of hand. As a slightly left of center voter, I feel lost in the absolutes. Examples 100% recycling, elimination of all prisons, second-third-100 chances, zero gun tolerance.


Who is getting rid of prisons? I hear WalMart is opening up a prison chain. They aim to get 10% of America incarcerated by 2020. They're going to put one in Fredericktown Mall.


LGBT's deserve equal rights, the question is what are equal rights for those of a gender we are not sure. Physically, they are born one gender, mentally they identify as the opposite gender, which creates a dilemma. Those of the same birth gender do not want to be in restrooms or cloakrooms with those of a different mental gender. And those of different physical gender are not normally allowed in restrooms of their matching mental gender. So, where do they fit? One solution is to have bathrooms for all with locks on the doors and separate dressing rooms for locker rooms.


well said Walt and the socialists, liberals, PCs along with those on the dole are looking to destroy what once was the greatest most benevolent county ever created .....and they are doing a good job of it


So explain how WE liberal socialist's are destroying the Country jerseygrl42, and how are transgender and gays on the dole exactly? How are THEY destroying the Country? It seems that bigoted attitudes are doing more to destroy the country than allowing a trans person a safe place to urinate....doesn't it? But go ahead and tells us ALL how our country is being destroyed by liberal socialist's...I can't wait to hear what you have to say.


jersey, you are naive on this, there have always been a certain percentage of gays, even in the animal world.


Wow..Walt is all kind of mixed up about many things. Someone who is born in the wrong body and wants to have a sex change operation is not the same thing as being born gay. They are two completely different issues. I so amazed at the level of ignorance that still abounds in society today.

Also having to do with these ignorant bathroom laws....think this through. A trans person only wants a safe place to urinate, they are not going to be exposing anything to anyone, don't worry you precious children will not be seeing naked people in the bathroom exposing anything. Why can't people just think logically about this bathroom stuff? can we as society still be so freakin ignorant?


Blue, read the comments and you will understand how society can; " do freakin ignorant."[whistling]


Bathrooms are largely a red herring. The real problems are locker rooms.


The LTE writer states, "The totalitarian homosexualists’ demand that states cave to open-bathroom laws for pseudo-men and pseudo-women reveals two points of hypocrisy."

At issue is an LGBTQQQQQ agenda that seeks to extend 'access' to locker rooms and other gender based facilities used to shower, change clothes, or prepare for athletic events (gyms, school locker rooms, changing rooms).

The current legal position is to keep genders in their separate changing/shower areas, nothing more -- it is not about a false argument of discrimination - -simply common sense.


People should not confuse the American College of Pediatricians, referenced in the LTE, with the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Academy was founded in 1930 and has more than 60,000 members. The College was formed in 2002 and, while secretive about its membership, is thought to have no more than a few hundred members and possibly fewer than 100. The College asks members to agree with certain positions, including: life begins at conception, children should be raised in a mother-father family unit, abstinence-only sex education, and the like.

Draw your own conclusions.


Appears to be, like the Witherspoon Institute, a FAR right wing association....


Thank you for the explanation, helps to understand the LTE and implied connotations.


You were correct about the American College of Pediatricians. They have a social agenda and that is not science. Reading Hopkins's study and work is far more trustworthy. it is based purely on science. Interesting read.

My largest concern was the corporate involvement in social issues. Using the economic club. You may agree with their current stand but this is a dangerous trend. Economic blackmail of a Governor and legislature should not be permitted from institutions that are "too big to fail" and for which many Americans rely. You may not like their next stance. Corporations are not your average "person." It is bad enough they dominate our political process.


So you think a state government should have the authority to compel a large corporation to spend money in the state? Really?


One minor point is the idea that women's rooms are "open bathrooms" and much like men's rooms. While I do not frequent women's rooms, my knowledge is that they are stalls with doors and a washing / seating areas. There is really little reason for a man to want to be there if they are interested in peeping. This seems to be a phony issue to me. I suspect other more hidden reasons are in play.


Congratulations to Walt for top to bottom the most offensive LTE of the year. You say that transgender people commit suicide at high rates. You probably have no clue that the reason for that is they live in a world with people like you.


[thumbup] three


McHugh had been roundly criticized by his peers for cherry-picking and mischaracterizing studies.


Do a little digging into the Witherspoon Institute and see who funds it. You can follow the money trail back to extreme right politicial groups manufacturing junk studies to fit an agenda..


Mr. Staruk,
You make some interesting points. No doubt if you read the comments you will get blasted by the very small group of people that dominate this section, but some points are hard to refute. They do not represent the larger public view.

The thing I dislike about the whole issue is your reference to Corporations. As an offshoot to the military/industrial complex we are fast becoming a government/corporate state. I have never liked the term socialist or communist and have always been against McCarthyism but we seem to be drifting towards a government/corporate controlled state. But we are Americans known to fight for our beliefs and independence so kudos to your letter and "da** the torpedoes, full speed ahead."

Wow my comment was not accepted at first because I used the word da** but it is permissible for so many other things in our society to be forced upon us. We have lost our bearings.


Just curious, what exactly are his "interesting points" that you refer too....

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