I am a lifelong Republican and conservative. I first became eligible to vote on Nov. 3, 1964, and I proudly cast my ballot for the late, great Barry Goldwater. I have voted in every presidential and congressional election since then. Not once have I voted for a Democrat for president, the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives. Until now.

President Trump is neither a conservative nor a Republican. He is an opportunist, misogynist, racist and draft dodger. He prattles on about his devotion to the Second Amendment while at the same time taking every opportunity to undermine our rights under the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of speech, of assembly, of religion and of the press.

As both president and a candidate, he has encouraged his supporters to harass and rough up those who protest his policies, as well as those who do no more than report the news. He called it a “beautiful moment” recently when a reporter was hit by a police-fired rubber bullet while covering a demonstration. Hitler had his Brownshirts and Stormtroopers; Mussolini had his Black Shirts; and Trump has his Proud Boys on standby.

While he talks about protecting the religious beliefs of his evangelical supporters, he would run roughshod over the rights of those who don’t share those beliefs, especially with respect to abortion and gay rights.

Like a Latin American dictator, he threatens criminal charges against those who oppose him, demanding that federal prosecutors pursue fake charges against Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Bidens and Comey. As president, he has scorned the democratically elected leaders of our allies while embracing dictators like Putin, Erdogan, and Kim Jong Un. Under Trump, Russia’s influence in international affairs has soared, while American influence has plummeted. No wonder Putin supported Trump in 2016 and is doing so again now.

Now Trump says he may not accept the results of any election he loses. Fact is, he wants to be a dictator and stopping him trumps all other issues in this election. Even though there are many issues where I agree more with Trump than Biden, I also know that the end does not justify the means and that nothing is more important than protecting our Constitution. Joe Biden for president.

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News: Over 500,000 new infections, that's a half million new cases of Corvid 19 in just the past week alone.. .THE PAST WEEK!!! And the Trump White House has just publicly declared "We have ended Corona Virus"... bosco, CD, reader, Jerry.... do y'all really believe this bullsheeet??



I'm glad that some Republicans can still see straight. It gives me hope for our future.


Tom, you got it all wrong...the threat to our Constitution is coming from the socialist, racist gang who if they gain power will take your guns, raise your taxes significantly, pack the Supreme Court, remove our borders, defund police , send our jobs to China and control what you will see and what you can say...and they have already told us that if you bothered to listen...is that what you want America to become ??? very sad


jerseyby, Biden will do what Democratic Presidents do, reverse the plunging Economies of failed Republican Administrations and restore America’s place in the World, repairing broken Alliances and rejoining the efforts to deal with the problems posed by our common enemies. In other words, fix the stuff the Republicans break. Again!!


What if I told you that there were Social Democratic countries in the world where people didn’t have guns, yet were every bit as free as you believe you are? Their borders are about as open to their neighbor countries as ours are to neighboring states. They fully fund schools, social safety nets, childcare, healthcare, maternal & paternal leave, at the expense of a smaller military & higher taxes on the wealthy. And yes, they still have healthy economies, even a wealthy elite class...they are just expected to pay a fair share to a system all their residents benefit from. Yes, that is what I want America to become. That you don’t is what I find “very sad”.


This ex-republican is voting blue with you. Excellent article.


Superb letter. We welcome all red-leaning folks to join our blue voting wave. We have missed you and are glad you are with us. More importantly, each of your struggling to vote against your normal tendencies, but still doing so, are saving our United States of America.

God and county first. Family second. And political party somewhere futher down the line.

We are all Americans.


Are you even a Republican? Since LBJ there has been a racist southern strategy. Nixon literally committed treason, torpedoing peace talks with Vietnam. Reagan...oh, where to begin. Ignoring AIDS, selling weapons to Iran to finance an illegal war in Nicaragua, using the CIA to sell crack in inner cities, blowing up the federal deficit. Bush race baiting Willie Horton ads. Bush Jr. ignoring 9/11 warnings, lying about Iraq’s WMDs, torture...and tax cuts for the rich for all of them all the way through. Now you draw the line at Trump. Great to hear there are lines you won’t cross.


MrSniper, when someone is offering you piece of cake, it is best to not poop all over it. Accept it gracefully, be thankful, and eat it with a fork, not a jackhammer. It will taste so much better.



The Republic and the Constitution are the reasons why I'll vote against Trump and for Biden. He's the most unfit person ever to hold the office and he's encourage open distain for bedrock principles of this County. This was before his pandemic response, which is on its face, criminally negligent. Superbly articulated statement from a principled conservative, thank you Sir for this LTE.

PurplePickles aka L&M

So now you are finally going to do what you should have done four years ago, vote Blue. I guess that's good but....it's too late. We have had to suffer four years with the orange one and all the indefensible and unjustifiable horrors he has put us through.

..OMG I forgot about those emails four years ago and what was really awful about them anyway that you went ahead and voted for a monster instead??? So I'm glad you regret your vote BUT...

You have audacity to write a LTE now after four years of Trump when what is apparent now was apparent then, had you looked past your Republican nose.

President Trump is neither a conservative nor a Republican. He is an opportunist, misogynist, racist and draft dodger..and all of this was public knowledge four years ago wasn't it? Trump's was a draft dodger then, Trump was a racist then, Trump was a misogynist then, Trump was opportunist then....but you didn't care then. You voted for him anyway so...

BUT those DARNED emails and Hillary is a woman and oh no as a Republican I can't vote for a woman because..and now you regret you vote..and now you are going to vote for Biden. Do you want a gold star for your forehead?

PurplePickles aka L&M

Let me also add this: You also knew that Trump neither was conservative nor a Republican, and yet you went ahead and voted for him anyway.


Purple, see my response to MrSniper above.


I am with Purp on this one. I would like to forgive and forget, but that is not happening anytime soon.

PurplePickles aka L&M


Why? And you can eat all the poop cake you want.


[thumbup][thumbup]Purp. It is not like Trump's disaster was a surprise. I am frankly surprised he didn't do even worse. Now that he has gotten rid of the generals who kept him in check, Trump would no doubt lead the country to ruin if re-elected.


Mr. White, you need to re-read your letter carefully. President Trump wasn't even in office yet when the left wing nut media, etc. went after him like flies on a rib roast. I guarantee, if that had happened to you or anyone else (read lefties), they would have reacted the same as President Trump did or most likely worse. The left has attacked him from day 1 - because they can't wrap their little brains around the fact that a non-professional politician won the presidency, period! The people are sick of professional politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schume, and yes, even Mitch McConnell. If Trump losses this election (hopefully he won't) he will accept the results as long as they are legitimate. It's funny the hypocrisy of the left. When Obummer was elected, and although we didn't want him as our president (community organizer - what's that???) the conservative base didn't go into D.C. and trash the city burning cars, looting businesses, and creating havoc like the left did when Trump won. Hmmmm, hopefully the rest of the country remembers all that crap when they vote this year.


Has the media not gone after any candidate? They do so all the time. Pay more attention.


Nothing close to the level with which they have gone after Trump. Please pay more attention yourself!!


Apparently you never watched Fox during Obama's administration. Face it; Trump is self-described "different" so of course the reaction will be unique.


If the Press doesn’t fawn over him and Praise him and report on the Pandemic instead of his receiving three Pulitzer Prize nominations, it’s “Fake News”. The job of the Press is to question a Presidents Policies and


The RRR(RadicalRightRepublicans)/BTT(BullyTagTeam) latest argument.....”well, the Democrats would have done the same thing”. NO THEY WOULDN’T!! This argument joins the “well, we are just doing what Obama did”. And then they complain about how bad Obama did things.


Trump proved he was worthy of severe criticism (and got it) long, long before he ever ran for office. Do you think he got less than 10% of the vote in his own home town because he was being criticized? He got less than 10% because they knew him too well!


Someone's been paying attention.


I have almost always voted Democrat, but I could not write a better LTE on Trump.



Mr. White, I laud your honesty, tact and conscience. Bravo, sir!


You need to look at this then Mr.: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/hunters-ex-partner-meeting-joe-biden-family-paranoid - the Biden syndicate is for real!!


foxnews......🤥😂🤣🤪😣😜😋🤮good one JerryR🦧🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑


Yeah, CNN, MSNBC, and the lefty outlets won't report on it, because it would drag down Sleepy Joe and his family into the dirt he came from!! 47 years a swamp rat!! We're done with professional politicians!!


They won't report on it because it is nonsense Russian propaganda. They are obligated to report the news; not whatever made up stuff came out of Moscow today.

Gee Scott

Fox news, funny guy here


A disheartening response to a letter exhibiting critical thinking skills.

Greg F

Jer...this has been debunked over and over again....and BTW, Hunter is not running, and unlike Trump who hires his family for key positions with ZERO qualifications, Joe has not done that. So...whatever. I'm guessing you have a drunk uncle or some family in jail somewhere you are just angry over.


Greg - read the article - it's not debunked yet, by any stretch. Hunter's business partner is exposing it all!! The demo leadership is freaking.


It is debunked, the partner has nothing to expose, and no one cares because it in clearly nonsense.


Jerry, why weren’t the Bidens Investigated at the time all these alleged “crimes” were happening? There was not a peep from the Republicans before Joe declared he was running and Trump knew he would be the biggest threat to his re-election.


Kushner couldn't even get security clearance, and Trump still has him running things.


As usual, you lefties are woefully and willfully under-informed. Were you able to summon the personal courage to review the verified evidential data, testimony and documentation lying outside your hyper-partisan liberal media bubble, you might -- just maybe -- be able to cultivate a scintilla of honest objectivity in evaluating your boy's credibility in this pay-for-access scam. Good ol' Joe is just another lying, corrupt politician who's managed to get seriously wealthy at tax payer expense. You and the entire liberal movement reveal and embarass yourselves by your wilful lack of curiosity. Despite the disingenuous efforts of the Biden camp and its water carrying media whores, this one ain't goin' away.




Well said.

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