On Friday, Dec. 27, you printed a column written by Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune titled “As North Korea shows, Trump is a terrible negotiator.”

Silly me — I would have thought President Trump’s bankrupting of not one, not two, but third time’s not quite the charm, three companies, long before he ran for president, should have proved his lack of skill in that department. Were those bankruptcies done intentionally to play the system? Might releasing his financial records show dirty dealings, and that’s why he won’t let us see them? Only the POTUS knows, and God, if you believe in that. President Trump makes a fairly good show of believing, but I think his god is truly money and power. Something that should really disturb people is Trump’s propensity for cozying up to murderous dictators who think nothing of killing or torturing not only hundreds of their countrymen (Putin as Soviet KGB head) but even their own family members (Kim Jong Un’s murder-for-hire of his half brother; for all we know there could be others).

Does anyone besides me think that trusting these kinds of people is beyond foolish? If Hitler were still around, would President Trump be praising his efficient train schedule, his art collection, and his highway-building? Autobahn, anyone?

Leatrice Urbanowicz


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It is snowing again in Frederick County - many flakes are out and about... really he starts trying to negotiate with N. Korea and because he does not have any agreement with NK he has failed.... wow! Did Bush or Obama or Clinton ever try working a deal with them???? Not really they took easy way out numerous times and by the way our president has negotiated some real nice trade agreements with Mexico, Canada, some European countries and now even the Communists of China - buying rice for the first time from the USA... by the way many wealthy business folks have gone under and had to bounce back - that is what makes America great the ability to continue to find success! Socialists and communists always want to control the people and tell them exactly what to do and how to do it... what makes our country great is that everyone has opportunity if one applies themselves!


You are literally praising socialism.

The Cato Institute points out the folly — one might say the Socialism (because capitalizing it makes it scarier) of the US rice industry thusly:

“ The U.S. government supportsdomestic rice production through tariffs on imported rice anddirect taxpayer subsidies based on production, prices, andhistorical acreage. Those programs make rice one of the most heavily supported commodities in the United States, with ramifications for U.S. taxpayers and consumers and rice producers abroad.

Americans pay for the rice program three times over--as taxpayers,as consumers, and as workers. Direct taxpayer subsidies to the rice sector have averaged $1 billion a year since 1998...”


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