I found the article by Steve Bohnel interesting and apparently well-researched. Unfortunately, he had bad data to work with. The Frederick County Board of Elections must have many people listed who no longer live in Frederick County. They cannot take a person’s name off the rolls unless that person writes to them to say he or she no longer lives in Frederick County.

Does anybody notify the Board of Elections when moving? You tell your friends, the post office, and maybe some doctors. You can move to another county or state and register to vote there. I read other letters from people who say they moved here from Montgomery County for whatever reason. I wonder if any of them thought to notify the Board of Elections there.

When I called the Frederick County board, I was told that there is a state law that prevents them from dropping a name, even if the person has not voted for years. I was told to write to my state legislators about this. I did write, but not one of them even acknowledged my letter.

So now, when we read about the percentage of registered voters who voted, the number is meaningless. Nobody really knows how many of those registered voters now live in Frederick County.

Mary Coleman


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Since this LTE is factually incorrect, the FNP needs to say so.


According to the MD State Elections Board the information you received on whether the voting rolls are updated or not to reflect people moving is not correct. They state (https://elections.maryland.gov/voter_registration/documents/Voter%20Registration%20List%20Maintenance.pdf)::

"What happens if a voter moves to another state?

If the voter tells us by signature that he or she has moved, we remove the voter’s name.

Most of time, we learn from other sources that a voter has moved. For example, the United States Postal Service returns a voter’s sample ballot and provides the voter’s new address. When we receive this information, we send a letter asking the voter to confirm where he or she lives. The letter is sent by forwardable mail and includes a return card for the voter to use to tell us his or her new address. This is the called “confirmation mail” process and is required by federal law. If the voter returns the card and confirms that he or she has moved to another state, we cancel the voter’s registration.

If the voter doesn’t respond to the mailing within 2 weeks, the voter becomes an “inactive voter.” If the “inactive voter” doesn’t vote or try to vote in the next two election cycles(four years), the voter’s registration will be cancelled. Again, this process is required by federal law."

So while it could take some time the rolls will be updated.



Thanks for your informative answer. There are folks like me who are registered Democrat who are no longer Democrat. I do not change simply because I wish to vote in the primaries. But we all know, in reality, we have become a purple county.


You are no longer a Democrat but are a Democrat so to cast votes in the Democratic primary rather then selecting candidates in other parties that more likely share your point of view ... Precious. 👌


I am a RR(RealRepublican) and I will never change although I probably not vote for any RRR(RadicalRightRepublicans) in the 2020 Election who I consider are the RINO’s who have strayed too far Right from the philosophy of the RR(RealRepublicans). But I can now at least vote AGAINST the worst of the bad. You can still be an Independent but registered as a R or D to vote in the Primaries.


You are still a registered Democrat, Jim? This hard to believe as you believe all of Donald Trump's lies. At least go unaffiliated if not Republican, show some integrity m


ragramm - excellent response. Thank you!


Ms. Coleman.

There must be some truth to this We have been witnessing the onslaught of this perversion for years. Monday morning. What fun

Just think if President Trump wrote this. People like L. Pitts would count it for a hundred lies.


That was an odd response, but thanks to ragramm we do know that at least part of this letter is a lie. Still, I wonder what the purpose of the letter and your comment are. And why do you vote in Dem primaries if you are not a Dem?


Technically since he is registered as a democrat he still is a democrat even if he doesn't feel like he is one (or at least not a Bernie or AOC type democrat). The only other party with primaries in MD is the republican party and in certain parts of the state it makes no sense to be a registered republican since the democratic candidate is almost always guaranteed to win. So the only way one could have an chance to have an impact is to vote in the democratic primaries for a candidate that most closely matches ones position. No different that what a "true" democrat does when voting in the primary.


Sounds like lack of integrity to me.


Sounds like good thinking to me. Who ever agrees 100% with any major party? What would you have people do that typically would identify more closely as an independent rather than either major party? In VA, the parties let independents vote in the primaries. That's not a choice here so to have an impact you have to register with one of two parties. To not do so would be reducing the impact of your own voice.


jsk - just curious, are you saying that the President doesn't continually lie or mislead the American public. Crowd size, Mexico will pay for the wall, NK is no longer a threat, tariffs are easy, and a thousand more similar statements are what????


And 4 of our Embassies were in imminent danger of attack......BY IRAQI MILITIAS!!! Then they must STILL be in imminent danger of attack.....BY IRAQI MILITIAS!!! General Soleimani was the only one who could have called off the attacks but he got killed!!!


No phy, Shiite militia backed by Iran. Soleimani was the head of the Quds force, who was in charge of the various Shiite militias in the area.

Hezbullah based in Syria and Lebanon, supported by Iran.

The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) - an umbrella group for a number of Iran-backed militias that include the Imam Ali Brigades and Sayed al-Shuhada. The PMF is practically run by Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, a military commander who has been designated a terrorist by Washington. al-Muhandis was responsible for several terrorist attacks, including the bombing of the US Embassy in Kuwait. He was riding in the car with Soleimani when he (they) were killed.

The Badr Organization is one of the largest groups within the PMF. Its chief, Hadi al-Amiri, also leads the the powerful Fatah bloc in parliament. The other main parliamentary bloc is led by populist Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who has aimed to realign himself with recent anti-government protests opposing Iranian influence in Iraq.

Qais al-Khizali, who is on a U.S. terror list, heads the Iranian-backed Shiite militia, Asaib Ahl al-Haq, or League of the Righteous. He rose to prominence as a leader in the Shiite insurgency after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. He has called for U.S. troops to leave Iraq now that the Islamic State group has been largely defeated.

Asaib Ahl al-Haq, which owns its own TV station, made significant gains in last year’s elections, and al-Khazali is now represented by a 15-member bloc in parliament. Al-Khazali’s forces fought in Syria alongside President Bashar Assad’s troops.


Since there is apparently intel about this which is currently classified, what would you have said if the President did nothing, and there was an attack. After all, that is exactly what happened to GW Bush after 9/11. Would you criticize the President for not acting? Soleimani has been designated a terrorist since 2011, and marked. He was a foreign combatant on what is still essentially a battlefield. The intelligence community said he was fair game on Sunday’s talking head shows.


OK, I’m easy gab. SHIITE MILITIAS!!! My point was that killing Soleimani would not change the planned attacks by the Militias. In fact it would probably increase the fervor of the “imminent” attacks. Peace!


OK. You certainly are entitled to your own opinion phy. However, with the death of Soleimani and the terrorist Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (who was in the car with him), the terrorist organizations have been decapitated. The missiles that the US had been tracking, and were moving closer to US bases are moving away from the bases. They know they have been discovered, and a similar fate is in store for them if they continued their movements. Therefore, a strike from the terrorists will probably not happen any time soon. However, terrorists being terrorists, they will always be looking for a soft target to strike. Like I said before, these two have been marked as legal military targets since 2011. The intelligence agencies and military briefed the president regarding the positioning, opportunities (since those terrorists have been on their radar since 2011), outcomes, and recommendations. The President took the best option offered by the advisors. The intel will eventually be released.

You never answered the question I posed. What if the President chose not to strike, and one of the terrorist plots were launched, with loss of American lives. Would you have criticized the President, as many did George Bush for not taking out Osama Bin Laden when the opportunity was presented?

BTW, Iranians are no longer focused on the death of Soleimani, but rather with the Iranian military's downing of the Ukranian passenger plane full of young Iranians and Canadians. Who would imagine Iranian people in the streets of Tehran chanting "death to the Supreme Leader", as reported by Richard Engle of NBC News. Quite a shift in a few days.


“Just think if President Trump wrote this.” Is that an oxymoron? Oh that’s right, tweeting is the new writing ✍️.

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