The health care crisis we are facing will decide who will have health care and who won’t; who will enjoy a long healthy life and who will suffer from treatable diseases that go untreated and die prematurely. The fact is, tens of thousands die each year for lack of affordable health care. What if it were your parent, your spouse, or your child who died because affordable, adequate health care was out of their reach and the only reason this was so was because a handful of greedy billionaires aren’t satisfied with the billions they are raking in by causing so much suffering, they want MORE! This travesty must end. The U.S. must join all other industrialized nations and provide universal health care. The majority in Congress are lackeys for the health insurance industry, for-profit health care corporations and Big Pharma. A handful of people, the billionaires, have the power to control who lives and who dies. This is the unconscionable reality we face. If you believe this is wrong, stand up against this abomination. Fight for human decency. Call your representative in Congress and demand that they stop this looming catastrophe. Join Progressives Maryland in the fight of our lives; the fight for our lives.

Maria Dennis

New Market

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I'm tired and poor. I think the best option for me is to head to Mexico and sneak back across the border into one of our sanctuary cities. Then I will be eligible for government housing, free medical care, free public education for the kids, and I won't need to worry about documents or being deported. In fact the left-wing liberal socialists will have my back. I can hang around the local Home Depot and pick up some beer and cigarette money when I need to.

Ahhhhh, the American dream.


Do I read "envy?"


That's a good read, Gary, but the truth is I was raised with a work ethic and respect for the laws - immigration laws included. Does make one wonder why we bend over backwards for illegal immigrants who are in reality bending us over forwards.


With universal health care we could negotiate drug, hospital and doctor payments, it does not have to be more expensive. And it would take out the for profit insurance companies saving us money too.


Maria, you remind me of Hillary who always has to put people who disagree with her in buckets and you don't like Billionaires who for the large part became wealthy due to hard work and development of products the public wants to buy...and they are responsible for the addition of millions of jobs to the workforce. As for healthcare, I thought obamacare was supposed to do what you are looking for,...affordable care (NOT) keep your doctor (NOT) and universal availability with lower cost (NOT)....I think even Nancy found out it doesn't work...the plan being worked on to replace the current failing one will give people options they do not have today and at the same time get rid of the silly requirement to purchase ...or else pay a fine, that folks are living under today...big govt. telling people what they need and must do....I know you progressives think you have the right to do that but in fact you are wrong...what I decide to do for myself should be MY right to choose and NOT yours to require me to do...and btw, cut out the drama...there is NO looming back to your safe place


Jersey, this is a secret, please do not tell anyone else, but many of your billionaires got wealthy by cheating the poor, not through hard work. Now please promise not to tell anyone.


I never worked at a company started or maintained by a poor person.


The race was always to kill the ACA before people found they liked it. Who wins now?


I can agree that we need UNIVERSAL healthcare, but neither the ACA, which is not affordable, nor is much more than a unusable policy due to high deductibles and premiums; nor is the republicans plan since it does not address the real problems in American healthcare which include high drug costs, lack of portability, lack of true competition, and over all runaway costs. Argue all you want which is better, the truth is neither are much help much to the majority of Americans.


Sad, but true, Tony. Perhaps if the current effort is a failure we will come up with something good.


The peasants have capitulated to the oligarchs... We have met the enemy and he is us. But the letter writer is absolutely correct.

Rick Blatchford

Ms. Dennis, Perhaps you should consider a current case with government controlled health care. It involves a terminally ill British baby. His parents want to take him out of Great Britain for experimental treatment. The government said he could not be taken from the country. Additionally, "European courts decided the boy should be removed from life support over the wishes of his parents." European courts are in control and are the deciders. Read about baby Charlie Gard for yourself. Is this the kind of care you wish for your family??? [wink]


Rick, The kid has brain damage and "mitochondrial depletion syndrome." The experimental treatment is not a cure and has a less than 10% chance of working, even as a treatment. The kid's doctor is against the treatment, while the parents are for it. According to British law, when there is a difference of opinion between parents and doctors, the case has to be settled in court. That law is intended as a safeguard against bad parents and does not exist in the US.


If it was my choice and even if there was only a 10% chance of success but something could be learned from the probable failure, I think I'd opt for the 10% and if it didn't work then pull the plug, but at least the failure may help the scientists and Drs learn and do better in the future to help the next person.


Rick: The doctor's at the hospital where the kid lies has already tried the procedure that was mentioned. You would have him lay there unable to involuntarily perform a single function of mammalian life for eternity. If you're a christian why do you advocate interfering with god's will??? Besides, it's none of your business what happens in this case.


And how do you know God's will (if there even is a God)? Maybe his will is for us to be bold enough and brave enough to figure these things out and find a cure?

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