John Crisp’s column has the headline, “The coronavirus changes everything, including our politics.” I would guess that not much about his politics has changed.

He uses the column and this crisis to advance his “Hamiltonian” leanings and to bash his political opponents. All the examples listed as successes of his “strong federal government” would not have been possible without a free market system to underwrite the effort, something those of his persuasion have been undermining for years.

He talks of “...a new understanding of the interdependence of all humankind that will encourage us to treat one another with more consideration and compassion” and then goes on to provide “the stunning contrast between the responses to the coronavirus crisis...” His guy, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (all glowing and praiseworthy) and the administration (all negative and scornful).

In “Rules For Radicals,” Saul Alinsky wrote, “In the arena of action a threat or a crisis becomes [almost] a precondition to communication.”

Rahm Emanuel later distilled this thought down to the famous quote “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” John Crisp is deploying classic partisan tactics from the radical playbook under the guise of Kumbaya. He has no interest in harmony or unity.

David Hicks


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Mr. Crisp wrote "Both of our political parties should make a deeper commitment to the realistic use of facts, information and expertise to respond to crises."


I'm not one to bring up the same-old-same-old in canned talking points.

I will emphasize however that reminders of the Alinsky and Emanuel points brings me to my own take on seizing opportunities.

It is in this time of crisis that an opportunity exists to adjust path. I hope that OUR PRESIDENT can get our economy back on track and get back on message with his campaign goal of fixing the fed. The federal government machine, that is.

It's broken, been broken, and never gonna fix itself. This President is likely to be the only hope for slashing the bloated system and re-focusing the mission of all agencies on what matters... THIS COUNTRY!

No career Washington bureaucrat will ever fix it.

We must get our medical related industries, food production industries, and others back from China. We are too beholden to them. We could have a true economic alliance in North America with industries brought home.

This guy is likely the only hope, admit it!


Delusional. The president doesn't give a hoot about the working men and women of this country. He is concerned with his ego, blustering his way, has a reality tv approach to politics and government and has added to the so-called swamp. Only hope, get real.

Obadiah Plainsmen

II disagree, look who is attending his rally’s. They are not the rich people of this country, it’s the everyday working men and women. And he did get 63million votes. Maybe your thinking is that he doesn’t give a hoot about democrat unionists working men and women. It’s a short walk from hoot to hallelujah.




I am as real as anyone. What is not realistic, nor goal oriented, is your approach to dealing with the blow-hard.

I totally agree that he is an enormous windbag, and likes his own voice (and tweets) entirely too much. But I stand by my assertion that he is the only one likely to get something major accomplished.

If you and your tribe would simply put aside your B.S. and rally with the country we might achieve great things and lasting change. If you can get over the fact that his name will be attached to good things then do as I and look for the better future, even with President Trump at the helm (4 more is very likely).

I invite you to attempt a solid and concise answer to the following two questions...

Do you believe that we can achieve positive change FOR THE COUNTRY under this President?

Do you think he would be so obnoxious if he did not feel the need to stay on the defensive constantly due to hard-left assault?

I ponder these questions very honestly and without bias, can you?


Saul Alinsky? Really? Three and a half years in power and that’s all the Right has?

Sadly, they can’t point to a country made glorious by the stellar governing abilities of the Republican Party. So I guess Saul Alinsky is about the best they can lead with.


" they can’t point to a country made glorious by the stellar governing abilities of the Republican Party" you may wish to thank the democrat controlled house for this as much as the republicans. Passing legislation so decisive they know it can't pass the senate, spending time pursuing an impeachment, knowing it would never be upheld in the Senate, and forcing the country to spend time that should have been spent on the coming virus problem on partisan gamesmanship. In the time of Nero this would have been called fiddling while DC burned.


Blame one individual Republican leader in the Senate - Mitch McConnell. He who made it his goal to veto or shelf anything , seeks no compromise and is only worried about his own swamp career. Give the impeachment thing a rest - timeline and facts do not support it. Alternative reality post. BTW - you were initially correct in the use of the word "decisive" - but you knew that when you made the Fruedian error.


"divisive" certainly not "decisive". Spell check strikes again.


Right on!


Messages, and acts, of "harmony and unity", should start at the top. One of the greatest "crimes" of the Trump presidency, is his deliberately inciteful, divisive, and bullying "leadership". It started during his campaign, and continued through yesterday's Covid-19 briefing. Funny that, at this late date, and under a national tragedy, Mr. Hicks is NOW calling for harmony and unity, seemingly blind to the fact that this is unattainable until Trump's reign of ignorance is done....and our country begins to heal from this horrible excuse for a man .....or a leader. The greatest shame of all, is that Trump supporters who are NOW crying and pleading for unity and brotherhood and harmony (of all things!) were silent....or more often......happily clapping in delighted support..........of Trump's disgusting use of bullying and divisive tactics, and hateful language....throughout the last 3 and a half years. Mr. Hicks, and many others, are a little late. It's shameful, really.

Alice Jones

Mrs M - you rock. Well written.


"Crimes" you say? This is what is wrong with your kind... you think it's a crime to be all of those things. It is certainly distasteful, IMO, but NOT A CRIME.

I don't give a hoot for harmony and unity with regard to politics, instead I look forward to "hair on fire day" this November.

Your side doesn't care about harmony and unity either BTW.

Alice Jones

poor buh-lain. Always two steps behind


You don't even know me but you might thank me when I race from behind with a fire extinguisher for ya.

Alice Jones

Then again I may ot

Alice Jones



This isn’t the Blaine you’re thinking of (waves hand in the manner of a Jedi)

Alice Jones

There's more than one? Oy!! No disrespect intended, Mr. Young. A curse that was brought on that name by another. Stay safe!


I'm 51, he's 48, I'm a Jr., my Dad just turned 71. We had it first!



" your kind" - you mean forward thinking, concerned with the ENTIRE country and not a member of the "tribe."

Alice Jones

Is there any actual original content or simply paraphrasing someone else's thoughts?


Well stated, sir.

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