I am dismayed to see that Cindy Stickline-Rose has made it to the general election for Frederick County Board of Education. While I applaud her courage to accept the challenge of public service, it scares me to think of someone like her serving in a critical position of leadership. Her social media presence and habits reveal a character and leadership style that makes her unfit to serve. I base this assessment on two firsthand experiences, which are shared by many of my friends.

She routinely deletes posts and blocks people whom she deems offensive from engaging with her on her campaign Facebook page “Frederick for Local Control.” She deleted my posts. As concerned friends and parents of FCPS kids, we want to know her positions on our topics of concern. If the social media “cold shoulder” is her response to hard conversations as a candidate, how will she engage with us if elected to the board? This style of leadership has a name: It’s called toxic. It is certainly not the leadership style I want to see in a school board member.

Her platform of “local control” for FCPS sounds appealing. Unfortunately, there is a significant portion of her agenda she has not discussed — her animus toward transgender and gender non-binary students. She desperately wants to repeal Policy 443 — the policy that supports transgender students. In social media posts, she has stated her beliefs: Transgender people are mentally ill; they are a danger to bathroom safety; they have an unfair advantage in sports; and that we should not be allowed to exist because we are an affront to God’s plan or her false belief in an artificial and socially constructed gender binary. She is an angry transphobe.

Yes, I said “we.” I am a transgender American. I have served 24 years on active duty as a commissioned officer and held three commands at sea. I swore to support and defend the Constitution, which protects her right to say hateful things and attack my community. I’ve served under inspiring leaders, and I’ve been subjected to toxic leaders. Cindy Rose’s behaviors on social media represents toxic leadership. Vote wisely.

Amilynn Adams


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Cindy also is a proponent of book banning and believes Fcps has “left wing agenda”
That aims to indoctrinate children by their book choicest.

Comment deleted.

Let’s be honest: you don’t mean the first half but you do mean the second. Your “patriotism” is a mindless slogan but your bigotry runs deep. Try this out: mind your own business, let others live their lives in peace. That includes harassing vets in the supermarket with a meaningless TYFYS to make YOU feel better + needlessly belittling people on the internet who choose to live their lives differently.

Comment deleted.

You need help jerseygrl42. Your bigotry is showing!!!!!


Thank you for your service. Thank you for your LTE. It should apply to Ms. Rose and all of those that think and behave like her!


ABC - Anybody But Cindy


Absolutely agree! [thumbup]


About half our county tax dollars are spent by the BoE and I don't want a nut like Cindy, who has no credentials, distracting the BoE, in much the way Billy and Kirby distracted the county council. Toxic is a good description.


Sindy is not running for the children she's running to impose her Religious Propaganda on them! WWJD!


Don’t worry Cindy will be deleted and blocked come November.

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