On Jan. 15, the headline was “Lower pay for poor is widening income gap.” The previous headline was about big business successes and million-dollar mergers. Again, Jan. 15, the headline was that Goldman Sachs is to pay $5 billion in a settlement. The headlines are telling it all. Labor is in the gutter. The Supreme Court is predicted to go against unions and the worker will have no decent wage.

With people fighting for $10 and $15 an hour wages, which will not pay the rent by the way, how do we get jobs for working men and women that will let them support their families?

This is the perfect time to call for universal health care. Government and employers are whining that health insurance is too expensive, wages will not let people get it. I think Congress should draw up a plan and if it is good enough for them, give it to all and each pay according to their means, big business included.

I read that 9,000 children in this county are hungry and this weekend a school bus was being stuffed so kids could eat. Housing is so limited and expensive that low wages do not supply enough dollars for affordability. Adult children are staying home longer and can not find wages that allow them to pay student loans and start a life. Think about it.

William Dolan

Mount Airy

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I was told by a county employee's father that the county pays almost $2000.00 a month towards his daughter health insurance. This cannot be true. Can anyone tell me what the actual amount the county pays for an employees health insurance (On average or specific)


Think about how this false narrative could even occur in liberal, tax and spend maryland

No one goes without

So what's the problem?

Is it that the false promises from omalley and Obama are just that, empty


I don't understand how you can hate Maryland, and the United States for that matter, so much and still live here. Maybe because there's nowhere better? Or do you just like to whine about everything.


Universal health care would be very expensive. As far as immigrants getting care at a hospital, the hospitals have no choice. Anyone going to a hospital must be treated, has nothing to do with whether they are a citizen or illegal immigrant as it was ruled by the courts. Now if you have money or assets they can come after you and collect or if you have a job they can garnishee your wages.


you think about this William, according to the GAO the USA taxpayers are being forced to spend $260 BILLION annually to support 12 Million illegal aliens, some subset of whom commit more than 3 million crimes against the citizens annually...that amount of WASTE could buy a lot of health care for those who are needy and unable to work.....as well as our servicemen and women who have to beg through the Wounded Warriors Project to get the care they need after putting their lives on the line for the rest of us...How about that William???


We should thank our guest workers for their contribution to our economy and stop tossing these lies at them. (If you actually believe these figures, they are NOT lies. Just nonsense.)


Ever hear of Kate Steine? We don't get the good ones .... just the criminals.


Great Letter! Bernie 2016!


Bernie! A single payer system would OBVIOUSLY save the country so much money and allow doctors to spend more time with patients, rather than doing paperwork, but Hillary nixes it because it would not give ACA a chance to work AND congress would never pass it. Should we be pragmatic and vote for Hillary, or should we stick to our guns and demand dramatic reform (and risk losing the general election and everything else)? i think i will vote for hillary.


Me too.[thumbup]




Mr. Dolan you are absolutely correct. One major stumbling block is the insurance for Government employees. They have Cadillac plans which help drive up the costs in this "for profit" industry. It would be very interesting to get the actual costs for medical insurance paid out yearly for county employees and FCPS employees and retirees but I wager you will not be able to get those figures. In addition, large corporations like Verizion or insurance companies factor in health care benefits before establishing rates. This drives up costs for lower income living.
How many of these employees really want change to the system? The haves vs. the have nots.


While I agree that every person in this country should be able to afford health care and appreciate the nature of this letter I am struck by this comment made by the writer: "...9,000 children in this county are hungry and this weekend a school bus was being stuffed so kids could eat." Did the stuffing make the bus more palatable to the children? :) :)




jsk, they may not give them to you but they most certainly have them.


I wish you could tell us how this figures. It makes no sense to me.

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