I have been involved in basketball for many years as a player and spectator during my life but find cause for alarm in recent years. I attend high school basketball games regularly and have had a difficult time enjoying the games. At the beginning of each and every game they read a statement over the PA system about sportsmanship and allowing the athletes to play, the coaches to coach and referees to officiate. They request sportsmanship from all who are in attendance.

Well, this is quickly forgotten shortly after the games begin. Some of the comments I hear from parents or family members are just downright uncalled for. Threats towards the referees, comments directed towards the coaches of opposing teams. And if you are supporting the visiting team, be aware that if you cheer for your team, the comments rain down on you like you are in a war zone. I see young children in attendance as well and I shudder thinking that this is this the example we want to show our kids. It’s truly a shame that high school sports have come to this. Parents and family members need to set a better example for the future adults. This is no way to act at an athletic event.

William Forder


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All coach should have a philosophy and share it with the players parents.
As a youth coach for years my philosophy was very simple:
Teach the fundamentals of the sport with an emphasis on sportsmanship in order to help build character and help our children become better human beings.
Did my players and myself want to win - hell yes!
If we lost we congratulated our opponents and went to McDonalds.
Quickly the defeat was forgotten!
We regrouped at practice and gave it our best shot next time.
Making derogatory comments about officiating and mocking the opponents have no place in sports.
Coaches need to be role models for kids and control parents behaviors by example.
And we wonder why the majority of kids quit playing organized sports by middle school ???


Lots of PA transplants in Md. Steelers coach Tomlin interfered with an opposing teams player during a crucial play. Steelers coaches got in altercations with Cinci players last week. This kind of cheating is the norm in sports today. Its time to reevaluate organized sports in public schools. Athletic parents and athletic kids seem to be getting special treatment at the cost of all taxpayers.


Not one comment re Blaine berating a teenaged basketball ref??


unfortunately a sign of the times and very sad!


I guess you don't remember the Black Sox Scandal? Did you forget that it took til 1947 before a Black Man could play in the Major Leagues? Did you know when Elston Howard came to the Yankees in the 1950s Mickey Mantle had to go and get his lunch from diners down South because they would not serve him. So you folks Sports is worse? I don't think many of today's African American Pro athletes would agree with you. What is very sad is the incredible ignorance that still exists in America in 2016!


Not that I want to give parents who are jerks an excuse, but I place part of the blame on college and pro sports teams. We see them on TV constantly yelling at referees. I don't think that should be allowed.

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Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

Maybe media in general has been at fault for their grabs at sensationalism rather than straight news reporting... and if Trump is a cause of bad behavior than what is to be said about other celebrities that are not exactly the best for setting good examples for children? Ray Lewis? Hillary the liar Clinton? Race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson? Protest groups that rather burn and loot then actually protect peacefully for justice? I will take a few badly behaving kids at a sporting event anytime over kids that are out in the streets demonstrating throwing rocks at cops and spitting on cops and wanting to kill cops because they are led to believe that criminals like Brown and Grey are good people that were just misunderstood.


My daughter played socker and was a cheerleader for basketball as well many years ago. I witnessed bad behavior of parents as well at this time. Unfortunately, this bad behavior has become a trend, typical of the current status of society and yes, our young people are a product of their environment and example set by their parents. Unfortunately, people don't want to acknowledge this fact.


1. Fans should be respectful of the players, referees (officials) and coaches and especially other fans.
2. We must pride ourselves in promoting that winning is what is essential and that losing is just a moment in time as you learn how to win.
3. We want our children to understand that in all you do in life - you can be all about how you played the game, but reality is that you must learn to win and win gracefully.
4. As fans of a team that does not win, you must learn how to learn with grace and show the winners their due respect. They earned it and sportsmanship is all about how you handle both winning and losing.

For all those folks out there who want to promote this climate of there are no losers and winners and we are all winners great thought; the world does not work like that nor do we really want it to either. The way we teach our children to survive and to be successful is to show compassion and to strive for a winning attitude in all they do. Fair play is always relevant in all we do and that contributes to winners and those who are fortunate enough to be winners sometimes. Losing gracefully is an art, but must be understood and accepted by all if we want to continue to make winners in life.


"For all those folks out there who want to promote this climate of there are no losers and winners and we are all winners great thought the world does not work like that nor do we really want it to either."

Completely agree. This bizarre notion is one of the reasons why I have always found Christianity so unappealing. The everyone-gets-a-trophy attitude of that religion is detrimental to bettering the human condition.

See the parable of the vineyard in Matthew 20 for a great example. Short version: everyone gets paid the same no matter how long or short they worked or if even if all they did was stand around and not work at all. The parable ends with the well-known phrase "The first shall be last and the last first." Terrible life lessons.


Yeah pub,I can see why you are an atheist,since you only understand "Winning".


Huh? I don't see the connection to which you are alluding. What does the absence of faith have to do with winning?


Tis a mystery that you'll not figure out.


Public, We don't need trophies, but we are all of equal value. I think that is what Vic meant, ...though not sure.


threecents,You Got It![thumbup]


And the connection to atheism is ....?


Parents taking out their frustrations at work on the poor ref...


Youth sports in Frederick during the 1950's was completely different. The creed "it is not whether you win or lose but how you play the game" was not constantly recited. It was ingrained in all participating members.

Those days have past. Fair play and civility have disappeared from not just sports but all social interactions. Our moral foundation has been consistently eroded by our quasi-intelligent drift towards Secular Humanism: a conjectured belief system focusing on the individual with no moral foundation. Thus fair play is not relevant, winning is.


What does"Secular Humanism" have to do with it?[offtopic] God don't give a crap about sports! If Organized Churchianity was more Humanist everything would be more Humane!


"God don't give a crap about sports!"

Or fair play.


Not that secular humanism has anything to do with this debate, but it is a great thing - supporting a moral society code that is not based on fear of a bearded man in the sky.



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