Last week, my beautiful wife and I were on the front page of The Frederick News-Post in an article about the impending closure of the Martinsburg VA’s inpatient mental health facility. If you read some of the local papers in this area, all of them were busy covering a first responder drill at the hospital, instead of the real story about lack of mental health care. Hats off to The News-Post for not falling for the distraction (drill) and reporting on the real issue (losing 11 out of 16 psychiatrists over the last two years and not hiring replacements).

Something funny happened to me today. I received a phone call from the VA. It was a benefits claim processor calling me to tell me that my claim had just been processed and would be finalized in the next week. What was the claim? Nothing special, I was just adding my child Zane as a dependent.

Zane, my 18-month-old child. I submitted the paperwork to add him in November 2014. You can decide if this was a coincidence of if there was some influence to finally get this claim processed.

I’m glad it was not an urgent and serious claim, like lymphoma after a career working on nuclear reactors, or prostate cancer from Agent Orange exposure.

If the VA cannot process the simplest of claims such as adding a dependent in less than 18 months, what does that mean for veterans with serious medical issues who require immediate intervention and treatment?

Eric Beasley


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The VA management is bad, but their doctors and nursing staff is great. Ask any of their patients.


damned shame and if you recall when the current phony moved into the WH, one of his first issues was the health benefits for vets and he commented that the vets ought to pay for it as they volunteered for the service...all the while he is spending $300K per day flying criminal illegals back home in private jets


The ones flown back to their respective countries were convicted felons and it only happened 34 times. They could not use regularly scheduled flights for convicts on a large scale.


jersey, if you are going to use the far right wing political sites, report all of it, not just the part that extorts reality.

Comment deleted.

This above comment is for Jersey....^^^^^^


I don't understand the point of this letter? Is Eric seriously asking why the VA is so slow? Seriously? He knows full well why it is but to refresh his memory.

Happy Veterans Day? 5 Times Republicans in Congress Screwed Veterans
1. Veterans Affairs Funding Bill (2015)
The House Appropriations Subcommittee, met with VA Secretary Bob McDonald to remove more than $1.4 billion in veteran services from President Obama’s proposed 2016 budget. Included in those cuts was more than $690 million earmarked for direct VA medical care and $582 million in VA construction projects. As a result of the cuts, it was estimated that 70,000 fewer veterans would be able to receive needed care.

3. Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act (2014)
This bill, proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders, was a piece of sweeping legislation that would have expanded healthcare and education for veterans. After clearing a procedural vote by a 99-0 margin, the bill was hijacked by Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans who attached an amendment to the bill which would have levied sanctions on Iran.

While arguing over the proposed amendments, other Republicans took to the floor to raise concerns over the cost of the bill, and it was ultimately defeated with 41 of 45 Senate Republicans voting against the bill.

This is the same guy who thought the Planned Parenthood tapes were not altered...alrighty then, enough said.


[thumbup] Good work, Blue.


[thumbup] Blue! The Republican cuts on Veterans Benefits goes all the back to Reagan! Look it up,Reaganites!

Eric Beasley

Funding for the VA has increased by 82% from 2008 to the proposed FY2017 budget.

As usual, you are wrong. Money is not the problem. Entrenched government bureaucracy is the problem.


Agreed, Farrell! Thank you, Eric!


Thank you for your "boots on the ground" help with our Veterans!
Farrell Keough




What help..he wrote a LTE?


Good perspective, Blue!

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