I fully support Sheriff Jenkins in his fight to control illegal immigrants and the crime that comes with them. The Frederick News-Post used to be the kind of paper that supported the values of Frederick County. Now, not so much.

John Prather

New Market

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And now Montgomery county is up to seven rapes in August. Probably the only thing keeping it from reaching 8 is today's the last day of the month.


Time to start supporting Jenkins' 287g program. Or do you people really want to become MontCo?


you clearly have never been to MOCO. Apples to oranges.


Maybe that's because Frederick county has a sheriff willing to enforce the law rather than what exists in Montgomery. There, the county executive allows, even encourages, illegal aliens to come in. He doesn't care about the legal citizens whose daughters are being raped.

So yes, Frederick is different...for now. Do you want that to change?


Naturalization Act of 1790 -  Established the rules for naturalized citizenship, as per Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, but placed no restrictions on immigration. Citizenship was limited to white persons, with no other restriction on non-whites. Note: this is a restriction on naturalization (voting and office-holding), not on immigration. Early immigration laws were naturalization laws, until the 1875 immigration law restricting Chinese. Then until 1921 there was no law identifying illegals, except for specific types - prostitutes, beggars, etc. The 1921 law restricted quotas from countries.


I do recall the sheriff cozying up to Blaine Young a lot. That should tell you something.


Whether or not you realize it John, Frederick County has changed. The county demographics have changed considerably, a result of the pro development crowd that brought you Urbana, Adamstown, Ballenger Creek, JTP etc. etc. If the FNP "values" have changed it is because its readers in Frederick County have changed. There is no going back, sorry.


Are you sure that it’s not because the FNP owners have changed? Maybe a different agenda?

Comment deleted.

I'm not sure that is factually correct. There is a difference between being convicted of crimes and committing them. Anyone here illegally and working have committed several crimes but since they have not been caught and convicted they are unreported. Same is true for all sorts of not immigration related crimes. You can use statistics to project, but realize there are confidence levels and margins of error and and so realities may differ vastly from what is projected.

By the way, unless you know the specifics of the individual your statement "And by the way, you were once illegal" is false. If you are referring to the person specifically entering the country illegally or overstaying a visa you may be correct but if you are referring to their predecessors, they may have been illegal or not, but not the person you are specifically referring. Additionally, not all of the land was "taken" from the Indians. For example, William Penn purchased most if not all of Pennsylvania from the various Indian tribes over time. So, anyone moving there would not be illegal immigrants. Finally, the illegal immigration issue is not just about crime (although the LTE writer specifically mentions crime). It is also the true economic costs/benefits due to that illegal immigration and the American citizen children that are eligible for all sorts of aide that tax payers would not have to cover if the illegal immigrants were not here, but I believe most all studies do not place those costs to illegal immigration even though those costs exist only because of illegal immigration.

Comment deleted.

You got that right.


John, you don't want to know how your tax dollars are being used? Support the Sheriff - if you want, but let's be realistic.


I will ponder this 12 seconds' reading for exactly 12 seconds.


Frederick county residents should be very happy we have a sheriff willing to work to control the illegal alien problem.

For proof, I offer our neighbors to the south in Montgomery county. They have a sanctuary policy and it has lead to this:


Comment deleted.

If the illegal aliens were not here they would not be able to commit the crimes they perpetrate against the American public. I guess that doesn't cross your mind since you care more for them than the citizens of this country. And by the way there are now LAWS as opposed to back then when you claim "you were once illegal." Give me a break.


I have no intimate knowledge of the audit proposal the sheriff and his supporters fear so much but have followed what has appeared in the FNP. As I understand it, the audit is a financial audit that is intended to capture the actual cost of the 287(g) agreement, something that is currently unknown to the executive, council and taxpayer. It is about transparency and fiscal responsibility and not the merits of the 287(g) agreement. Through the budget process, the executive and council have approved the funding (the FCSO budget) without any knowledge of the financial cost to the taxpayer for the 287(g) agreement. The sheriff has claimed many times in the past that there is no cost, something that is absurd on its face. This audit, as I understand it, is intended to provide the executive, council and taxpayer an answer as to the actual financial cost of the program.


Well, the exec and council and taxpayer SHOULD know. Why has the sheriff not been accurately reporting expenditures and providing financial accounting?? That is a FUNDAMENTAL responsibility of anyone using federal money. It is called accurate and truthful information. No one who receives federal money is allowed to spend it at will. For that alone the sheriff should be prosecuted for fraud if he has either been keeping no books, falsified books or withholding information.


No honest person should ever fear an audit.


The IRS wants all your receipts from the past three years. Still no fear?


They could ask for up to seven years worth of tax related information.


MD, Now you are scaring Me.


I keep receipts and records for (10) years.


I just checked and I was partially wrong. They usually only go back 6 years if they find any substantial errors (such as under reported your income by more than 25%, and that could mean using the wrong basis for a property for example) in the first three (I though they went back seven years). However, according to Forbes, "... the IRS can audit you forever if you omit certain tax forms..." including if never filed your taxes.


There is no statue of limitations for tax crimes



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