I am writing to protest Sheriff Jenkins participating in a rally with a hate group that was invited to visit our fair city.

I believe in allowing dissent and letting people discuss their views and feelings.

But I think bringing overt hate groups into our community sends the wrong message about Frederick and its citizens who are by and large not interested in hearing those who advocate overtly racist and anti-gay sentiments.

We can do better!

Kate Bird


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Agreed, my main concern is that we end up bringing in people addicted to controversy and conflict. This is a nice place, no reason for it. At best the group is made up of purposeful provocateurs. I understand people get very upset over labeling but I'd put forward that groups like this obviously thrive off of encouraging confrontation. We truly are better than that I've lived here for my entire life and it's full of wonderful people and a blend of very different ideas. But never utterly negative rhetoric meant to cause strife. We're living through a time right now when Christians no longer read the book or place any value in its teachings.


Kate, we can do better. We don't need hate groups!


So any group someone doesn't agree with 100% is a hate group. Guess this explains why there seems to be so much hate these days.

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uh FAIR. FAIR is the hate group. you know, the folks who advocate eugenics and violence to maintain a white state?

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How's the audit coming?

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I can always count on comments that show an inability to perform basic searches. "Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and the Republican Club of Frederick County are hosting a “Citizens for 287(g) Rally” on Oct. 6. One of the groups represented that day is the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which is an organization that has been identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center." HTH!


What happened? Did Republicans come to town and the sheriff rush out to greet them? Or was it the Proud Boys or Nazis? Either way he would have stopped working, if he ever does work, and rush to get a photo op with them. I didn't see anything about this in the FNP.


Sheriff Jenkins is no more a racist than Rev Sharpton he’s just advocating for his kind. If one of his kind commits a crime he won’t hesitate to enforce the law. There is nothing wrong with supporting your own millions of Americans do it every Sunday morning.


"advocating for equal treatment under the law is exactly the same thing as advocating for forced sterilization of minorities (which FAIR does). i am extremely smart!"

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