After reading article after article about the passage of a recent North Carolina bill that prohibits transsexual and gay men from using bathrooms that don’t identify with their sexual orientation, and all of the gay rights groups aligning to bring litigation to overturn this new law, it certainly makes me wonder where all of this will end.

I think that this issue is really a no-brainer, and just another attempt by the LGBT community and the gay lobby as a whole to shove their rights and agenda to the forefront of every situation that may give an appearance that they be discriminated against.

I am pretty sure that I don’t want my granddaughter or my wife or my mother or any heterosexual women to have to be subjected to using a bathroom with grown men who choose to identify as a woman on any given day.

What’s next, our schoolchildren showering together after physical education or sports events because some young man identifies as transsexual or gay?

Would it be OK if I decided to dress like a woman tomorrow (which I won’t) and use all the public facilities available to women? I think not. I am pretty sure that at some point I would be arrested for something considered lewd.

This is a pretty basic issue in that if you have male anatomy you should use the male bathroom.

I think I could speak for the majority of heterosexual males and females in applauding the governor of North Carolina for having the courage to stick to his convictions and pass this legislation.

I am sure I will get a lot of feedback and rhetoric from the gay community for voicing my opinion here. So be it.

I also have been discriminated against because I was NOT gay.

Several years ago, before my wife and I were married, I was denied health insurance by a California company because we were not married or “same-sex partners.” How is that not heterosexually discriminatory?

I personally am not anti-gay. As a matter of fact, I have family members and many friends who identify with the gay community. I believe that being gay or identifying as such is a personal choice. Although I do not agree with this, it does not mean I do not care for and love these family members or friends. Quite the contrary. Just because I do not agree with the LGBT community and it’s agenda does not make me a bigot or a hater of gay people.

You will not change my mind on this matter. Ever.

Although the Supreme Court says it’s OK does not mean it is OK. We all make our choices in life and will have to answer to God for them.

I think that most all of the heterosexual community (and we are the majority of Americans) are really weary and sick of hearing about and being forced to accept the gay community’s struggles for acceptance.

There are certainly more important and pressing issues in this country than what public restrooms we are allowed to use.

Bruce D. Eakle

writes from Middletown.

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Thank you for posting this article. I completely share in your sentiments! I think the most disturbing fact about the gay agenda is that it is overshadowing REAL civil rights for REAL minorities. I'm personally tired of the 'gay discrimination' topic coming up alongside the way Trump discriminates against the poor, POC & the immigrants. Trumps discrimination has nothing to do with the self proclaimed 'minority' gay community. Being gay or lesbian DOES NOT compare to being born Black or Latino or Asian. Gays DID CHOOSE their lifestyle and it IS a sin. Being a POC or an immigrant is not. Gays have been trying to overshadow Blacks for a very long time and I'm quite tired of it. Gay IS NOT and NEVER WILL BE the new Black. Saying it's the same is like saying being a POC is an abomination. That's a lie and a true insult to ALL POC. Civil rights is not about LGBT and SHOULD NOT be inclusive of LGBT in any manner.


"You will not change my mind on this matter. Ever." So says the non-bigot.


I am a heterosexual senior white man who is who is weary and sick of other white men who broadcast their uninformed bigoted opposition to movements to secure rights for minorities, women, gays and transsexual individuals and justify their prejudices by professing belief in a religion that teaches acceptance and forgiveness. Bob Lewis


Some are the "of little faith", "poor me" christians, with a small c. They need the support of force and government, unlike the real God. They could find a really loving God by checking out "The God Shaped Brain: How Changing Your View of God Transforms Your Life" The author is a Christian psychiatrist, with a large C, that dispels misconceptions of God.


It's all about votes for both parties????


I personally don't care what adults do with each other or whatever gender or non-gender they wish to identify with, but I do agree that I don't want these issues constantly paraded in front of our faces. I have gay friends who say the same thing: they just want to live their lives and go about their business. I feel bad for these transgenders, I really do this bathroom stuff is staring in elementary schools now. It is getting a bit much.


"I believe that being gay or identifying as such is a personal choice." This is wrong. I know you said you will never change your mind but you are wrong on this.


On the other hand, if you dress like a woman, I might feel uncomfortable with you standing by me at a urinal in the Mens Room, but if you got to go, you gotta go and to each his/her own. It's a free country.


Bruce, If by some chance you woke up tomorrow and really did want to dress like a woman and use a Lady's Room, then I would have no problem with that. I wouldn't care if my daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and even Aunt Judy were all in there together, with no straight man waiting outside to save them.


I wonder how many men have been in a woman's rest room or even know the layout. If so they might worry less about someone sneaking in for a peek. Most have stalls with doors and perhaps a seating area with sofas or chairs and a washing area. Men's rooms are different. I am not concerned with this new law leading to "peeking toms." I do think it will make life much easier for others.


Thank you, Mr. Eakle, for keeping these issues in the forefront of public discussion. I completely agree with you about the importance of individual liberty and personal choices and being held accountable for those choices.



I am inclined to agree with Rick B. There are more with you then against you. Same-sex marriage was narrowly passed in ten States but instituted against the will of the voter's in 38 States yet we are to assume it is widely accepted. You will receive a number of harsh criticisms in this section but count the number of people actually protesting your letter. You are correct. I know of few people who do not have close friends or families who are gay, and they are loved, but there are reasons for long established social norms supported by every major religion in this world.


OT but you might be interested. A public school teacher in Arkansas was suspended a few days ago for showing the movie "Passion of the Christ" to his class and giving them a quiz on it. The class was "History since 1890". As you might say, he was providing a Christian environment in his public school. Several students walked out.

Do you think anyone's religious freedoms were infringed? If so, whose?


That film is nothing but a Christian snuff film. As a Catholic, I was offended by it. Further that teacher obviously has zero knowledge of history since the events "depicted" in that film occurred in the first century AD give or take a few years. The teacher should be fired.


I've never seen the film so I can't comment on it. jsk is concerned that the religious freedoms of Christians in public schools is being denied. Are you suggesting, as a Christian, that your religious freedom might have been impinged upon had you been a student or the parent of a student in that public school classroom?

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