In response to Ed Waters Jr.’s letter on Oct. 25, I must say he is absolutely right.

The Democratic Party has become the party of hate. What we hate: bigotry, racism, injustice, stupidity, incompetence, corruption, cronyism. Immorality, greed, religious intolerance, senseless gun violence, war, poverty, pollution, the destruction of our planet’s resources. Income inequality, denying the rights of women to control their own bodies, infringement of LGBT rights, foreign interference with our political process, suppression of voters’ rights, citizens not affording health care and pharmaceuticals. Attacks on immigrants, people of different colors and races, corporate rights over human rights, the destruction of our Democratic principles and the abandonment of our U.S. Constitution.

Yes, these are just a few of the things we hate. And let me assure you we will do everything in our power to make sure that “Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the Earth” (Republican President Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg, Nov. 19, 1863).

Chris Barrett


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So the Democratic Party is the party of radical left-wing socialists, while the GOP is the party of reactionary right-wing authoritarians. Now I understand the current state of demagoguery in our politics.



Yeah. For some reason, no party wants to represent the 80% in the middle. Not enough votes, I guess.


So some believe the Democratic Party is the party of radical left-wing socialists, while others believe the GOP is the party of reactionary right-wing fascists. Ah, now I understand why our politics has devolved into its current state of demagoguery.


Funny. to me the democrat train looks more like the end of the movie "Thelma and Louise". Enjoy the ride until you can't. Landslide 2020 for Trump!


The list that the letter writer has compiled is not just "stuff". It's not "socialist", though the vapid fear-mongering continues. And it's not just insipid and empty "points of view". There's no hate contained in it, but rather it's an accurate list of what the Democratic Party staunchly stands against, and what it ascribes to in the future. Trumpists? Members of the Grand Old Party? Why so threatened by the content of the list? Where's the GOP's long list of the current tenets of the Party, and the issues they are dedicated to work for or against in 2020, beyond the empty-headed chanting of "Making America Great Again", the parroting of Fox State TV, and the burgeoning deficit due to giveaways to the wealthiest of Americans? Thanks to Mr./Ms. Barrett, you nailed it...without a hateful word in your letter. But.....note what responses were received, and the empty noise of it all.........when what ALL ya got left is Donald and his very clear and constant messages of hate, divisiveness, fear, and ignorance.


The strikingly similar LTEs from Chris Barrett and Nancy Evans are evidence that Dems sure do hate a lot of “stuff.” Their letters also demonstrate that Dems suffer from seething sanctimony and chronic condescension. It’s really unattractive and more than a little off-putting — and a big reason why Donald Trump won in ‘16 and well could win again in ‘20.



I believe you are absolutely correct. Besides the very obvious reasons for supporting an anti-liberal candidate after several years of ultra liberal executive orders and far reaching law making from the courts many welcomed President Trump's in your face attitude. It was a natural response to the hate and vitriol that we were constantly bombarded with. Trump is no angel and he is very bombastic but many believe that he wants to keep America great. And unlike the new left many believe America is the greatest country ever to exist.The left hates that.


Yeah, those hateful liberals, trying to provide healthcare for all citizens. We fixed them. But more citizens voted for Hillary Clinton. Right? There weren’t enough of Trump’s divisive hate and vitriol voters to win Trump the popular vote. He lost by 3 million. Trump is not, never has been, and never will be a popular president. So sad. But he did have a popular chant. What was that popular loving acclamation Trump supporter’s use to chant at his rallies? “ Lock her up, lock her up”. Don’t you love the irony of the vitriol “lock him up, lock him up”? Maybe ‘hate begets hate’.



Interesting you placed healthcare first and phy wanted examples of executive actions. One of the first executive actions concerning healthcare (Onamacare) was allowing Congress and its staffers to be exempt from the public exchanges by a clearly fraudulent manipulation of the law. Obama used executive orders to achieve results he failed to get through Congress, not only on immigration but on issues such as health care, gun control, cybersecurity, energy, the environment, education, and gender identity, among others.


As you may recall jsk, Obama passed the landmark ACA Legislation in his first 2 years without a single vote from Republicans. Then McConnell vowed to take him down by blocking any Legislation he proposed. Executive Action was the only avenue he had to earn a second term. And he succeeded with no bipartisan support. So once again, no nothing explaining your babbling nonsense. You don’t want to debate because you got nothin’....never have, never will. Oh well. All talk, no walk. 🐓💩


awteam2000 and phy

Phy;s response to my answer is a good example of why responding in this comment section is of little value. She asks for examples of executive orders then confirms my assertion that Obama issued numerous partisan, liberal executive actions because he could not garner bi-partisan support. Make no mistake Obama's directive saying he would not honor DOMA, a law passed by Congress and signed by Clinton was, without doubt, the most significant catalyst which has fueled the sharp divisions we are presently witnessing. I voted for Obama twice but it was a mistake. History may judge him as one of the most destructive President;s in our history.


As you suggest, Aw, hate may indeed beget hate. As evidenced by one response in particular, it definitely begets some tasteless and odious emoticons. Oh my goodness...


jsk, the Party of NO to all things Democratic started in 1994 when the Adulterer Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House. “Moscow” Mitch McConnell “The Grim Reaper” stated in 2010 the top Republican issue was to “overthrow” President Obama, who was Elected by a MAJORITY of American voters. They failed despite their vow to block any and all of Obama’s Legislation I.e. “couldn’t garner bipartisan support”. BTW, what is your obsession with LGTBQ Rights? How does that impact your life in any way? They are GODS CHILDREN!! Same as you. Why do you support Trump? Thought I’d try again, just for kicks. Peace jsk, may the Bluebird of Happiness fly into your heart.


jsk, you make no sense. Give us some examples of ultra liberal executive orders and far reaching law that caused you to leave the Democratic Party, instead of just alluding to these mysterious happenings, and maybe some clue to the hate and vitriol that upset you. You know, some kind of evidence or explanation of your rhetoric that could be reasonably discussed.


We all hate...

But when hate pollutes your spirit, poison your soul, ability to reason and seep into all; like all Democrats or all Republicans you are in trouble. Anyone who has found themselves wrapped up in the arms of hate knows how damaging and mind-consuming it can become. Trump has used hate as a all consuming political weapon.

Politicians are supposed to commit their best efforts for the public good, not to be fighting against each other.

From day one Trump has been on a political rampage against anyone and everyone, lobbing hateful insults at his critics, calling opponents names, promoting conspiracy theories, with little regard for what effect it has on the unity of the country, what harm his words have or the best interest of our society. Only focused on how it benefits him.

He calls the impeachment inquiry is a “witch hunt” but continues his stream of insane insults rather then presenting an explanation. Only attaches on the constitution, exposed lies, unfounded conspiracy theories and vicious insults against critics. His divisive actions have given license for some to act out their hatred on others, violence, mass shootings and deaths. These terrorist leave manifestoes celebrating Trump.

I hate that.




I hate the word "hate", so I'm unaffiliated.


Mr. Barrett,

There is no doubt, as yous espouse, Democrats hate. Dead honest truth it was the hate in this comment section, especially 5 years ago, that turned me away from the Democrat party. But hate breeds hate and the Republicans have not been innocent. I detested the Benghazi hearings or Mitch McConnell's declaration of making Obama a one term President. But you are leaving out a major factor.

The other day I overheard cable news on Fox while visiting a home. I could not watch it. (I do use the Fox website for news). The constant drumbeat , 24/7, of one-sided bias, commercial driven cable news saturates people with bias and hate. After several years folks become indoctrinated. That creates a large portion of hate in this country. TV


As is reflected in this LTE, Democrats hate actions, deeds, behavior. Republicans hate people, i.e. Johndoe1 Oct 27, 2019 2:39pm

“If the kids were white and Mr weed was black this would be on cnn and they would’ve got charged with a hate crime. If the kids were Muslim it would’ve been something like “terrorist inspired assault” or something. We must stop the double standards and the bias on both sides and only hold accountable the individual committing the crime, not society. I would be in favor of a public hanging at the fair at the location they decided to murder me weed. But then again Trump just had the leader of isis killed and it seems like the liberals are upset that one of their leaders were killed so maybe the first step is to hang all the liberals or these kind of disgusting crimes will keep happening.” And he is DEAD serious. Big Difference.


In other words you are just as dense as he is. The democratic party is no longer is now the far left socialist party. Don't bother mentioning the Constitution when your party's "principles" violates that document. The rest of your ramblings are points that are not found in the Constitution especially healthcare. As far as gay and lesbian rights those are already GUARANTEED in the Constitution. Try again buddy your party does not care about America or the Constitution.




He was talking about hate sec, the kind you just displayed in this comment. How about you giving us a list of the "democratic principals" that violate the Constitution, waiting. You want to talk about all those things he said about your party's principals?


Olefool, you and your cronies spew hate on a daily basis against those who do no agree with your point of view.


I think it is more disgust than hate. How would you characterize the feelings on the right toward the left?


The Republican party is the party of Grab Them by the P


misogyny, from: "misogynia, misein to hate + gynē woman —

First known use: circa 1656." Merriam-Webster

Ugh. 1656.


'Why You Always Hatin!!'🎶🎵Song by Kamaiyah and YG 😎

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