I am wondering what happened to the media and journalism in general. We are constantly bombarded with biases in every direction from Fox News to CNN to conservative outlets.

As a former journalist, editor and radio reporter/news director, I am appalled at what has happened to a profession I once loved and was proud to be a part of at one time. When I went to journalism school in the late ’60s, we were held to an incredibly high standard for reporting ONLY THE FACTS. If, at any time, our personal bias bled into the story, it was cut out or, if it was for a class grade, it was automatically an F. We were required to check all facts with at least three sources and more if available. We shared all valid viewpoints. It was not always easy, but I took pride in doing that — reporting only the facts.

Unfortunately, today’s media has gone from reporting the facts (and verifying them) to “entertainment” and sound bites — worried too often about ratings and advertising revenue. I find that if a story is important to me, I have to do my own research and verify the facts myself. Sadly, I don’t think most people are willing to do that and depending on their own personal opinions, they accept what is provided as truth. This is part of the problem with society today and the large political divide — we have become a culture of sound bites, rumor and innuendo.

I grew up being told in church that money is the “root of all evil” and I believe it. It has corrupted our politics, our government and our media along with much else. I can only hope that the next generation has greater aspirations for themselves and for society and will work toward correcting these flaws. And I hope, and pray, that the next generation of journalists will find satisfaction in returning to reporting only the facts and ensuring that the public has all the information needed to make an informed decision about the direction of their lives, their government and the future of this country.

Diana R. Halleman


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Highly recommend you listen to this podcast & explore the author's book- Ezra Klein show "How politics became a war against reality." https://megaphone.link/VMP9334609309


From - "A Concise Dictionary of Existentionalism" - Copyright 1960, Published the Wisdom Library a division of Philosophical Library:

"Anti-Reason" 'Reason appears to have no enemy in so far as it tries to give light and speech to everything that exists, drawing it into relation with itself. It stretches out its hand in all directions, making no exceptions. But in fact it meets resistence and an enemy that is out to destroy ... This enemy is the unphilosophical spirit which knows nothing and wants to know nothing of truth. Under the name of truth it gives currency to everything that is inimical and alien to truth, to all perversions of truth. Wherever it reigns its violence it makes careful study and enquiry impossible. It permits arbitrary actions and destroys self-control. It favours the violent passions of the moment, and extinguishes seriousness. It forces life from unbelief into fantatical pseudo-belief ... We must meet this enemy in the outside world, but, more dangerously, it lurks inside each one of is.' - Karl Jaspers; Reason, and Anti-Reason in our Time.

Facts don't stand a chance in or from a society where the majority believe court jesters over ournalists. Put their faith, and surrender their minds to pundits, and PR over philosophers, engineers and architects. Choose entertainment over the everlasting and enduring.


Many of the programs you see on so-called 24/7 news networks isn’t journalism but a peculiar type of entertainment designed as echo chambers where folks can find support for their points of view, not news but opinions.

From Sean Hannity’s conservative entertainment show to Rachel Maddow’s investigative conspiracy format, journalists standards have taken second place to bias commentary, disguised as news. Hannity’s even claims he’s not a journalists, although he has also taken exception when others point it out. 

No need to worry though, just change the channel, you’ll find some talking head 🗣 supporting your point of view, scrutinized by journalistic standards or not, but claiming with authority, “it’s journalism.”


Well said, Diana, I could not agree more. I barely read national news anymore! Too depressing and most of it untrue.


I'm a bit surprised that no one has pointed out the mangling of the line from her bible.

In the event, I enjoyed the irony of mentioning faith in a plea for a reliance on facts.


Obviously money is not the root of all evil, and I don't think even love of money is either, but maybe that is my corruption talking.


If money is the root of all evil, then giving money to charity would be aiding evil. Not the message you want to send out right before passing the offering plates or the annual appeal during the High Holy Days.


Diana, I agree with you, but what do you do with the bad press today? After Nixon's impeachment the far right developed Fox News, because they felt the news media was the cause of Nixon's impeachment.

https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/how-roger-ailes-built-the-fox-news-fear-factory-244652/To watch even a day of Fox News – the anger, the bombast, the virulent paranoid streak, the unending appeals to white resentment, the reporting that’s held to the same standard of evidence as a late-­October attack ad – is to see a refraction of its founder, one of the most skilled and fearsome operatives in the history of the Republican Party. As a political consultant, Ailes repackaged Richard Nixon for television in 1968, papered over Ronald Reagan’s budding Alzheimer’s in 1984, shamelessly stoked racial fears to elect George H.W. Bush in 1988, and waged a secret campaign on behalf of Big Tobacco to derail health care reform in 1993. “He was the premier guy in the business,” says former Reagan campaign manager Ed Rollins. “He was our Michelangelo.”

https://gawker.com/5814150/roger-ailes-secret-nixon-era-blueprint-for-fox-news  Republican media strategist Roger Ailes launched Fox News Channel in 1996, ostensibly as a "fair and balanced" counterpoint to what he regarded as the liberal establishment media. But according to a remarkable document buried deep within the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, the intellectual forerunner for Fox News was a nakedly partisan 1970 plot by Ailes and other Nixon aides to circumvent the "prejudices of network news" and deliver "pro-administration" stories to heartland television viewers.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/10/16/the-fox-news-president/ Since his election as president, Donald Trump has tweeted to or about Fox News nearly 130 times. The most recent example was early Monday morning, when Trump shared a comment from economist Art Laffer that had just been made on a Fox network. How do we know that was the origin of the quote? Trump made sure to tag Fox News in the tweets. He might also have tagged Fox Business, the network he was watching. Which is unusual: He’s usually watching “Fox and Friends” on weekday mornings, a show he’s mentioned or retweeted 79 times as president — once every three days or so.What’s critical to remember, though, is that Trump’s interest in Fox News predates his presidency substantially. Since 2010, he’s tweeted about Fox News more than 1,200 times, most heavily in 2015 as he enjoyed the network’s coverage as he tried to woo Republican voters — and most often between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., when “Fox and Friends” is on.


Unfortunately there are many factors that drive this, but the primary one is money. The media is a business which caters to the majority view. Any view. Ones which gives them the most audience to increase ratings so as to charge the most to their advertisers. Who to blame? We all must look at ourselves. The problem to consider for ourselves is whether we have the education and thought processes to determine what is the truth? People should understand they are being manipulated every moment of the day from the time they wake up until they fall asleep. All media’s intent is to manipulate. Unfortunately. My concern is we are no longer teaching this factor in our schools, with exception to specialized electives such as advertising, marketing, or thought control.


Unfortunately, people listen to, read and interpret what they hear based on their own belief system. By that I mean what we have been taught by our parents, schools and those who reinforce our beliefs in social media. Even if we hear news that says that some of what we believe may not be correct, we do not wish to go outside of the social system that keeps us comfortable.


Ms. Halleman, to answer question, you may want to watch "The Loudest Voice", the 7-part series on Roger Ailes. Well worth the time, to see just how another liar and serial abuser of women found that sowing lies and division to those salivating for power in the Republican party (including himself)......... can pay off. Based on the book "The Loudest Voice in the Room" by Gabriel Sherman.


I think it started with round the clock news. Get as many stories as you can and beat the other outlet or reporter to it.

Alice Jones

That round the clock coverage and constant updates at the bottom of the screen are another unfortunate by-product of September 11.


I think it started when Walter Kronkite started stating his opinions about the Viet Nam war on CBS evening news.


Yes; news reporters provided opinions at that time but people didn't seem to notice.


The problem with round the clock news is it gets so repetitive it isn't worth watching more than an hour a day. One hour and you will not miss anything significant.


Ms. Halleman,

You touched on many aspects of the who,what,where, when and how demise in journalistic integrity and professionalism. It is a shame. We are flooded with soap opera like news 24/7. But we can't blame it on the fairness doctrine. We can't blame it on the for profit media conglomerates We the people buy it. I blame it on less and less people attending church as you did creating a values and morals vacuum. But watch the howls from that comment.


If you feel that strongly about church values why do you love Trump and his filthy mouth and disgusting lies so much??? Care to rationalize that, jsk????


He has in the past, olefool, he loves the judges that Trump appoints and apparently that is more important than moral values.


Church is good, if you practice what is preached. If you don't, you are a hypocrite. Something like saying I don't care what Trump does or says, as long as he appoints the judges I want.


So jsk, the only way to have morals and values is by attending church. What church and religion ? Those evangelicals and religious folks who dismiss Trump's multiple marriages, adultry, name calling, belittling, etc. --- do you think they are reinforcing the values and moral traditionally associated with going to church?


Then explain Sean Hannity’s fealty to all things Trump. Hannity attended hard core catholic schools his whole life, including “seminary” type schools. And yet he lies and covers for perhaps the most dishonorable, un Christ like president we’ve ever had. Most people who claim to be “of God” are inflexible and irrational to their core. Because we’ll, they believe and therefore they operate within a very selective confine of right vs. wrong. Evangelicals love Trump because he’s an authoritarian, and they need dictate to guide them, just like the Bible.


Pence is Catholic, Kavanaugh is Catholic, Biden is Catholic. It is not the religion, it is how they practice their religion.


In his childhood and early adulthood, Pence was a Roman Catholic and a Democrat. He volunteered for the Bartholomew County Democratic Party in 1976 and voted for Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential election,[1][16] and has said he was originally inspired to get involved in politics by people such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. While in college, Pence became an evangelical, born-again Christian, to the great disappointment of his mother.


What they said jsk. Answer the above questions, you never will answer mine. I can’t wait!!!


JSK, I’m not getting how going to church and journalistic rules and practices tie together. You do know the 700 Club, CBN.com is a 24/7 news network. I would think they might have a bias.


The change started with repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987.

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