Apparently the chief of police of the city of Frederick and the administration do not like the idea of blue phones or call boxes on Carroll Creek for safety.

Frederick Community College likes the technology and has had many safety features like this in place for years.

In New Orleans, they are having similar problems and the mayor along with other elected people acted with several measures for safety and security.

“City unveils safety and security enhancements on the Lafitte Greenway,” per their city website.

“We are pleased to complete the install of emergency call boxes, and safety cameras along the Lafitte Greenway. The completion of this project will aid in ensuring our residents may safely access NORD’s many amenities, and travel along the Greenway,” said NORD CEO Larry Barabino Jr.

This quote is from September 2019.

The press release continues: “Public safety is our top priority,” said NOHSEP Director Collin Arnold. “With these security enhancements, we hope residents can use our parks safely and, if an incident does occur, can quickly connect to emergency personnel for assistance.”

The entire improvement they list as costing $255,000 for installation of 18 emergency call boxes and 53 public safety camera feeds along the 2.6-mile linear park.

I could name several things starting with the wasted cost of a new logo that got scrapped that could have been put toward this improvement along Carroll Creek.

You would think this is a small price to pay with a more than $150 million investment that we have in Carroll Creek.

Now, residents are waiting for two plans: the plan for the future of the Frederick Community Action Agency and the plan for safety and security along Carroll Creek.

Annapolis is in session. Hopefully, as the governor is looking to help places like Baltimore with crime, we are at the table also with our requests.

A third of the money came from the state to build Carroll Creek. It is our showpiece that we brag about across the state. Let’s protect it by making it safe and secure for residents and visitors.

Blaine Young


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threecents .. "she" isn't worth the digital ink she prints. She has NO idea or clue about what she speaks more than half of the time. Why do you think she's a "lean coomenter"? She has nothing else to do but dream up her opinion which isn't based upon reality. It's fairly similar to the new FNP ... they have no idea of reality either. Business decisions, news media and reality do NOT go hand in hand.


Lev, I get the feeling you don't particularly like her.


I got kind of lost when you equated The Big Easy to sleepy Frederick. That's just nonsense.


Doing away with this sanctuary city and state nonsense would be a good start.


Blain, Blain, go away

Don't come back another day

You'll only leave Frederick in disarray

We don't need ugly (scary) call boxes on the creek.


Blaine wants an elected post. I want to know what happened to that million dollar war chest he bragged about before Jan crushed him. I think the county should audit him. Politicians can go to jail for misuse of campaign contributions. Let's have an audit. Bob Lewis


Totally agree! Blaine Young should be audited, as should the entire previous Frederick Board of County Commissioners. The last person Frederick City needs as mayor!


I have a old city call box that was at College and Fleming Ave. I would be willing to donate it back to city. That would even make the Hysterical Commision Happy.


KMRD1, if it's a rotary phone there are those who wouldn't know how to operate it. Better include instructions with it.


There is no plan!!! I might suggest the city look at putting a police station in wild West Frederick.


You crack me up El Supremo! The wild wild West!


Let 'ol Bunny be. It means so much to her. Like the childhood participation trophies on her shelf!


Hey Blaine; if you would pay the county back for the "technology park" expenses then they could probably pitch in some $$ to make Frederick safer.


And pay the county back for the snake oil salesman


OK BunnyLou, if it’s too wild for you I guess I’ll have to leave.


If you want to save some time and money, you can find tons of old police and fire call boxes on eBay. They've been trashed by cities around the country because they're outdated and ineffective. Because technology. Now, cameras might not be a bad idea, but they require 24/7 monitoring along with a massive cost to store video data and hire additional personnel. Great for evidence purposes IF they catch a bad guy or license plate on video. The money that could be spent on all of this nonsense would pay for more cops to be put on the street.


Lev928, you just out position Blaine as a mayoral candidate. 👍

Alice Jones

Go bother people in another state, buh-laine.


"Beliefs don't necessarily indicate a better person, behavior does." Your past behavior speaks volumes.




SEE!!!! OMG, Too Funny!!!

I told you all, what, yesterday, or was it Monday, that we would be hearing from Ba'Lane ANY DAY NOW!!!!!! Click on my user profile and search my posts, you'll see where I made this prediction!


Blue boxes are a 90's idea, before the explosion of cell and smart phones. Would be a much larger waste of money than the new logo.


Yes. I was thinking, if you go there, take your cell phone. If you see something, say something...why I'm so brilliant, I don't know...


Go away


Prostitution is dangerous work, Blaine. Didn’t stop you from putting people at risk. Please, stay put and enjoy private life. You had your 15 minutes. Let it go.


I remember when the used to be these little police phones in public areas, and there used to be phone booths all over the place. The reason we don't have them or need them anymore is a thing called cell phones. I know Blaine knows about cell phones because I remember him saying back in the day that he uses his while driving.


Oh, for crying out loud! Just RUN already.


What's the plan for safety and security in Frederick? A good start would be to make sure this liar and cheat is never again elected to public office.




The community will be safer when you live up to your own commitment to not be heard from for 10 years. We remember the terrible decisions and embarrassment you brought to Frederick County. We remember the cuts to Head Start, Meals on Wheels, the effort to sell out our seniors by selling Citizens and Montevue, the millions of taxpayer give aways to developers, the privatization of employees, and your distain for the public. This doesn't even mention the bad behavior like cussing out a kid at a children's basketball game, the sordid affair with a county employee, and your arrest for prostitution. Don't even consider running for dog catcher. We love our dogs too much.


Well stated FF! The dude just can't keep his mouth shut! We can forgive but we will NOT forget!


Go away, Blaine. Most of us have cell phones we don't need or want your crazy ideas.


Oh look, another LTE attempting to show a problem that does not exist. Why are we not calling Blaine out about not being honest and saying he plans to run for mayor. What are the actual "crije statistics" of Carroll Creek?


Umm, comparing New Orleans to Frederick - did I miss something, $150M on Creek investment...seems a little offense.


A cheap way to campaign that the FNP allows.


I'm gonna run my entire campaign for sheriff right here in the FNP comments


You got my vote, Kelly. What are your campaign promises? Never mind, most of us will vote for you anyway. Just one thing, do you promise not to use a patrol car for your personal use?


Apparently, you have more time on your hands than a clock. "Lead Commenter" ... yeah -- of false information and/or a complete lack of understanding of the Constitution and law. We can tell that you're a transplant imbedded in corrupt political ideology. We got it. Run for sheriff ... please. See what happens. Oh, and keep wasting countless hours of your life posting nonsense if it keeps your lonely life entertained. Get a job. (KellyAlzan reports my post in 3 ...2 ...1 ...)


Lev, It sounds like you are sending a mixed message. She is trying to get a job - as sheriff. She has my vote.

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