“What you permit, you promote.” I learned that concept from a vice president that I answered to when I was in a nursing leadership position. It helped to guide my interactions with staff. This also applies to life in general and to the presidency of Donald Trump. I have no power to give permission, but I need to speak out so that my silence doesn’t imply promotion.

I do not want to be perceived as promoting that it is acceptable for a man to believe that he can grab a woman any way he desires and get away with it, or to mimic people with disabilities, or to mock people who disagree with him by giving them derogatory names.

I do not want to be perceived as promoting approval for banning people from another country based on a bias of nationality or religion, or promoting our government’s actions to forcibly take children away from their parents and place them in unsafe conditions.

I do not want to be perceived as promoting a president who has rolled back progress that had been made to protect our environment by ramping up coal mining and other fossil fuel development, denying climate change, approving public land sell-offs, withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement and many other actions.

I do not want to be perceived as promoting tax cuts for extremely wealthy individuals and giant corporations while cutting safety net programs such as SNAP (food stamps) for millions of Americans.

I do not want to be perceived as promoting autocratic decisions lacking input from those best informed on an issue, such as scientists, experienced military leaders and ambassadors.

Remember that “what you permit, you promote” to our children, our grandchildren and leaders!

Elizabeth P. Fuss


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I don't promote the murder of unborn children, or stealing from hard-working people to give to the shiftless. Sadly, these things are the main things that the Democratic party stands for these days. This is why they are fracturing, in crisis, and losing support; they don't have anything worthwhile to say, contribute, or accomplish in society. Trump is no saint, but he's always been the lesser of two evils in my mind.

Greg F

You seem to support corporate welfare...giving away our money to shiftless corporate billionaires who absolutely DO NOT need it and offshore it the minute they get anything. And your statement about "murder of unborn children" is just more hokum and religious zealotry perspective on the issue wherein, if you don't want to be subject to that, don't partake. Your moral value doesn't trump others' polar opposite viewpoints. Sadly, that's the GOP perspective and why your party is run by the most corrupt politician in US history. Trump is the lesser of two evils between Al Capone and himself...that's about it.


On Feb 10, 2020 @ 8:07am gary4books wrote:


"Natural - It does work both ways. But right now the strong wind is from the right. He is in charge and he is romping and stomping."


What the Dems should hammer on is that the entire party is not defined by AOC, Bernie, and Elizabeth. There are a wide range of views and candidates within the party -- just as not every Rep is a Mike Pence clone.

The fringes of both parties usually get the most media attention, because they are the loudest and most extreme. They make for good TV. The reality is that the extreme left and right do not represent most Americans. There are both Dems and Reps that most people -- regardless of party -- would at least consider voting for.

The president in particular is supposed to represent ALL Americans -- not just those in one party or the other.

Regardless of which party a president belongs to, one of their primary jobs is to unify the country -- NOT demonize the members of the other tribe.


I agree, thank you, Elizabeth,


Well said. Silence can be mistaken. I hope you speak for many.


Golly Zabeth, Where are you planning to go?


Do not condone Presidents adverse or irresponsible behaviors, but I don’t think he has a monopoly or sets the standard for what has been determined as “permitted or un-permitted”. Unfortunately the standard for what is permitted behaviors has and continues to erode and that in fact is the issue. Society and the general public has allowed what they consider acceptable to change over time. Which I guess is the point of the commentary?


Interesting how Trump has managed to convince his cult followers, any criticism of him is a personal attack on them, the party, the nation. They must defend, excuse, deny any of his wrongs, no matter what.

Nowhere in Elizabeth’s letter does she mention Republicans, Democrats, or any other party. Nowhere does she mention Trump supporters, uneducated whites, deplorables, or any other faction. She only speaks out about one person’s behavior and actions ,“Donald Trump”, clearly stating “I do not want to be perceived as promoting that it is acceptable”.

Somehow Trump has convinced his followers he is the party, he is the country, he is them.



I don't think that's true of all Trump supporters- particularly for those of us who have been forced into becoming Trump supporters by the increased radicalization of the Democrat Party. I mean the leading candidate for the Democrats is a Socialist - and proud to be one- for crying out loud! Give me Klobuchar, I'll vote for her. I don't think that's going to happen.


I see know mention of political position or challenge to your support in this letter only a long list of unacceptable behavior and actions by one person, Trump.




Actually, not one person. The following paragraphs easily can be applied to other Presidents: #2 (Clinton), #3 (FDR), #5 (JFK), & #6 (Obama).


I forgot “others did it too” defense. My bad 🤗

That guy

Setting aside that socialism and democratic socialism are different things, what about Bernie makes you so afraid of him? What about his policies or proposals do you feel are bad? Take away the "socialist" moniker for a second - what do you think he fights for?


There was a time you could vote someone into power and think, "I don't like this part of the platform, but it is the nature of the position that constraints will be in place." We've learned a lot about what can happen, reconsidering what we might think can be "taken away" to result in what we thought we voted for.


I think he fights for fundamental changes to our economic, political, social and foreign policy relations with other countries and with other Americans. I actually think the Democratic before the Socialism makes it more, not less problematic because the goals are far broader. I actually believe that the American experiment has been, by and large, a very good thing and that capitalism and our social and political foundations are sound. I see no reason to embark on a total remake of our society- particularly when things are going so well economically. But that just me. Others see all doom and gloom in this delightful woke hysterical era we live in. Oh well.


des said "I think he fights for fundamental changes to our economic, political, social and foreign policy relations with other countries and with other Americans. " Is that not exactly what Trump has done? " Others see all doom and gloom" while many wear rose colored glasses. Also, just curious, you see no remake of our society because things are going so well economically. So society (and all that goes with it) is based solely on economics?


No Hay, it is not based solely on economics. You left out the "woke, hysterical" part. That's a lot of what I as a conservative, object to. No doubt you feel differently. God bless.


Look for my essay Saturday- I flesh out my thoughts in greater detail than this allows.


Society can be defined as "a community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions, and collective activities and interests" Economy is only a portion of that. What you see as "woke, hysterical" is viewed by many as the evolution of knowledge, ideas and traditions. None of those are negative. To rely on the identiy of "conservative" is also limiting - like viewing something as only black or white, when there are actually many areas that are gray and overlapping. Exactly what happens when you go the "socialist" argument.


How many not-D non-commenters will vote for any candidate who is not Trump, that is the question this letter presents and the question before all of us.


And we will hold you to that promise, Dave!


Des, Good comments and sorry you don't feel the Bern. I wish I knew if other Republicans would vote for Amy - and whether young people would bother to show up to vote for Amy in the general election. Hopefully, she will have a good showing in NH.



I'm interested in why you would vote for Klobuchar over Trump.

Are there any other Dems that you might consider? Biden? Bloomberg?

Comment deleted.



Many hold their noses and vote for Mr. Trump when they fear the cartoon images of "liberals" and had rather oppose that which they fear.


Very good point gary.

Needless to say, it works both ways. Both parties create and promote extreme caricatures of each other.

In reality of course, at least in recent history, most presidential candidates -- and certainly all of the ultimate winners -- have been relative centrists. Not perhaps from the POV of extremists on the left and right, but from an unbiased objective viewpoint they generally did not stray too far out of the broad 'center' lane.

In fact, almost all occasionally took positions that were contrary to the caricature that had been created of them.

Many Dem and Rep presidents who were celebrated by their respective tribes just 20-30-40-50+ years ago would not pass the litmus test today.

Flash forward to 2020. All of the Dem candidates have at least a few positive qualities -- some more than others. Many of them are, overall, centrists. They do not "fit the profile" -- the cartoon image -- of wild-eyed liberals. It's fair to say though that by historical standards, both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren do fit the caricature the RNC (and more moderate Dems) have created of them -- at least in some ways. Paying off all student loans; forcing Medicare for All on everyone (as opposed to having it as an *option*); "wealth taxes"; and what are essentially 'open borders' policies -- those are all hard-left positions that play into the RNC stereotype of "crazy liberals".

On the REP side we have Trump, who in many ways fits the DNC stereotype of a heartless conservative republican.

In short, in the past, the cartoon images (on both sides) were just that -- cartoons. Now however, those cartoons have come to life.


Natural - It does work both ways. But right now the strong wind is from the right. He is in charge and he is romping and stomping.


If Democrats were to analyze those issues which their party had supported prior to the last decade, but no longer support, they would better understand where their party took a wrong turn.


Society has progressed, and we have evolved along with it. Unfortunately the reactionaries take us back. Hopefully it is a two steps forward and one step back kind of thing. Feel the Bern.


Perhaps. But it seems to me that the news reports the far out voices and ignores the typical Democrat. Most seem quite in the middle or even to the right.

Greg F

If republicans took a long look into a history and political science book, they'd figure out what the Trump regime is all about, and which playbook he's operating from (hint...Joseph Goebbels playbook). There are numerous, stark similarities in everything he does.

Obadiah Plainsmen

You are correct Ms Fuss, that's why I don't vote Democrat. I don't want to be perceived as promoting the legal extermination of approximately 63 million babies since 1973. But that's what makes America great, the freedom to make honest decisions.

That guy

Oh look, another single-issue voter. Keep on denying science friendo, I'm sure it will continue to serve you well in a world where just about every developed nation has accepted that fetus != baby.


Right on.[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


Ms. Fuss,

Your thoughts are appreciated and will be shared by many in this democratic stronghold. But you may want to consider why Americans permit those things you don't. It must be baffling. The common refrain that Trump supporters are uneducated, white, primarily male deplorables varies little from Obama's gun toting Bible hugging comment. But they are wrongheaded and destructive.

The Democratic party is self destructing. If you cherish certain values they espouse then introspection would be the advisable path not continue name calling and rote recital of worn out talking points. The reality is President Trump's approval is rising and he is odds on favorite for re-election. This will happen whether you permit it or not. You may want to consider more earnestly, why.


Whether the D party is self-destructing or not is a question, but that the R party is now a cult, is not. And there is the dilemma for many who are neither. This writer knows nothing hinges on her permission. She simply distances herself from any assumptions possible by not speaking out. The chips will fall as chips do. The "why" of it is, that's how cults work.


Well said. Bob Lewis



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