Why is the Frederick County sheriff creating all of this hoopla over a narrow audit to determine the cost to the county taxpayer for his 287(g) agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)?

The purpose of the audit is to determine actual costs of the 287(g) agreement that do not appear in the budget of the sheriff’s office and have been, effectively, hidden from the county executive, the county council and the county taxpayer.

There has been some confusion over the funding. There is no federal reimbursement for 287(g) agreements. According to Guidance Memorandum from the Maryland Office of the Attorney General Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Law: Legal Guidance for Maryland State and Local Law Enforcement Officials, December 2018, there are several legal conclusions for local law enforcement agencies (“LEAs”) to consider as they interact with ICE including “2. LEAs must absorb all costs associated with federal cooperation agreements under 8 U.S.C. Section 1357 (g)(1). The federal government does not provide reimbursement for these agreements, and the agreements may increase the risk of unconstitutional profiling.” In spite of these conclusions and two civil suits, the sheriff has claimed that there is no cost associated with the agreement, which is absurd on its face.

Why, why is the sheriff disparaging the county executive and the county council for asking how much taxpayer money is being used for a controversial program when they are just doing their job? Why did a documented hate group and other provocateurs get invited to a rally to support his attack on our local government leaders?

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Remember, when Blaine and his gang took over county government, the first county employees fired were the members of the audit staff. The Repubes just hate open government. Bob Lewis


Could the answer be that our Sheriff thrives on hate, the same as Trump?


👍 It’s amazing what you can learn with a little research online isn’t it Ms. Benecke? And the National Sheriff’s Association Sheriffs Code of Ethics, which our Sheriff SWORE to follow, calls for audits to be performed. I think the Sheriff might have sworn to the Trump Code of Ethics by mistake.


what hoopla has he created; and what difference does it make when the lives of citizens are at stake; obviously too manny folks are not aware of the cost to taxpayers to have 22+ million illegals in our country...$160 Billion annually and hundreds of thousands of crimes against citizens including more than 2,000 murders ..wake up


jerseyboy144, you are aware of nothing. You never back up your comments with anything resembling facts. And it’s time to choose whether you are an American or just another one of the “base”, lost somewhere in that pile of the uneducated.


Oh no, reasonable questions. Whatdowedowhatdowedowhatdodwedo


There is more to the hoopla than both the county council and the high Sherf are sharing.

Roxana Santos, an illegal immigrant, won a civil rights suit against the former board of

Commissioners and the Sherf. It was reported in the FNP that she sued for in excess of one million.

It’s common for anytime a government Is a defendant and loses, that the final settlement is sealed.

Notice this audit more or less came out of nowhere. That is because the settlement had been finalized. And since the settlement is sealed, no one can just come out and say “we’re now questioning the tru value of the 287 program (287 not to be confused with anyone’s weight) now that we just made an illegal immigrant extremely wealthy


Good question. Why is the Sheriff and his new buddy Michael Hough opposed to an audit? Why stir up hate and fear instead of embracing facts, fiscal accountability, and transparency? Time will tell.

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