It was announced on Sunday that the Obamas have purchased a $14.85 million Martha’s Vineyard estate. This lavish purchase comes a day before we celebrate the labor movement in the United States. A rags to riches tail some might say.

The irony of this tale is that Barack Obama has long despised those with mass amounts of personal wealth. The “you didn’t build that” mantra he used when referring to successful business owners still rings clear. But I guess that sentiment only applies to those who actually spent their careers assuming risk to build something and create countless jobs.

You see, his mantra does not apply to him. He has never created a single job, nor has he built anything in the private sector. Unless you count his trillion-dollar stimulus package where he awarded contracts to his cronies or the monumental growth of government bureaucracy under his administration.

I guess the moral of the story is that in liberal America, it is okay to be rich as long as you are a part of the Washington, D.C., nobility. A town that produces nothing but more regulations and higher taxes is also home to this class of hypocritical liberal elite.

Brendan Mahoney


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It's so simple..............America LOVES rock stars. Always has. And most of them have been Democrats. Particularly "rock stars" that have something to know, aspirational and insightful, intelligent stuff that makes American's believe in the opportunities of the American dream, and seeks to unite Americans in a common cause. All ideals to aspire to. Rock stars have as much right to earn a living and profit from their life's work as anyone else, including multi-millionaire athletes and folks like the Trumps and the Kushners, who specialty is real estate bankruptcies, bad loans, debt and probable money laundering, compounded by rank stupidity and entitlement. Now, who could have a problem with that??? Sounds like the simple-minded lemmings of the Grand Old Party, who live by the double standard in their deep political thought.


Politics are nothing but theater. Bush's, Clinton's, Obama, Trump, etc,...they are all in bed with each other and part of secret societies who swear oaths to protect one another. NONE of them are truly elected by the people! Presidents are all selected and installed (by an elite group of Satanic and psychopathic bloodlines that rule this world). The United States is a corporation (look up the District of Columbia Organic act of 1871). The president is nothing more than the acting CEO spokesman for the corporation. Does anyone really believe that the elites running this world are going to allow us (the sheep) to elect a president that is going to go against THEIR enslavement agendas and actually restore the rights and wealth to the people of this country? Of course not! "It's a big club, and you ain't in it!" -George Carlin


U.S. a corporation??? "The simplest rebuttal to this, aside from understanding how things work, is pointing out that the Act incorporated and organized D.C., not the United States. D.C. and the “United States” are not the same entity any more than Nashville is the same as Tennessee.


Rest assured, many of us were not happy to see Obama and Clinton get rich through the connections the way Republicans have done for years. Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman seemed to be the presidential exceptions. Obama $450,000 fee paid by wall street for a speech was more like what we expect from guys like Trump


There is no law to force people to like President Obama. It is OK to be against his ideas. Many dislike his plans and objectives. However, when he said "You did not build this..." he was correct. Every business depends on the infrastructure to provide transportation, educated workers and all the rest that they need to operate. Only bluster and ego lead some to dislike that comment. It was too true for them to see it as good. They like to say "I made this business with my hands..." On the show "Undercover Boss" we see that many CEO's can not even do the jobs their workers do. They plan and all, but not so much work with their hands. This attack on President Obama is just not fair. But that is OK. There is no law that says you have to like him.


Spin it book boy. The bluster and ego of the left is very evident with all the negative Trump comments but give a negative comment about the worst (Obama) President this country has ever seen and watch the positive spin to make him look like he actually accomplished something positive for this country. In my and many others opinion he didn't. Keep on spinning on book boy.


To you that should be "Book Man." But I will not be picky. However President Obama did get the ACA passed, did manage to extend protections for our environment, our economy an even our infrastructure as much as Congress would allow and his motto should have been the same as my family Moto "Non minor est virtus quam quaerere parta tueri

Motto Translation: It is no less an achievement to keep possession than to acquire it."

He maintained what others had provided. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, is destroying our environment, our economy, and our Nation. it of an exaggeration to say Mr. Obama had no accomplishment.



FNP should give readers the ability to UP VOTE, or DOWN VOTE on comments. It would omit repetitive comments.

Comment deleted.

Carbon foot print? I think climate change is above your grade level. We haven’t covered ocean current patterns and atmospheric pressure systems caused by “climate change” yet.


This letter is just a big Uggg to me. I am taking it at face value - that the letter writer really believes that Obama - someone I never considered to be a very progressive Democrat - was a socialist who did not believe in personal wealth. There is only one explanation for the letter writer's opinion.

Comment deleted.

What an ignorant comment @ sam. barry didn't earn anything. Nor did he build that. You're comment is also pretty useless.


obama came to office with a net worth of 4 Million and left with $40 Million on a $400K salary ...wonder how that happened ...maybe Hillary shared some of the $160 Million she got for selling 20% of our uranium assets ...funny that the lefty media never mentions any of this


They don't mention it because it's fake news. She did not sell anything.


I would love to see your proof. Oh right - you have none. You must be a pretend Christian like your President.


Actually, I apologize as I was fooled. This seems to be a Russian bot account.


Not worthy of a response.


Jersey, The Obamas made quite a bit on their autobiographies. You should read them - right after you google "fact check Hillary uranium".


Brendon, would you prefer Obama to be like Trump?  Given millions, going bankrupt, not paying off loans, making deals with Russia to get elected, violating the emolument s clause, committing fraud with Trump U., violating the election laws of  amount anyone can contribute and God only knows how many other  laws Trump has broken.  One day they will catch up to Trump.


Obama's admin broke the treason laws. He should face life in prison or worse.


Wait, did he post super secret photos of Iran?


Where’s your proof? Wait, you have none. Your vigorous defense of that drivel makes one wonder if you were able to actually string coherent thoughts together (useless as they may be) to compose it.


Dick, I don't think you are being fair to Trump: You left out tax fraud, spending charity money on himself, hiring undocumented workers, and ogling naked underage girls in beauty contest locker rooms.


Socialism doesn’t mean taking wealth from people who work hard and giving it to people who don’t… You’re thinking of capitalism….


oldfool You are confused. Seek help.




Petty LTE


Petty comment.


He wasn't talking about Richard Petty rikki....


Lol, hay


I would suggest that the author of this letter go to to get the whole story and factual information behind the "you didn't build that" comment. Of course, that would imply that the author of the letter is really interested in the whole story and not a politically motivated, out of context quote by Karl Rove's group.


the problem with the right is that "liberal" is used as a blanket term for anyone to the left of ronald reagan. it is therefore meaningless in reality, but can be used to point out supposed hypocrisies literally anywhere because it covers such a vast swath of the political spectrum.

here's something that may shock you: i am on the left and i absolutely think that the Obama's have way too much wealth! but it is certainly worth noting that there's a massive difference between 40 million dollars (the Obama's net worth) and 110 BILLION (jeff bezos). and if you pretend those are the same, it's clear that you simply can't even grasp how much 100 billion is


Then he should distribute his wealth into the community he came from right? Was it Chicago or Kenya? I forget.


Well, I guess they qualified. Duh.


Voters supporting Racial republican nationalists and democratic socialists to achieve economic prosperity by voting for hyper political lobbyists puppets are foolhardy. American Capitalism is like water it will take the path of least resistance which means less compensation and less entitlement for the majority to lift up the wealthy minority like the Trump’s and Obama’s. While we peasants fight over immigration, race and religion for scraps and cake the ruling class is experiencing exponential wealth. It’s time for Americans to take America back from Congressional wealth puppets


What an utterly petty letter.


What an udderly petty comment.


Brendan where did you get the idea that liberals are opposed to prosperity? Because they care about the poor? Excuse me.


"Because they care about the poor." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


I'm happy for the Obama's that they had such great success but please don't tell me about income equality or climate change as I can see they care about neither.


Of course the Obamas care about income inequality and climate change. Most people of both parties do. Don't you?


Jealous are you Brendan?


What, a half black man is not entitled to get rich?????


He's only entitled to get half rich.




"Hypocritical liberals" says it all.


This writer has been smoking far too much medical marijuana. Does he not recall the unemployment and countless foreclosures 2007-2009? Did he not get a big fat check in the mail in a desperate attempt to head that off? Did he not watch his retirement investments tank? Obama created millions of jobs. Millions. Unemployment peaked in 2009 and has fallen every year since. Stocks and investment portfolios rose 100% and more from 2009-2017. Since 2017 they have been stagnant, even retreating a little. The writer must switch pot sellers. He must find a new source for his weed so he can be more truthful and coherent. Do you have a job? Thank Obama.


Why is this a problem? A house on Rockwell Terrace is currently on the market for 1.4M. And, have you checked the prices of the new mega houses on 2nd Street? I doubt that these owners are all liberals.


I love the McMansions on 2nd St. and the one on Magnolia. Remember when people were preaching against them? They look terrific. I hope I can live the American dream like the Obamas and someday afford a place like that.


Would someone please tell me why this is a problem? The mega houses on 2nd Street are selling for this or more, when considering the price of the lot. And, there is one on Rockwell Terrace listed for 1.2M.

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