I have good news for Rick Blatchford: He only needs to open his eyes.

The reports I read show a president who has tried to use (and abuse) his office and taxpayers’ money to help himself get re-elected by illegal means.

The Republicans clearly have no reasonable defense of his actions and have fallen to thuggish attacks on the “process.” The closed hearings are needed to prevent cross talk between witnesses; otherwise, you could not have a fair process. They are not closed to Republicans per se, only to nonmembers of the committees conducting the hearings.

The Republicans complain about wanting a fair process, yet all their actions would destroy the possibility of a fair process.

Maybe they see that a fair process will produce a result they won’t like. So. Rick, I think we will have an answer and you can give it up.

Robert Charles Ladner


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Rick Blatchford

Sadly, it seems necessary to constantly repeat. " Regarding the impeachment game, it’s time to put up or shut up. If there’s a crime, identify it, charge it and prosecute it. Can’t do that? Then give it up." If Trump is guilty of an impeachable crime, he should be gone. All the anti-Trumpers have provided is gossip, innuendo, speculation and allegation - much of which provided by anonymous sources. Ya got facts, bring 'em on - PLEASE!! If not, you're looking sillier every day. Let us be clear... When we ask for facts, we refer to facts of an impeachable offense. We've had enough trash and garbage - and the swamp dwellers and their supporters.


If it involves Trump it is more likely to be illegal, immoral, and or both. But really Rick, did you really have to display your irrelevance so boldly here???


from the horse's mouth, or somewhere.


Your wish is granted... Winter’s coming and it’s going to be a cold one 🥶.


and the vote you demanded just occurred. anything now changed?


Rick, Just the phone call summary that the White House provide was enough for impeachment, but there is a lot more than that, and we want it all to come out, and that requires investigation before the spectacle of public hearings.


Not to worry, Rick. You'll get your wish. The wheels of justice are turning. Once open hearings begin, more and more R's will scurry from the sinking ship. Even McConnell has his parachute ready.


I believe that is precisely the reason for the inquiry. Let's see how it all plays out before spouting off.


Dude, you DO realize that gathering evidence is EXACTLY what they are doing. This is why the process works as it does. What do you expect to be done? Did you notice all the evidence gathering that preceded the Nixon and Clinton impeachments?


Since you seem to know best Rick, I am sure you know that impeachment doesn’t have to mean a crime was committed.


Open your eyes and ears, Rick.


The only people looking silly are the republicans doing their best Baghdad Bob side show while the Democrats are taking this seriously and getting to the truth. There’s more than enough facts in the open already to show POTUS clearly engaged in a QPQ. Trump’s chief of staff admitted it! But he’s guilty even without the QPQ element. Just asking for the investigations of the Bidens was abuse of power. So Rick, what’s it going to be - impeach and remove? That’s the only debate left.

Obadiah Plainsmen

Three elements define a "fair process" Engagement, Explanation, Clarity of



John Gotti would walk into a carting company & engage the owners. He explained what they needed to do to stay in business, & them tell them his expectations were the envelope would be ready 10:00 am every Friday. I'm not sure the owners would have considered this a fair process.


And it shall all be done, but not all at once.


Yep, be careful what you wish for Republicans. Public hearings will certainly shame this president and all of his lying and obstructing minions. They will be convered in eggnwash.

Heck, even Trey Gowdy who ran the same private inquiry process for the Benghazi debacle (Hillary and Obama definitely engaged in a cover up of what really happened, IMO) supports this process now. The Republicans tried to recruit him to lead the defense of POTUS, but they screwed up even that. What a joke this administration is.


Well stated sir. There is little hope for Blatchford, however.


Hear, hear 👍


Your thought process is amazing.


You need to get your facts correct. You might want to do a little more research.


What facts does the letter writer have wrong?




The Fixed News faux facts.


Niceund, Please share your facts.

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