This is in response to the Sept. 13 article “Manchin favors trimming Biden budget plan by more than half.”

Why are politicians like Senator Manchin trying to trim the stimulus package. The stimulus pulled many Americans out of poverty. The stimulus would provide jobs and income for millions of people and get and keep them out of poverty. Why do politicians not want to help Americans?

The $3 trillion is very similar to the amounts of money Donald Trump spent during his presidency, but he gave most of it to the already filthy rich and did little or nothing to save Americans from COVID.

Some of the things I have seen in the news that have disturbed me, and I fear that it is going to happen more and more. It makes me wonder what it is going to do to us in Frederick County.

This morning I saw a flag in Mount Airy that said, (expletive) Biden. Very disturbing.

Hospitals are being overrun by non-vaxxers, and people awaiting serious surgeries are not being cared for because someone is too stubborn to get the shot.

In Pennsylvania, Republican politicians are asking for personal information on voters.

Politicians are telling small businesses what they can and can’t do to protect themselves and their customers from the virus.

What I am feeling is that if Washington isn’t working for the American people, who are they working for? What kind of people try to reduce health benefits, social security, and living wages to Americans?

Is this what is going to help us in Frederick County?

William Dolan

Mount Airy

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Trim it up? Does anyone know what he wants to trim? If you know, please let me know and the senate.

I would think Manchin should explain what he wants to trim from the stimulus package, if not just blowing it up.🤷‍♂️

Btw, if a political party is demanding people personal information that’s not law, it’s illegal. They should be removed from office. Republican politicians elected to office aren’t the law - not locally, not state wide or Nationally. Government is a system of rules. If one in office is practicing powers that they don’t have, they should be immediately removed from office.


Sounds like Mr. Dolan is not happy about Sen Manchin putting the brakes on his freebies promised by China Joe.


Name the freebies piddle. You just flap your gums but never give us specifics on what you are babbling about. WHAT FREEBIES?? 🤡


Chef Wild Bill Dolan serving up his favorite cuisine for the FNP Amen Chorus: A half pound Nothing Burger accompanied by a scoop of Silly Slaw and washed down with a pint of bile. Certainly not my kind of grub, but bon appetit, ladies and gentlemen. BTW, Bill, you don't happen to know where I can buy one of those flags, do you?


If that fits your cuisine, I do, on Amazon. Eat-up. Bon appétit 😋


Try the Trump Store veritas, they pass them out free. BTW veritas, what was your favorite thing about Trump????😂🤣😂🤣


Hmm. Plainspeak. So many readers will be unfamiliar.


Thank you letter writer. You are correct.

It seems like you are starting to see the trend here. Conservatives will line up around the block to give their money to the rich, but would rather die than see their neighbors thrive.


Because they are schumers, which in german means vagabond, a good for nothing person.


Were you going anywhere with that? Was it supposed to make sense?



In his mind it did and nowhere else.

Classic case of blamestorming.


[thumbup]NMP, perfect word to describe Blueline's post.


I thought “vagabond” meant “wanderer” (as in the fnp featured series of articles, most recently from El Salvador.)


Mr. Dolan,

As frustrating as it was for Ms. Collins and Ms. Murkowski to impede certain Republican initiatives prior to 2020 it was accepted and understood. The same is true for Senator Manchin on the opposite side. The major concern for most Americans at this point is inflation with 82 % expressing discontent.. Mr. Manchin curbing the excessive spending, such as 200 Million to beautify Presidio, Ms. Pelosi's favorite spot to walk, is actually helping the residents of Frederick County.


What inflation jsk? What is the rate of inflation right now? What are you paying more for? Quantify your concerns jsk. Quit aiding and abetting Russia and China and all our enemies in their efforts to destroy us. You’re four years too late in your President bashing.


It is commonly understood that we have significant inflation now compared to the recent past (it is at a 13 year high). If you don't believe it (you must not be doing much shopping especially for groceries) just look at the following site and check out the 25 years chart:

The proposed government spending runs the risk of driving inflation even higher. See the Barron's article for a little explanation:, and be sure to read it through the end. As reported by the news this afternoon, today's the Dow Jones 30 Industrial market dropped more than 600 points (1.8%) on further inflation fears. Also see Value Line's Daily Update for today:


The Federal Reserve takes a sanguine view, saying it expects inflation to average 2.4 percent this year and decline to 2.1 percent by 2023. 2017-2.1% 2018-2.4% 2019-1.8% 2020-1.2% out of control MD??


I looked up the reason for the drop and they talked about China Evergrande fears, nothing about inflation. You’re getting as bad as veritas making stuff up MD. Quit the BS.


Phydeaux, clearly you didn't read through the article you question. I provided sources it is up to you to read the material correctly. Many sources point to inflation as a concern especially if the $3.5 trillion spending package passes on top of what has already passed. You are the one making things up. Who said "out of control" besides you making that up? Are you arguing that inflation is not at a 13 ear high? You are the one who needs a reality check and quit claiming B.S. because the data someone presents from reputable sources (such as Barron's and Value Line) does not meet your preconceived view of the world. Additionally, on the news today that reported the market dropped attributed in a large part to inflation fears. I didn't make this stuff up. Note, I didn't even touch upon the obvious housing and vehicle price increases. I sold my brother's townhouse this year for $294,500 when last year it would have got maybe $275,000 at best and more like $270,000 in Blacksburg, VA. Take a look at the USDA's website for something as basic as food prices: and Housing, transportation and food accounted for almost 63% of the typical household budget in 2019. Look at the inflation rate for those elements. Again look at the USDA for a summary of food prices (see: Please try better to educate yourself before calling B.S. on someone and please try not to make things up such as use terms such as "out of control" when no one except you used the term. When the choice is believing professional publications or you, I'll go with the professional sources every time. Gary would have been much more succinct than I and would have just said "Piffle" to you, and I say that now.


The Social Security COLA is expected to be about 6% this year which is tied to the average of 3 months (July, August, September) of the CPI-W. It was 1.3% for 2021, a year of shortages everywhere.


Careful there Tomwheatly, Phydeaux will say your as bad as veritas and tell you to stop spreading B.S. when you are providing citations for your statements.

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