Dear Peter Franchot:

The May 17 Frederick News-Post article states that as Maryland’s comptroller, you are urging the state’s pension system to divest itself from Alabama-based companies due to that state’s strictest-in-the-nation abortion ban. Further, as vice chairman of Maryland’s State Retirement and Pension System, you are asking the system to undertake a review of all relationships the system has with businesses in Alabama.

Please keep in mind that you are the comptroller for the state of Maryland, its chief financial officer. Continue to carry out the duties of this office using the financial skills and knowledge that you demonstrated in order to be elected. Do not, however, make decisions about the investment of our money based on how a particular entity or the state in which an entity operates votes on the question of abortion. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion on the abortion question, that opinion should play no part in how and where you invest the money entrusted to you as comptroller.

Becky Ahearn


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Becky, Just follow your orders, right Becky?


We do not elect robots or computers. We select people and if they have strong opinions we should listen to them. Then their performance is measured by how well they do. That seems fair to me.


Right you are Becky and Frosh is a putz!


Do you have "inside informtion to share?"


Strange, but I agree with Becky that the Comptroller should do as good as he can with our money. But look at what the Republicans have done to Planned Parenthood.


Mr. Franchot is exercising the highest of ethics he is sworn to uphold. He must not invest public funds in sleazy organizations run by liars, hypocrites, fanatical oppressors, charlatans and the sort. Such investments carry a higher risk than established and known safe investments. Kudos to Mr. Franchot and may be expand his recommendations to other stinking red states. No Northern money should be invested in the sleazy South anymore. God Bless Mr. Franchot.


Business ethics are principles based on doing the right thing. They are the moral values by which an individual or business operates. If Franchot sees doing business with Alabama is supporting draconian immoral behavior he has a moral responsibility not to do business with them. More financial managers are being schooled in the ethical value in doing the right thing because it is right, not just because it serves one’s interest.


He IS NOT running a personal business. He is entrusted with managing the states funds. My funds as a taxpayer! Remember during the last “depression” when the comptroller of Frederick made wrong stock decisions and lost a great deal of money? The county then wanted to raise taxes to make up the difference. We all said “NO”. Morality IS NOT the is his financial responsibility to the state taxpayers! He serves the interest of the state and not his “morality”.


She's right.



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