WASHINGTON — The four Democratic congresswomen who President Donald Trump told to “go back” to their countries rejected the president’s attacks on Monday, condemning his tweets as racist and calling them a distraction from the issues facing the country, including the detention of migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Democratic Reps. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York told reporters at the Capitol that they were not surprised by the president’s attacks and vowed not to be silenced by them.

“This is the agenda of white nationalists. ... This is his plan to pit us against one another,” Omar said.

Trump said earlier Monday that he is not concerned by criticism that his tweets were racist, asserting that the congresswomen hate the United States and are free to leave. Three of the four were born in the United States; the fourth, Omar, came to the U.S. from Somalia and became a citizen as a teenager.

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Most of these comments are expected but I am re-posting one that I think has a special significance:"Finally! No more political correctness! Let 'em have it Donnie!" That may well summarize the mood of the Trump supporters during the 2106 election .And the new election season is starting to heat up.


The hell with political correctness!


I think Brit Hume said it best: "Trump’s “go back” comments were nativist, xenophobic, counterfactual and politically stupid. But they simply do not meet the standard definition of racist..."


Or possibly the Daily Stormer: “Trump tells brown communist Democrats to leave America, return to their shitholes,”"


The squad are racists and they are calling the president a racist. By definition haven’t they diluted the meaning of racism? Pathetic gaggle of airheads those freshwomen of the democrat party are.


I believe that in order to understand the true impact of Trump's racist "message" one has to "hear" what our fellow American CITIZENS of the various shades of "color" (and heritage, too) have heard in America during their or their families' lifetime, from their fellow citizens and "neighbors". Your physician, your nurse, your professor, or your teacher of Pakistani, Indian or African American heritage. Your lawyer, your children's friends, your local policeman or fireman, or your pet's veterinarian, of Hispanic descent. The person serving you your lunch or dinner, at your local restaurants, or cleaning your hotel room or your home, whose ancestors came from South America or the Philippines or the Caribbean. Or maybe the Japanese scientists, doctors, diplomats and chefs, whose families, just 2 or 3 generations ago, were locked up in Japanese internment camps during WWII. The Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian business owners whose families brought to America the delicious cuisines of their ancestral countries. Maybe even a two term president of the United States, who had African ancestors. Until it is understood that each and every one of these American citizens has been told "to go back where you came from", based on the color of their skin, the level of racism spoken by the president of the United States cannot be truly understood. Try to understand. And understand too, that as this president gets more desperate as his world of hate, lies, manipulations and criminality closes in, it is going to get worse. Truly sad for those who believe these are the qualities of an American leader, for us, and for the world to see. I believe otherwise. Here you see the underbelly of true American prejudice and ignorance, let loose and endorsed by Donald Trump and the leadership in the Republican Party.


“There is no way you can get the Dems to endorse Antifa, Al Qaeda and Venezuela all in the same week” Donald Trump: Hold my covfefe


I am pretty sure Somalia wants nothing to do with her either! But these liberals need to get over themselves. Whenever they don't (which is never) agree they cry racism. Enough! Political correctness is on the ropes! Don't stop now!!!!!!


MLCA in 2020 MAGA!


yeah, yeah, this is just to deflect the fact that AOC accused Pelosi of complaining about her and the other three the same thing because, and I quote AOC on this, that they were "women of color." Now, AOC is accusing Pelosi of being a racist with that statement. It's nice to see some of this coming back to the old school liberals that taught what is now called the millennial generation all this liberal stuff to see it come back and bite them in the you-know-what. It's hilarious.


Do any of you know the definition of racism? Racism is the belief that your race is superior to another. Pretty simple YES or NO test. What say you?


add Xenophobia, phy.


When did he say anyone was better than anyone based on race? He said if they hate this country they can leave.


Racist = Someone who wins an argument against a liberal.


I would have to hear the whole exchange to know for sure who is right and wrong here. But I did read where Trump told Omar, go back to Somalia and fix the problems there. Then you can tell us how to fix things. If that is true, I don't consider that remark racist.


what do you consider it? please reply. this should be good. thank you


How is Trump racist? Saying you can't speak up against women of color is what's racist.


It depends on what you say to those women of color. Southerners always told blacks (they used a more derogatory word) to go back to their place.


In the period of time you refer to, southerners were democrats so your condescending viewpoints have not changed at all.


LOL, no FAUX, that was spread across the entire country, North, South, East, and West.


Ok, democrats in all parts of the country were demeaning towards minorities.


Bunny - revisionist history. The so-called Dixie Democrats almost universally became Republicans and supported policies that are still be reflected in the southern states to this day. But you don't care about that bit of information, do you.


Sorry Bunny if you misinterpreted my post. I meant discrimination against black people was (is) not restricted to the south. It was (is) also not restricted to any one party. There was (is) enough bigotry to go around. Some were (are) just better at hiding it.


I should also add that the biggest FU to your detractors is overcoming any obstacles they may throw in your way, and finding success in your life.


Finally! No more political correctness! Let 'em have it Donnie!


wow. 'let'em have it'? so, it's safe to say you are a fan of bullying, fear mongering, divisiveness, and xenophobia/racism? .

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