As if in defiance of an organized plea against violence announced for this weekend, police reported four more shootings — including at least one homicide — in Baltimore in less than 24 hours.

A 32-year-old woman was found sitting in the driver’s seat of her car in the 4300 block of Seminole Ave. at about 1:37 p.m. Saturday with gunshot wounds to her head and chest, a Baltimore Police Department news release said.

Officers attempted to save the woman’s life, but she was pronounced dead at 2:41 p.m. in the University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center.

The release said that detectives are searching for a man wearing a black T-shirt and shorts and red sneakers who was seen running from the area.

The homicide marred what was to have been a 72-hour halt to violence this weekend called by organizers of Baltimore Ceasefire. It’s part of a campaign led by Erricka Bridgeford that’s attempting to stem Baltimore’s rising tide of shootings. The Ceasefire weekends have been held quarterly since their launch in August 2017; this weekend’s activities include a peace walk and a memorial service for victims.

Less than an hour before the Seminole Avenue shooting, officers called to the 2900 block of Grindon Ave. at 12:53 p.m. found a 25-year-old man who had been shot in the head and right arm, the release said. The victim, who was conscious and alert, was being treated at an area hospital and was listed in serious condition.

Two shootings also occurred on Friday:

Police said they found a 37-year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds to the leg and hip in the 5200 block of York Road in North Baltimore at 4:45 p.m. He was taken to an area hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

The second shooting occurred at about 9:15 p.m. in the 2200 block of Garrison Blvd. in Southwest Baltimore. There, an unidentified man was suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest.

He was taken to an area hospital where police said he was in serious condition.

Detectives are asking anyone with information about any of the four shootings to call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP. (866-756-2567.)

Through Tuesday, there had been 613 shootings this year in Baltimore, a 28 percent increase over this time last year.


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America’s existential threat is illegal aliens, minority felons and white supremacists.

Obadiah Plainsmen

The reason Mr Principle's comments are not deleted is because they are condoned by the FNP.


Not always. FNP deletes them if I get too non-objective. Students and hospital staff help me with my mental challenges in being too flagrant. But in the one below every sentence is an object, correct statement of fact.

Obadiah Plainsmen

"Meanwhile maga-hatted Republican/NRA shooters have again performed their usual act in El Paso and Dayton, showing us their masculinity by shooting down dozens in cold blood. El Paso should not surprise anyone".

That Mr Principle is speculation, which only you and the FNP hopes to be true. Now if a I luv Hillary-hatted Democrat shooters have performed this act you and the FNP would consider it justifiable homicide. Hows that for speculation!


Four shootings? Oh, the horror! I bet when this went to press Republicans considered it good news. Meanwhile maga-hatted Republican/NRA shooters have again performed their usual act in El Paso and Dayton, showing us their masculinity by shooting down dozens in cold blood. El Paso should not surprise anyone. Texas is an open carry state and there are zero barriers to acquiring any assault rifle and all the ammo you need to create your own DIY killing spree. Any right wing kook is free to do it anytime. That fat thing desecrating the Oval Office called it an 'act of cowardice". Wrong! The shooting was actually an act of premeditated mass murder against Hispanics, promulgated by Republican rhetoric. Yes, life really is that simple. The shooter, like the Christchurch mosque shooter he purports to adore, seems to be pleased with the outcome. God Bless America! Ain't America great? Under Republicans and the NRA, America just gets greater with each mass shooting. Maga! Maga maga maga! If you repeat it fast enough it sounds like machine gun fire.


Something needs to be done about the gun violence NOW. How are these assault rifles even getting into shops and on the streets for sale? Arrest the suppliers!!! And shooters, when caught, should be immediately executed.


In some cases the purchases are legal because Republican/NRA leaders seem to like it that way. That is the case in most red states, including Texas. The El Paso shooter appears driven by a mad desire to keep it that way. In other cases, if the weapons cannot be purchased legally locally, like in blue states like Maryland, the shooter merely has to drive to a neighboring Republican/NRA state, like Virginia, to buy them. Then they drive back to Maryland for example, dress up in body armor if they like, and fire away.


Sir I hope with your hate and pea brained statements that you are in fact not a school principal. If in fact you are that is part of the problem. I have no idea what republican rhetoric would encourage any sane person to go shoot people. I am conservative and I do not promote shooting people, Hispanic or otherwise. Obviously we do have a huge problem in the USA with these wackos shooting people. Yet also fundamental to our rights is the freedom to keep and bear arms. I don’t know what the solution is. Many of these shooters have purchased guns legally. Personally I have no problems with background checks and a mental health evaluation for gun purchases. So long as it doesn’t limit the rights of normal logical Americans then why not? I am sure you will conclude my statements are racist just like everything else that comes out of a conservatives mouth. Many conservatives like myself advocate for freedom for all people regardless of race, creed or sexuality. I don’t have to like you or your choices to realize that protecting your rights are important to society as a whole. The fact of all this is that the more we talk about race the more we divide everyone. When the headlines read a white cop shoots a black man the media divides us all. How is race even relevant? A person is dead. Who cares what the race is. When Trump says Baltimore is rat infested and run down, how is this racist? His statements are true and why aren’t the leaders of Baltimore addressing the issue? Why didn’t the representative from our state ask for help in finding out why money sent to Baltimore hasn’t helped the situation more? He had an excellent opportunity to put the president on his heels. Instead he reverts to pulling the race card. He should of invited Trump to his district and showed him the challenges they face. Instead the Dems play into trumps hand by keeping the rhetoric going. I agree Trump is not a good leader. But previous poor leaders is what got him elected. Look at the options we had for President. 2 bozos. But one was a lot different then the previous leaders and people wanted a change. So now the dems respond with a slew of extreme left wing losers running for office. Why not just get a good solid middle of the road candidate? We continue to divide, we need a leader that will bring us together.


The losers are not the left wing. The losers are those in power now who do nothing but incite racism and violence. "Maybe he should have been roughed up." "Go back to where they came from." They could be constructive and inclusive but they choose not to be. Have yet to see a single leftist shooter pump rounds into innocent people by the dozen. As far as a uniting leader, Obama tried and tried, agreeing to Republican demands on numerous occasions, but the Republicans refused to help him and the nation be successful and better. "You lie, boy!" Eventually Obama learned such efforts were pointless, made him look foolish, so he gave up, as he well should have. The rest is history, still playing out at the end of Republican/NRA barrels. And will continue to do so no doubt. You can count on more NRA-enabled mass killings in the near future. There aren't many safer bets than that.


You are one sick individual who if part of the fcps system should be fired for cause. You are a disease that has no cure.


Unpleasant truths are hard to face.


Your version in your sick demented mind. As to the shooters no one condones their behavior. When Obama had the white house and the dems had both the house and senate they could have done something, but didn’t. Were they beholden to the NRA? As I recall mass shootings happened then to.


If they don’t face the truth after this past week FCPS, they never will.


holy crap, loo. do you not remember after sandy hook that barry tried to get legislation - that 99% of the public was behind (polls, I know) but failed because congress was beholden to lobbyists and the gun loon association? your statement is patently false and untrue. Hands down, the biggest fabrication you have made - and you've made a few.

Comment deleted.

Hmmm. "Ad hominen criticisms are not allowed. Focus on ideas instead."

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