More than 51K file for unemployment in Maryland

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan speaks at a news conference in Annapolis, Md., Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Maryland residents will no longer be required to stay at home, but they will be strongly advised to continue to do so, especially if they are older and more vulnerable to the coronavirus, Hogan said Wednesday as he announced a statewide order that will take effect later this week. (AP Photo/Brian Witte)

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland is widely expanding access to coronavirus testing, to people without appointments or symptoms — a step that epidemiologists say is key to containing the spread of COVID-19.

Gov. Larry Hogan announced 17 new COVID-19 test sites at CVS Pharmacy drive-thru locations across the state, with more test sites to be opened by month's end, his office said. And when the state opened a drive-thru testing site at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Baltimore County on Thursday, it reached its capacity of 1,000 tests early in the day.

“I think the fact that we were at capacity so quickly speaks to the incredible need out there in the community, and meeting this need is critical,” said Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski, who posted a video of remarks he made at the site on his Twitter account.

Additional drive-thru testing to people without appointments or symptoms is scheduled to open Friday at the Glen Burnie Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program site in Anne Arundel County and at the Hyattsville VEIP station in Prince George’s County, the governor’s office announced this week.

Hogan also announced Thursday that Maryland's statewide contact tracing operation across all 24 of the state's jurisdictions will be fully operational next week. Maryland will have more than 1,400 case investigators statewide, the governor's office said.

Under the initiative, case investigators will reach out to people after they test positive for the virus within 24 hours to begin a trace investigation. Local health officials with help from the state will be able to track 1,000 cases and 10,000 contacts on a daily basis, the governor's office said.

Meanwhile, business shutdowns to contain the spread continue to profoundly impact the economy. Maryland's labor department announced Thursday that 51,108 people filed for unemployment benefits for the first time last week, down from 65,805 people the week before.

More than 607,000 Maryland residents have filed for unemployment in the last nine weeks. The U.S. Labor Department says roughly 38.6 million people have filed for jobless aid in the United States since the coronavirus forced millions of businesses to close their doors and shrink their workforces.

Hogan made headlines last month when the state acquired 500,000 test kits from a South Korean company in a confidential deal, but Maryland has not had all the components needed for testing - like swabs - to meet demand. Hogan said last week that Maryland got the first 75,000 of 350,000 swabs it requested from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


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Can anyone commenting here give us a few reasons Trump should be re-elected. How has he MAGA? Anybody? Tell us how he has made life better for you and yours?


He actually did what he said he would. He is bringing jobs back to the US, and showing the dems up for the hypocrites they are. Its really sad how far they go to try to make him look bad. Get over it, he's getting reelected, as he should.


Jaye186, how do you explain 39,000,000 million plus out of work in less then 10 weeks. Wiping out all the financial gains since 2008. The greatest unemployment #s since 1930? Trump has been plagued by controversy since before taking office, a history of corruption, misdeeds, unethical behavior, immorality and plain stupidity. Fake college, fraudulent nonprofit, more indictments in 3 years then any president, over 18 lawsuits waiting for him after he leaves office. But his greatest failure will go down in history as ‘falling asleep at the stirring wheel in the middle of a pandemic’. That’s your idea of better🤦‍♂️? 100,000 dead in 10 weeks, 1.6 million infected. Is that what he said he would do? I thought he said, ‘nobody could fix things but him’.

Now, what are those jobs he brought back that you are talking about?


"aye186, how do you explain 39,000,000 million plus out of work in less then 10 weeks. Wiping out all the financial gains since 2008. The greatest unemployment #s since 1930?"

OK aw, you now have shown how totally ignorant you are. The unemployment figures are a direct result of the COVID-19 madness that shut the country down. A shut down that Fauci now admits was a complete mistake. It obviously has nothing to do with Trump. So why try to tie that to him?

And as further proof of your ignorance, financial gains haven't been "wiped out" back to 2008 levels. That is a bald faced lie on your part.

Face it. You are just a bottom feeding Trump hater who is either willing to make stuff up or simply listen to your heros on msdnc.

And all the rest in your comment? Again, just left wing spin designed to stir the pot.


Fido, can you tell us what your comment has to do with this article? And why you insist on keeping to ask it over and over and over again in multiple, unrelated articles when people have already answered you several times?


I think people like fido and awteam and many others on here have run out of options. All the "git Trump" attempts have failed spectacularly. Trump has higher numbers than "The One" had at the same time. Especially considering the difference in how the media treats Trump vs obama. It makes it very hard for them.

The only thing these people have left is re-runs of the same old same old. They know creepy joe can't win. They know pelosi has blown her perceived advantage with the House. They know the dems will lose the House, fail to take the Senate and Trump will win with perhaps 10 million more votes than last time.


Yeah jag, I agree, their party is swirling down the toilet. But fido's RLBTT (Radical Left Bully Tag Team) redundancy sure is getting boring. [yawn]


$430 (State UI) + $600 (Federal UI) = $1030 per week x 4 = $4120 / month. If two adults in a household are eligible that's $8240 / month tax free. Not bad, no wonder so many are anti opening back up.


You just made a great argument for a mandatory living wage. But I'm absolutely sure that wasn't your intent.[whistling]


If they want a living wage, then they should get a living job.


Where does the money come from for that mandatory living wage that the socialists push for?


One of they're many orifices.


You just made an argument for Marxism, which I'm sure was not your intent :) [beam]


That is if they qualify for the full $430 a week.


Those that make over $22k / year full time do.


vodalone, unemployment is NOT tax free. You have the option of having taxes taken out of each payment, or paying the taxes the following spring when you do your tax returns. Either way, it is taxable income.




Wonder how many just for the extra $600/week from the feds? Wonder how many, in Frederick county, would NOT have filed if Wuhan Jan opened the county IAW Hogan’s guidance?


Let's hope no more hairdressers call her because they are scared, or she keep us on lockdown even longer. [ninja]


Just depends on who's ox is being gored, right Bosco?


Always, cheeto, always.[ninja]


Which is stupid, i went to Carroll county yesterday and got a cut, got tired of waiting for slowpoke Jan.

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