Congress pushes ahead on Trump impeachment with nation split

FILE - In this July 25, 2019, file phot, President Donald Trump speaks during a ceremony for new Secretary of Defense Mark Esper at the Pentagon. If there was one day that crystallized all the forces that led to the impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump, it was July 25. That was the day of his phone call with Ukraine’s new leader, pressing him for a political favor. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

WASHINGTON — The White House declared Sunday it would not participate in the first impeachment hearings before the House Judiciary Committee as Democrats prepared to approve their report Tuesday making the case for President Donald Trump’s removal from office.

The Democratic majority on the House Intelligence Committee says its report will speak for itself in laying out possible charges of bribery or “high crimes and misdemeanors,” the constitutional standard for impeachment. After receiving the report, the Judiciary Committee would prepare actual charges.

That committee’s first hearing was already set for Wednesday and was expected to feature four legal experts who will examine questions of constitutional grounds as the committee decides whether to write articles of impeachment against Trump, and if so, what those articles would be.

The White House was invited to attend the Wednesday hearing, but its counsel declined in a fiery letter released Sunday evening.

“This baseless and highly partisan inquiry violates all past historical precedent, basic due process rights, and fundamental fairness,” said White House counsel Pat Cipollone, continuing the West Wing’s attack on the procedural form of the impeachment proceedings. Trump himself was scheduled to attend a summit with NATO allies outside London on Wednesday.

Cipollone’s letter applied only to the Wednesday hearing, and he demanded more information from Democrats on how they intended to conduct further hearings before Trump would decide whether to participate in those hearings. House-passed rules provide the president and his attorneys the right to cross-examine witnesses and review evidence before the committee, but little ability to bring forward witnesses of their own.

Republicans, meanwhile, wanted Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the Intelligence Committee, to testify before the Judiciary Committee, though they have no power to compel him to do so, as they joined the White House effort to try to cast the Democratic-led inquiry as skewed against the Republican president.

“If he chooses not to (testify), then I really question his veracity in what he’s putting in his report,” said Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee.

“It’s easy to hide behind a report,” Collins added. “But it’s going to be another thing to actually get up and have to answer questions.”

Schiff has said “there’s nothing for me to testify about,” that he isn’t a “fact” witness and that Republicans are only trying to “mollify the president, and that’s not a good reason to try to call a member of Congress as a witness.”

Coming after two weeks of public testimony and two months of investigation, the findings of the Intelligence Committee report were not yet publicly known. But the report was expected to focus mostly on whether Trump abused his office by withholding military aid approved by Congress and a White House meeting as he pressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to launch investigations into Trump’s political rivals.

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Sums up things quite well:


Fox is abandoning Trump is slow motion and it’s friggin hilarious


then fox will probably lose much of its ratings just like cnn.

Comment deleted.

yikes, i was going to write, "I know why" and changed it to "I no longer wonder why" but forgot to change know = no. another typo.

Comment deleted.

FCPS Everytime I read your posts, I know longer wonder why when I quiz these high schoolers in my neighborhood that they have no clue to things I had to learn in the third grade. Easy things like simple arithmetic question or who was who in american history, they give me the blank stare or fumble with answering. (They especially fumble with the simple arithmetic answers. Simple adding and subt.) I smh and question, these guys are going to be graduating next year?!?! This country is really going down, for real. Your future voters by your current educators. [rolleyes]


You're right, in does speak volumes. Trump knows that the way the dems have conducted this sham so far that he wouldnt get a fair hearing. And since most legislators are lawyers by trade, they know how to "trick" the questions and twist the answer around to fit their own agenda and narrative. Only a fool liberal would think it right to walk right into the opposition's arena where they call the shots and twist the answers around. (Biden beware: if you're called into the senate's impeachment inquiry, pleading the 5th will make you look guilty according to liberal rules, as well.)


Only the House of Representatives can Impeach a President. That is now what is going to start Wednesday. The Judiciary Committee will decide what the Articles of Impeachment will be for the entire House to vote on, yea or nay. This is where the Defendant should present their case for acquittal. If the vote is nay, Trump is acquitted. If the vote is yea, Trump is Impeached and goes to trial in the Senate, presided over by Chief Justice Roberts. He again can present his defense to the Senators, who are the Jury. The Jury then acquits him and he walks, OR convicts him and he is removed from Office. The Republicans call the shots in the Senate Trial, riccicc, not the Democrats, and they will acquit him and he will walk. He will still carry the stain of Impeachment, as does Clinton. Your comments would be more effective riccicc if you actually knew what you are talking about. Right now it’s obvious you don’t.


Trump will benefit greatly from an impeachment by radicalized democrats refusing to accept the results of the last election. He will, of course, win in a Senate trial. First, there is no impeachable offense. Second, as you rightly pointed out, republicans get to set the "rules" in the senate and will certainly call witnesses denied in the house sham. Third, those witnesses will add to the cross examination answers obtained by republicans in the house hearings the last two weeks. End result, Trump wins and wins big. His re-election will be all but guaranteed.

Interesting that you used slick willie as an example of a president "stained" by impeachment. Not only was he not "stained", his approval numbers went up as a result. And that with an impeachment for actual crimes committed. Just think how people will react to a president impeached for no crimes committed.

And before you claim Clinton did nothing wrong, remember he was disbarred for those crimes.

For those of you who don't fully embrace the idea of full boat socialism preached by the current dem candidates, you'll be faced with voting for Trump or sitting home next election day. Which will it be? Either way, Trump wins next year with a larger tally than last time.


Like an African or Russian dictator Trump is above the law and those serfs who question his absolute authority will be dealt with. We can’t be a strong and respected nation if our president adheres to the liberal US constitution.


Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci compared the Republican Party’s complicity in President Donald Trump’s assault on constitutional principles to the Vichy regime assisting Nazi occupation of France.


the only assault on constitutional principles has been by the liberals


There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for anyone from the Trump administration to participate in this so called "investigation". It is not. It is nothing more than a political side-show put on by desperate democrats who are still refusing to accept the results of the last election.

There isn't any impeachable offense here. Only a difference in policy. A policy supported by the permanent government apparatchiks that is different from Trumps policy.

The echo chamber populated by the sheeple will continue to bleat about the same old same old. Meanwhile, regular Americans are going about their lives prospering in a greatly improved economy. Enjoying better jobs, higher wages, lower tax rates.

The dem party is going over a cliff and will reap what they sow next November when Trump gets re-elected with 35 or more states. Easy enough since black support is now around 1/3 of voters. Higher than any previous republican president in modern times.




The fact that he won't testify and that he ordered others not to testify speaks volumes. His defenders claim the witnesses so far have second hand info, but he won't let the first hand people testify. Why do you suppose that is?

Comment deleted.

Check your ‘facts’ before posting nonsense. POTUS is the most transparent president in modern history. Just ask Mueller.


White Conservative Republicans attempting to construct a cocoon around a blatant criminal demonstrates that most republicans are similar to black thugs they excoriate


Black people in the ghetto don’t snitch on black thugs

White people in rural America don’t snitch on white thugs


Trump is showing people under suspicion for crimes they should always avoid cooperating with investigators. If you commit a crime why would you increase the likelihood of being indicted by talking to investigators. If Trump had more loyal people that didn’t snitch none of his gang would be incarcerated. America hates snitches


If Russia launched a first strike on America today Trump supporters would blame Democrats for electing a black man and subsequently creating a climate where a white foreign asset could become president.


He should either testify or invoke the 5th, nothing less....




Because Africans sold slaves to America it exonerates American slaveholders.

Because Americans fell for Russian PSYOPS it exonerates Trump


Like Trump most guilty criminals typically promise “enormous levels of cooperation,” with law enforcement but then back out at the last minute after realizing evidence is overwhelming


Most republicans believe Abraham Lincoln was a traitor because he disrupted the cheap labor that built America


Most republicans side with the Russian military and because they hasn’t been invited to testify and defend Trump the bipartisan Congress findings have no validity. Who are we supposed to believe a Congressional inquiry witch-hunt or repackaged Russian communists targeting America with tens of thousands nuclear warheads and bots?

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