Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter today issued the following statement apologizing for his recent threat to sue a Frederick News-Post reporter for using his name in print without permission:

“The first amendment is alive and well in Frederick County. As a public figure working to maintain and improve the county, it can be very frustrating to feel misrepresented or misinterpreted by a local media outlet.

“Over my career I have fired off my fair share of angry e-mails, which in hindsight I wish I hadn't.  I can't think of one that had a positive effect.  Usually, they only served to escalate the conflict.  I thought I had long ago learned the lesson of waiting 24 hours before I hit the send key, but apparently I didn't learn that lesson as well as I should have. 

“Of course, as I am an elected official, the Frederick News-Post has the right to use my name in any article related to the running of the county -- that comes with the job.  So yes, my statement to the Frederick News-Post regarding the use of my name was wrong and inappropriate. I'm not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. 

“I got elected to serve all the citizens of northern Frederick County, Democrats as well as Republicans.  I look forward to the local papers covering my effort in that regard.”

For more, read Thursday's edition of The News-Post.

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What I find most troubling about Kirby Delauter’s latest antic is the fact that he was even elected. This is not new behaviour for him. What kind of voter casts his or her vote for a childish bully to direct the affairs of the County. Anyone who finds his behaviour OK and votes for him has to be either a bully themselves or incredibly stupid. Another zero for apparent party line voting.


The gang of 4 never ever thought that their throne would ever collapse. They felt they could change the law to suit them, make ethical unethical acts and do, say, and pass whatever suited their own personal interests and gain, forever. And then came Jan.

Now we know first hand how dictators react when they have their power taken away, they whine and threaten to sue us all.

Boo Hoo. Do the county a big favor, resign. You won't be missed.


Someone who has such a temper that he has to wait 24 hours to calm down enough to act like a civilized human being has no place holding public office. How can be be expected to make rational decisions on important matters if his temper clouds his judgement as badly as this? How can he respond to legitimate concerns of citizens that might approach him on the street unannounced with such thin skin? This is what you get when uninformed voters never cross party lines and give no further thought and consideration than if an r or d follows the candidates name on the ballot.


Sorry, but the word "sorry" does not appear anywhere in the statement. I t also never uses the word "apologize" or "apology", He never says that anything he did was wrong. He only says that his statement to the Frederick News-Post regarding the use of his name was wrong and inappropriate but this is prefaced by reference to his being an elected official. Apparently, he still doesn't truly understand the first amendment.

In my mind this is too little, too late. I believe this is only a response as a result of so many calling him out and from the pressure of others. County Council President, Bud Otis called the statement “a collaborative effort” which indicates to me Kirby was pressured into trying to address his foot in mouth issue. The statement is very carefully worded to not say sorry, not apologize, and it doesn't go far enough.

But I don't expect more. This group of people clearly don't understand that in a representative democracy there job is to represent the citizens not their own views. The sooner they are all gone the better.


That was a good apology. Now get back to work. The newspaper should have dropped their ridicule after his apology. The fact that they're not is evidence of an axe to grind, lending credence to this elected official's complaint.


I happen to disagree with you. It was not really an apology - more of a cover my a@@ kind of statement he was probably forced to give. He should resign. And so should Billy "it was a joke" Shreeve. They are acting like petulant babies to the detriment of the rest of us in Frederick county. They need to go. They have proven they can't act like adults and do what is best for all of the county.


I doubt that he would have "apologized" without pressure. How soon will he forget his lesson learned and will it change basic personality?


My favorite bit: "I thought I had long ago learned the lesson of waiting 24 hours before I hit the send key, but apparently I didn't learn that lesson as well as I should have."

I suppose more people should have done that before hitting the voting lever.


From kirbie's personal Facebook page:
"Just paid our qtrly 941 taxes $53,000.00. For those arithmetically challenged Liberals...that's $212,000.00 annually from our small business. Our poor govt. How do they make it?"


#1. If you paid that amount of money for the quarter - then you are in violation of IRS law. The IRS does not let that amount of money float around for the entire quarter. You would be on a weekly on monthly deposit schedule.

#2. 941 Tax consists of:
a) Employee Social Security
b) Employee Federal Withholding
c) Employee Medicare
d) Employer's share of Social Security
e) Employers share of medicare

With that said - the Federal Gov't will NOT be KEEPING all of that $212K. Since much of that $212K is your employees Federal withholding tax - the Federal Gov't WILL BE refunding most of the Federal withholding when your employees file their annual tax returns.

So, a liberal may be "arithmetically challenged", but YOU Kirbie.....are ACCOUNTING challenged. And that's because you think that the Fed Gov't will ge keeping and spending all of that $212k.


Kirby thinks he smarter than everyone else - but proves again just how wrong he is!


Everyone is still laughing AT you, Curly!!!


And by "everyone," I meant the WORLD!!!


Hundreds of thousands saw his anger, few will ever see his apology.


Way too little, way too late.


So Stevemckay, since FB is where the initial conversation started, why is that not the appropriate place for him to apologize? The FNP found it easily enough.


Please go back to your lives. Kirby did apologize to Bethany and the FNP directly. It was separate from this release. Whether his apology meets your standard is immaterial. No one on this thread, myself included, is in any position to judge sincerity. Please take all of this New Year energy you are using trying to destroy someone and focus it on something positive. As always, if you have led the perfect life and never said something stupid, by all means stay here all day every day and throw stones. But buy a mirror first.


He is destroying himself. We're just spectators.


I don't normally condone destroying a person over something so trivial but in Kirby's case I'll make an exception. He is a bully and has done great damage to Frederick County and he needs to go.


Kirbie - I ask you this question:

If one of your excavating employees called another employee mean, hateful names, such as "PUNK", and of one of your employees threatened a vendor, and if one of your employees drove a loaded dump truck as fast and hard as he could and said "I don't care, it's not my truck" (like you said when you voted to provide Buckingham Choice with money from the county) - what action would you take against that employee?


Hmm - I guess he only wanted to apologize to his Facebook friends. He forgot (or didn't want to) to set sharing to public.


Here is my response to Kirby


Plus he doesn't even have his facts straight in the apology. Kirby you did this on Saturday, not Monday, so as a voter I do not accept this apology has this was written by someone else


I'm not buying it. For one, as noted below, he didn't apologize to Bethany. For another, it would have been better had he sent this BEFORE the storm hit yesterday. More than 24 hours elapsed between when he hit "send" and when he apologized. It wasn't until it blew up in his face that he decided (or was forced) to "apologize"; he didn't recognize on his own it needed to be done. Nope, not buying it.


Kirby needs to go on public TV, actually call up Bethany Rodgers and the FNP, and should also make a video and put on both of his Facebook Pages saying that he his sorry for what he has done. Having Billy Shreve come on TV and say it was a joke is a joke itself. This sounds like a script written by Blaine Young




Admits he was wrong but doesn't apologize for threatening a journalist with a totally frivolous lawsuit.


bingo again!


Great quotes in Frederick County history:
"You’re not going to see or hear from me for eight to 10 years, if I ever choose to do it again"
"It was a joke"

Every time we start crawling out of the "Fredneck" image, one of these Bozo's open their mouth. Delauter and Shreve, PLEASE resign. You don't run the county anymore and you are nothing but an embarassment and impediment to other newly elected officials who want to move forward instead of sabotage the County Executive.




billy + kirby = 2 peeps in a pod


Thank you for "manning up" Councilman Delauter- it is painful and does kinda suck to eat some crow. One can certainly appreciate your passion for where "government" belongs in ones life. We are all of differing minds and thought processes and it is of the utmost importance that we respect where our respective places are in this democracy. The press does at times tend to skew the facts from article to article-and can get away with it-real or imagined. It is important that ALL humans-elected and constituent-remember to take a deep breath before reacting in this real time world of social media. Every nook and cranny of the world wide web unfortunately has the ability to ruin each and every one of us.


This guy has out-blained the Blaine, himself. We are used to hypocrisy from public officials and even Blaine's latest low of claiming his adulterous lover had been mistreated by the new county executive didn't warrant national attention. This guy was elected on the Tea Party platform and has just thumbed his nose at the First Amendment. The majority of Tea Partiers are simply stupid people and he is one of them.


This man has no respect for the law, the Constitution, or the rights of any individual, as exemplified in this latest attempt to intimidate a young news reporter. His conduct has brought reproval from fair-minded individuals all over the globe. His violation was not a simple mistake or a gaffe. It was a calculated attack on our Free Press, fully consistent with his past record as an elected official.

It's now obvious that the new County leadership has explained the facts to Mr. Delauter: 'We have a Constitution and laws. You will abide by them.' (Things would have been entirely different if the corrupt Blaine Board were still in control.)


exactly stevebruns. i'm betting that jan laid down the law to kirby, and she or someone else (bud?) read him the riot act. apologize now or RESIGN today.

the firestorm on social media was tremendous - much bigger than anyone anticipated, especially kirby delauter. if he makes still serving on the council through the ethics rules revision period, he'll probably have to go the next day, because then he'll be unable to "serve" and profit a the same time. we know enough about the past to know what's really most important to KIRBY DELAUTER.


Funny how some people simply apologize to get themselves out of a hot spot that they created through their lack of thought and knowledge. The fact is, that in most cases, these people don't mean anything by the apology and their shortcomings will become much more evident (if that's possible in this case) in the near future.


i like our new CE, but when i read the press release, i could just picture jan as kirby's mom prodding her 'son' to play nice and stop bullying people and telling lies.

what a very sorry, sorry picture.


okay - i misread Dog Catcher's post - but if shreve said kirby was just kidding, he's also full of bull, too.

Glen Shiel

Yeah, right Delauter. This sounds just about as sincere and credible as Young's "I'm a changed man" BS letter. Not EVEN a nice try. You continue to underestimate the people of Frederick Co. and anyone else who's eyes you were trying to pull this wool over.


" This sounds just about as sincere and credible as Young's "I'm a changed man" BS letter." EXACTLY!


We've all hit that "send" button and regretted it.
For a "future Sunday editorial" that one made a lot of noise.
What he said could not possibly be taken seriously and was not.
What would the perfect apology look like? If this isn't it, write it and ask him to sign it.
Not a fan, but this is over.


Don't forget the indoctrination Kirby has received these past four years:

"If it wasn't ethical, they'd make it illegal."


WUSA (cbs) just ran his "apology" story, where Shreve said he was just joking, of course. The text (and just added Facebook screenshot) are a sad excuse for an apology, and getting Shreve to try and cover it with the "it was a joke" story just puts icing on this cow patty.


"just joking" ? wow. he actually said this in an interview -?

i don't trust anything he says. he's a very angry, passive / aggressive type person, and IF it is true that he muses he was "just joking" re: his threat to FNP and bethany,
then this can't be a sincere apology, imo.


i wonder if the twelve journalists massacred today in france had anything to do with his change of heart. after all, he can't beat the drums of freedom if he is the one tamping them.


Wish we could go back and vote again. Oops sorry


^^even simple apologies can be effective


Damage control:

From Wikipedia:
"In navies and the maritime industry, damage control is the emergency control of situations that may cause the sinking of a ship.

Examples are:

rupture of a pipe or hull especially below the waterline and
damage from grounding (running aground) or hard berthing against a wharf.
temporary fixing of bomb or explosive damage."


He deleted his threat from facebook, therefore it never happened. Anyone who disagrees is a bald-faced liar.

Defensive fighting position: hey, you look it up.......


Just saw the segment on Fox News.


Fox News will be doing a segment on KD in a few minutes. He really should consider resigning.


Just saw the segment on abc. Kirby wouldn't talk to them, but Shreve did. He said Kirby was only joking.
Guess he didn't know about the apology.
They should probably collaborate next time.


[thumbup] those 2 men are still adolescents when it comes to their

1. thinking

and 2. behavior.


[thumbup] LOL!


Blaine's PR people wrote this for Kirby. Hard to ignore (or not apologize) after you become a global idiot.


What a total JERK. I can't believe he ever got voted in. Time he checks out the Freedom of the Press part that he missed in social studies when he was in 3rd grade.


he 'forgot' to apologize to bethany in his statement above.

the best predictor of future behavior is the past.


Thanks, Kirby. You needed to make the apology and I am proud of you for admitting you were wrong. I look forward to you serving Frederick County another four years.


Not really an apology... As you handle indicates, maybe you should revisit " Teach Your Children Well" .... He only did this because of the public outcry over his childish behavior.


Proud? I might say that to my child, but not my elected leader. They have a child for their leader in North Korea.




Why is anybody calling this an apology? There is no expression of remorse whatsoever. It seems very much like a reluctant, scripted response to a situation that blew up in his face and that he wants to simply go away. Even under the pressure of negative international attention, he doesn't have the decency to actually say "I'm sorry?" He directly accused a reputable reporter of incredibly unprofessional behavior, and he doesn't identify her by name and express remorse in the statement? No. This is not enough. You don't get to just "move on" when you decide it's time after a blunder of this sort. I get the sense that he only agreed to this very carefully worded statement specifically because it *didn't* contain the phrase "I'm sorry." From what I've read, that would be very consistent with his past behavior.


Exactly right.


This is not a one-time-thing, as admitted in his "apology". Perhaps anger management classes are needed to lengthen that fuse. We see plenty of other officials in our (and other) communities, managing their frustration and anger. If he truly believed that FNP and this reporter had it out for him, he didn't play his hand well. His immature response got the best of him and he played right into her hands. How strategic and mature of him. Pretty sure he spent most of the evening consulting with the best PR machine he could find; not that it will do him much good. This will now be one of those knee-slapping, hilarious stories told at local parties,'s just not that hilarious when you really think about this guy having input into the management of our community and lives. Good riddance.


Too little, too late. Stupid is, as stupid does.


Well, no one can say that was not a good and humble apology. If he is sincere and rectifies some of his other actions, I will be pleased. Until that happens, I am skeptical.


I don't think he apologized at all so I'll have to disagree with your first sentence.


Kirby has no credibility left. He is a joke around the World. He will be a totally useless representative of his constituents, and unfortunately, I am one. The only way he can make amends is to resign and allow us to have a real representative.


Too little too late, I fear. Your reputation is in shreds on a global basis. Your credibility, if you ever had any to begin with, is now non-existant, how do you plan on fulfilling your obligation to the citizens when no one cares what you think?

Does this apology mean that you will stop whining about you and Shreve not having reserved parking spaces? Does this mean you understand that you work for the people and not the other way around? Does this mean you are going to take some anger management classes? Does this mean that you are going to treat your fellow Council members as well as Ms. Gardner with the respect they deserve? How about citizens? Will you now refrain from being nasty to them if they question you at a meeting?

If you answered no to even one of the above questions you need to tender your resignation. Better to do it now before the next time you make a fool out of yourself. And sadly, I have no doubt that you will.


Doesn't change the fact that he and his bonehead rant were mocked all over the world.


Everyone has had a bad day my respect for Kirby has increased because he apologized.


Good for him.


Well done.


Resign Kirby Delauter, Resign!! We do not need Kirby Delauter in office!


Still doesn't quite get it -- newspapers have the right to mention you whether you're in your role of elected official OR otherwise. Does this mean you'll still threaten to sue if, say, you threaten to sue someone else? Or if you get caught shoplifting? Or if you win the lottery?


Also wondering.




OK for my part apology accepted. (24 hr rule before hitting send is a good one that I plan to follow when I am upset... Sure hope I remember to do so.)


A notpology.


"Notpology" is an excellent way to describe whatever it is Curly wrote.


Sounds like Kirby is closing the barn door after all the animals have left the building.

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