Heavy rain has taken a toll on an embankment along the Lake Marian dam in Lake Linganore.

Mark Shaffer, communications director for the Maryland Department of the Environment, confirmed via email on Monday that a slope failure occurred on the downstream side of Lake Marian dam over the weekend, forcing road closings as crews perform repairs.

Shaffer said MDE officials visited the site on Saturday after learning about the situation and met with representatives of the Lake Linganore Association on Sunday.

Woodridge Road, which is on top of the dam, is closed while the lake is lowered and long-term repairs are completed, according to a notice from the association. Woodridge Road is closed from Woodcliff Court to Eaglehead Drive, and Eaglehead Drive is closed from Labri Court to the Brosius dam.

Shaffer said that although the dam is not failing, debris from the embankment could block the nearby spillway if the slope failure continues.

The repair work consists of pumping the water from Lake Marian via a 6-inch hose across Woodridge Road and down to the bottom of the spillway, according to the notice. The pump began running Sunday evening and will continue running as long as needed. Because the pump is diesel-powered, it is loud, according to the Linganore association.

Shaffer also said on Monday that the issues near the dam will have “no impact whatsoever” on the city of Frederick’s drinking water supply. The city draws a big portion of its drinking water from Linganore Creek, which is an overflow of the lake.

“The Lake Marian dam is located downstream of Lake Linganore,” he said via email.

A representative of the Lake Linganore Association was not available for comment on Monday.

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Rock I`m not challenging you and it sounds like your an engineer in your field but the dams were built in 1968.


Even in 1968, there was what you would call "good engineering practice" even with absence of regulations. Stormwater mgmt. regulations became effective about 1970. The first stormwater management ponds & dams were pretty crude compared to today's standards.


[thumbup]on all post. The future outlook of the LAKES are becoming a swamp[sad]


That's why I call it Silt Linganore. Don't let the glossy stock photos, that Ryan and NVR Homes, use in their marketing propaganda fool you. The lake's disgusting. The only people who like Lake Linganore are new residents. Anybody's who's been here for some time, and can remember how it used to be, are saddened by the state of the community and the "progress" of the New Market, Monrovia and Urbana region.


This would be a perfect time to have a fuel cell power source: totally quiet. It is not very far to an electric power source in the mean time. This would be an opportune time to raise the water level more in line with the original plan. In years past, some friends affectionately named this lake "Lake Jimmy." Alas: just more broken dreams.......


over-development will cause this


Yes, and the area is slated for more development. The lake's been pretty disgusting this summer and will only get worse. Lake Linganore is only a sliver of what it used to be. Prior it was smart, green development. Now it's bulldoze every green space, level out the natural terrain and Ryanize the neighborhood.


The heavy rain didn’t force the closure, the developer(s) forced the closure!


Not sure what you're implying but a developer didn't saturate the soil which likely cause the dam slope to slip and fail.


Rock - you obviously do not understand storm water run-off


Kel, I'll challenge your knowledge of stormwater mgmt. anytime!!!! I spent over 30 years regulating development and stormwater mgmt. activities. If they is any fault to be placed here, it belongs to the regulatory process allowing such a steep slope to be constructed in the first place!!! Come on girl, I'm ready for ya! Let's start with what is Quality & Quantity control & what does PMF stand for? Any rookie engineer would know.


rock - you obviously are not familiar with Ellicott Citi. All human induced. Same with the problem at hand. go back and read my post - then please copy and paste where eye state i'm an engineer......


Well, it seems pretty clear that more development is what the folks that live in Frederick County want. They vote for folks who promote development- what other conclusion can be drawn? We have the same issue in Harford Co.- the electorate keeps voting in pro-growth candidates, but at the same time complaining about overdevelopment. I have no sympathy- party doctrine rules at the end of the day, and folks seem to vote party over their own self interests. "I really hate all this overdevelopment, traffic, crime and school overcrowding, but I just can't bring myself to vote for the party that would limit those things."


Excellent post cleanrunoff. You nailed it.

We would all be a lot better off if there were no "D" and "R" letters on ballots.

In fact, it would be best if candidates had no political party affiliation. Let people decide based on their experience and positions on issues.

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