The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an assault that happened Friday night at The Great Frederick Fair, according to a tweet from their official account.

The assault involved groups of juveniles, according to the tweet.

A fight started at around 5 p.m. in the midway section of the fair where most of the rides are located, according to a text message from Taylor Clarke, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office.

One person was taken to the hospital, according to Clarke, but she did not have details on the extent of that person’s injuries.

It was unclear exactly how many juveniles were involved or whether any arrests were made.

Clarke said no additional details would be available Friday night.

She expected more information would be released Saturday.

The tweet, which was posted at around 7:30 or 8 p.m. noted that “the situation is stabilized at this time.”

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by Maryland State Police and the Frederick Police Department.

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You can also see clip here on youtube. Despicable, that we have thugs like this in our society. This is why also Maryland needs to be more like VA, and allow concealed carry. Trash like this frankly has no place in our society. Lock them up for life, if not the death penalty. 15 and 16 are old enough to know right from wrong. And yes, this was a hate crime, all crimes involve hate. BTW, the squeegee boys in Baltimore will do the same if you don't give them money, yet Baltimore does nothing about it. Seems all of Maryland is becoming like this now.


I have looked at comments here and elsewhere and want to just remind folks that when an emotional event/incident like this take place, much of the initial information is proven to be wrong. There will be many rumors most of which will come from people who don’t have any of the facts right. I suggest that you wait several days or more before formulating any opinions, until more accurate information is available. It takes time to get it right.

Police want to hear from ALL witnesses. Some will be truthful and some will not be truthful. And, some will be mistaken. It will take a little time to sort things out and get to the truth. Good investigators know this and will keep an open mind, following the evidence.


Well said. In the meantime, my heart goes out to both families. A lot of lives were changed that day in the blink of an eye.


Can't believe we give kids a day off school when there are problems at this fair every year. I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near that place.

As for the wanna-be gangsters that killed this man, try them as adults and throw away the key. 15 & 16 is old enough to foresee this outcome. They wanted to live the thug life, let them live out that fantasy where it always ends. In prison.


The video cut off of course people came to his aid.


I just watched the video on

Sick. Not only was a deadly punch thrown, but then a bunch of fellow kids jumped around and appeared to yell at the man, although he was already down. Punch was directly aimed at the head.

No one rushed to his aid. Looks like a complete sucker punch. But the punch thrower and all of his acquaintenances showed no remorse, no compassion, and not a shred of human dignity. Even if there was some type of provocation that comes out as this story develops, it is not worth a man's life.

Punch thrower should be given a life sentence with no parole. What kind of parent allows their children to grow up like this?

And this was the GFF's Fair Day that FCPS honors by giving all local kids the day off from school? Who was monitoring these travelling groups of teenagers?

FCPS needs to think very hard about a GFF day next year. Kids should be in school. 95% of FCPS kids probably do not visit the GFF that Friday anyways. Most parents work.

What is happening to Frederick?


Second kid spit on him, twice, once he was down. Reason why he was also charged with assault.

What parent raises a kid to spit? And spit on a downed individual?

Once this internet video gains a wider audience and is shared and viewed more locally and regionally, I think the backlash is going to be fierce.

Maybe the FNP editor will write up an editorial with the link so the reading and consuming public can view it at their discretion and come up with their own individual observations and impressions?

dancing donna

Reporting a "fight" does not cause much alarm. I assume that is why FNP did and perhaps they were instructed to by the Frederick Fair officials. Clearly, with all the hundreds of witnesses, they would know If there was a fight. The word "unprovoked" implies no fight. The public should be told the truth quickly as we bring our families to these events. We were there, very nearby, but did not see the assault. I am disappointed in the FNP, Police Dept. and Frederick Fair for watering down this attack and then posting the seriousness of it conveniently after the fair was over. As we left, I watched all the hundreds of innocent people in cars, awaiting to park without having any clue of what had just happened. The Fair should have been immediately evacuated and closed. If only in respect for the man who was murdered. Who continues running a fair after a murder?


And the fair. In their written statement. Thanks the fcso for the quick arrests. Two things:

1) isn’t that their job??? Like there’s other options?

2) why weren’t these deputies there in the midway??? Come to think of it, in years pasts, I’ve only ever seen the deputies outside directing traffic and standing near the entrances. What use is that?


I want to know what happended in the 60 seconds BEFORE the punch was thrown.

A crowd had gathered. A number of people had their camera phones on recording the incident. A posting of the actual punch video is now on

What happended? Was this truly "unprokoved?" It sure seems a lot of bystanders knew something was up. I am NOT offering any excuses here...I just want the whole story and the facts to come to light.


Here is a video of the assault which led to the man dying .


The thug in the blue shorts and white shoes, is the one who threw the sole punch. You have to pause it and watch it frame by frame to see. This is unbelievable. Who raised and guided these punks??? I’d kill myself if my kids did that.

And the man’s poor family. Who would ever think that a trip to the county fair would get you killed at the hands of another individual?

I PRAY the assailant is charged as an adult. And I pray he gets maximum penalty with no cutting slack.


Sad you cant even live an innocent life and its enjoyments. Let me guess it was captured on social media,the youth these days are immoral! I pray for the man's family!! And give them 25 yrs for murder, watch how they cry in court, with their families. Dispose of them asap, cuz I'm not trying to pay taxes to keep them alive!



People standing around with phones out shooting video like you would when your 5 yr old is in the school

Play :(


There is a video on Facebook of the horrible incident. I’m refraining from typing what I really feel, it’s not pleasant. Our society is a disgrace. That kid needs the death penalty. And, where was the fair board’s prized FCSO rent-a-deputies? Fair board may wanna lawyer up


gangbuster job on deletions today...truth hurts I guess


I am concerned that the "unfounded" rumor discussed in the FNP article last Friday, as the GFF opened, may in some way be connected to this violent "unprovoked" incident this past Friday (a week later). Or, was this coincidental?

I hope the FNP is being invesigatively curious here. All details leading up to (and during and in the aftermath) this incident, and the total truth, is what Frederick County citizens deserve to know.

Friday was Fair Day for FCPS students and all kids in the county had the day off. A brazen, "unprovoked" attack on a 59 y.o. in broad daylight in the main drag of the carnival by two teenagers is going to have a lot of parents scratching their heads this time next year unless the whole truth and story comes out.

Comment deleted.

Jan isn’t the one who approved any and all requests to build and over populate in a $13 per hour county


News4 needs to be notified since the FNP is helping with the cover up


FNP buries this story.... what a surprise. A murder happens at the Frederick Fair, it does not fit their political agenda and guess what, it gets buried in the paper.

Shame on the FNP. Absolutely disgraceful!


Spot-on but not unusual given the source

dancing donna

We were there and was told there was a shooting and left immediately. If this truly was unprovoked, than perhaps it was a gang initiation evil act. It is very disturbing bc the entire family had just passed through the area the assault happened. Overly crowded and I saw not a single police officer the entire time I was there. FNP made no alert last night as we looked to see what had happened. Conveniently watered down news story to ensure a profitable last day of the fair (today). Our sincere condolences to the man who was killed. God help us all.


See. What did I tell you before that fair even opened?

And now more of the story comes out.

“......Friday for a report of an assault, and found the man lying unconscious on the ground”. They didn’t share that with the initial story yesterday......


They whole story here needs to see the light of day. We are being fed breadcrumbs. Very little details as to the cause of the situation. Unprovoked? Or, maybe there is underlying causal factors?

I am waiting for the whole story to come out. It is very clear the outcome...a man dead. But I need a lot more info, and a timeline, leading up to this death.


The 59 year old man died after an unprovoked attack by two teenagers allegedly playing the knockout game.*qm9lao*_ga*NTdfbVNReDdWOV9HSzVqVjlJd2pPUWJkekFPQTFsVVZtZE1tWkxPRExWUHRLang1aXM2WS1QQU05ZnAwa1k4Tg..

Comment deleted.

The man died and fredericknewspost still has not updated the report.

Comment deleted.

Wow, that is a negative and insulting comment towards the abundance of Deputies, security officers, City police officers and involved parents who are at the fair all day and night throughout fair week. Don’t blame these hard working folks blame the parents who allowed their kids to go unsupervised. Nothing good comes to unsupervised groups of teenagers who don’t respect authority. I’m offended that you “labeled” the Sheriff and the deputies out drinking. You owe a big apology Sheriff Jenkins and the Deputies. Let’s see if those deputies sign up to work extra hours at your school. The Great Frederick Fair is great because of all the great people who work hard.


FNP why are they no articles on escalating violence this summer? You offer single articles on specific events but ignore the trend. It's pretty clear that Frederick is becoming more violent. What is happening to the city?


But they did tell us today on the opinion page that in their view we need MORE diversity in Fred. city


We need to unmask who FCPS Principal is. If he/she is truly a principal we have a legitimate safety concern. Click on the posts and read the repeated racist, insensitive, and explosive commentary that she/he continuously writes. We need to notify the proper authorities and the FCPS principal needs to be named by the Frederick News Post and removed from his school post, and furthermore a 51/50 hold needs to be administered by the authorities.


I was there and cops were everywhere dealing with out of control juveniles


Wow FCPS Proncipal your comment is really out of line for a professional who is in charge of other professionals teaching fcps children everyday. You are part of the problem. No respect!! I was at the fair on Sunday night to see the Mercy Me concert saw deputies patrolling the fair. My mom walked up to them shool their hands and thanked them for their service. That is how we should treat the people who protect us. Wake up and grow up!! Don't act like your teenage students at the fair when posting comments!! God Bless everyone!!


Concept: it’s not the fact that parents are with their kids, or to take away fair day, or that “police weren’t there” (when they were) but maybe the way the children or raised or the lack of being raised? Maybe it all starts at home?? You can give kids lessons in school all the time and teachers can try their hardest to teach them right but some people are the way they are and you can’t do anything about it, things just happen.

Comment deleted.

Gee Psizzle, no mention of Tuscarora kids in the article. I guess if it was only Middletown, Walkervsille or Catoctin kids attending there would be no fights.


Maybe instead of dropping you're under age youth at the fair to be on their own parents should be attending with their children on a concept.


FCPS Principal - You obviously have never been to the Fair. There are tons of Frederick Police everywhere you look, and they do a great job making sure everyone is safe. You are probably the Principal of these “out of control kids”. Instead of pointing your finger at police why don’t you start teaching these kids lessons about getting along with others in life. Makes sense that you made an idiotic comment like that and you are a principal for FCPS.


During the daytime is fine. Possibly need to rethink the Free Attendance Day for school kids? Maybe cap the hours, but not sure how to control. Maybe parents need to be attending kids? Still difficult to control?


I stand corrected. 5:36 in the afternoon. 59 year old man attacked on the midway by 15-16 year old juveniles. Sad day for the Frederick Fair. Frederick City & County too.

The Truth

FCPS-Principal - there were about a dozen deputies and security personnel on the scene in seconds and over 50 within 5 minutes. Also, the sheriff has been walking the fairgrounds all week. Your comment is not only wrong but also moronic.


We stayed away from that fair this year. Bad part of town. Not safe. Too much bang banging going on. If you want to go you can but you shouldn’t. The city has a crises going on.


Take your head out of the sand, your fear of rumors kept you from a great family experience. Probably the safest place in Frederick due to the security. Fights happen everywhere just be aware. Have some fun.


Are you flirting with me?


except for the dean individual


you mean ""gang banging" and its in all surrounding areas, Baltimore, Mo County, wake up, you can't be a hermit crab because of it or you'll never go outside and just post comments on a newspaper website all day.


I spend nearly every waking minute outside.

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