A high-speed chase that turned into a shootout between police and at least one person wanted in Pennsylvania for attempted murder ended in Emmitsburg Monday afternoon with one suspect dead and another in custody.

The pursuit began around 2:30 p.m. Monday, when Pennsylvania State Police and Cumberland Township police chased a vehicle with two men into Frederick County, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins told reporters Monday. At least one of the men was wanted for attempted murder in Pennsylvania, he said.

The chase was joined by Maryland State Police troopers and deputies from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, and officers pursued the suspects’ vehicle down U.S. 15 to the Thurmont area and then back up U.S. 15, during which time shots were fired at one of the police vehicles, Jenkins said.

The suspects’ vehicle crashed near the intersection of Md. 140 and U.S. 15, and at least one of the men exchanged fire with officers from multiple jurisdictions, Jenkins said.

One of the men was arrested, and the other man fled the scene on foot to an Exxon station on Silo Hill Road in Emmitsburg.

He exchanged fire with several officers and was shot, Jenkins said.

A female employee at the Exxon station was slightly injured but refused treatment from medical personnel at the scene, Jenkins said. It wasn’t immediately clear Monday how she was injured.

The man was flown to R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, where he was pronounced dead.

It’s also not clear yet which officer or officers, or from which agencies, fired the shots that killed the man, Jenkins said late Monday afternoon.

A spokeswoman from the Pennsylvania State Police referred questions to the sheriff’s office, which is handling the investigation.

The names of the suspects were not being released Monday night, said sheriff’s office spokesman Todd Wivell.

The shooting and ensuing investigation blocked off Md. 140, and snarled traffic through the town and its surroundings for several hours.

Emmitsburg Mayor Don Briggs said one of his first priorities was letting both elementary schools — Emmitsburg Elementary and Mother Seton — know about the chase so they could perform any needed lockdowns.

Briggs couldn’t recall any shooting incident in town for the past 25 years. Neither could Frank Davis, a commissioner and lifelong Emmitsburg resident.

“It doesn’t happen up here, in sleepy little Emmitsburg,” Davis said.

Staff writer Steve Bohnel contributed to this report

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Scroll down to see where I call a FCSO deputy out for erratic driving


Worthless guys. Attempted murder, driving at excessive speeds and then firing at police. Guilty!!! One gone and another one we will have to use tax dollars for years to pay for trials and 3 hots and a cot and other benefits. And some people are sympathetic to these losers???


Apparently the crim who was shot by cops was white. If he had been black there would have been a hue and cry by now that it was 'racism' and an atrocity demanding investigations, protests, rioting even.


If he'd been black the FNP would have posted his picture.


He exchanged fire with several officers and was shot, Jenkins said. and that statement doesn't really tell us much at all does it about how exactly the crim was shot..you are assuming without knowing the actual facts that the crim was shot because the criminal was shooting at the police. There was a shoot out at the gas station the article said, but ......the rest isn't clear is it?

But what if it turns out to be that the crim was running away and was shot in the back multiple times would you then be a tad upset? And maybe want to protest ?

Cops are known for not telling the truth when all the actual facts come out, I'm not saying that Jenkins isn't telling the truth, his statement tells us nothing, but what if it turns out the truth doesn't reflect well on the officers? Would you be a tad upset this white dude was shot in the back while running away? Would you like to see an investigation so you can learn the actual truth ? Or do white people's lives not matter to you?


PurpleP: The crim's skin color shouldn't matter to the cops or to anyone. I agree more investigation is needed. I was simply making the observation that if it was known that the guy shot by the cops was black then there would by now be a great hullaballoo of intense news coverage, political grandstanding and protest around a theme of white racism and police murder. I suppose it's still possible he WAS a black guy and the cops haven't yet reported that.


Peter, that is unfounded speculation. Black people are shot by police on a regular basis without riots. This was clear that the suspects fired first. It's the old "my life felt threatened even though the suspect was unarmed" shootings that create problems. And while the criminal's skin color should NOT matter, in fact it has been shown to matter in our society and in police departments.

@peter Samuel

Obtuse much ?


Why do we have to make this a black white thing? We've got enough divide. Just stop!


newspostreader......Take that message to the, Democrats, and their Antifa storm troopers, and the Burn Loot and Mayhem crowd. Did you miss the Summer of Love?


Petersamuel, you sound disappointed ☹️.


awteam: Yes it's disappointing when anyone dies like that. But based on what we know so far: if he had surrendered to the cops rather than engaging in a gunfight with them he'd still be alive.


A lot of them would still be alive, peter, if they just had the common sense to do exactly what you said. Quite a few of the homicides-while-in-police-custody occur because of criminals resisting arrest and all that does is either tack another charge onto them, or get them dead. Idiots.


Clutch those pearls tightly, Peetie.

Greg F

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.




Had a high speed chase myself this morning with a Frederick County sheriff’s deputy in a black and white marked charger.

I had to chase the FCSO down this morning at approximately 6:15 am to get his identity. It appeared as if he was chatting on his cell phone, but I’m not for certain.

License Plate number 5325.

His driving was atrocious. I trailed behind him in the lane next to him, paced him at 81 mph. Posted speed is 65. He was tailgating and pushing cars out of his lane. Then, doing the last minute lane change to use the exit ramp.

You know who you are. Please contact he, I have a video edit for you


Kelly, were you on the phone while exceeding the speed limit, driving aggressively and unsafe lane change and tailgating?


How could I be using my device if I’m chasing a rogue deputy?


All the times you've bragged about sending text messages while driving, and you ask a question like this? Seriously? [lol][lol][lol]


So, you were driving in an illegal manner with someone else in the car that could be injured or killed if you wreck? You have already admitted in the past to using your handheld phone while driving, both talking and texting, in the past. Videoing an officer while you drive in an illegal manner wouldn't be much of a stretch.


I text and drive all the time.

The deputy aggressive driving incident and my time stamp are not of the same. FOOL


Who said anything about your time stamp, Pb? What you did was illegal at any time of day, regardless of when you reported it here, or to the FCSO.


Maybe he was responding to a mask complaint by GregF. [ninja]




As one who is "running" for sheriff of Frederick County, and one who knows sooooo many people in law enforcement, you should also know that you had absolutely no right, or business, to pace a cop car doing 81 MPH. For all you know he could have been answering a call and it's not your place to either second guess what he's doing or break the law yourself just because you're ignorant of the reason why he was speeding. You see Plumbum, this is but one reason why people ridicule you; you think you're somebody special but, to most, you're a no one. Thanks for all the good laughs, though! [lol]


CD; if they are on a call speeding in traffic they should have their emergency lights on.


Tell it to the cops, shift. I think we both know that's not always the case.


How do you know that the deputy was not responding to a call, Pb, what proof do you have to make that statement? And how did you know he was just going to "patrol head quarters?" Did you follow him there and, if you did, why did you not go in and report it then, instead of posting your dumb request for him to contact you? If it was that important to you, and you had the time to follow him to headquarters, I would think it would have been just as important to go in and report him then and there. And don't tell me you were too busy to because you had to get to work. Your turn, Pb, what kind of answers do you have?


CD; it SHOULD be the case unless they are sneaking up on someone. Which I don't think was the case. But anyway, just like regular folks, if they were going that fast and driving in an unsafe manner they should be required to justify it.


Don't get me wrong, shift, I agree it should be the case but, as I said, we both know it isn't always. And, unfortunately, there really isn't much anyone can do about it, either.


You wrote all that? As if I need life guidance?

Deputy was not enroute to anywhere but patrol head quarters. Wasn’t responding to anything.

But, nice waste of time you put forth!!


How is the Sheriff's Deputy supposed to contact you regarding the alleged violation Pb unless you post some contact information? All you did here was anonymously smear this officer. Why don't you just forward your "evidence" to the FCSO for action?


Pb knows the officer won't contact her, gabe, even if she had left contact information. She's just trying to make herself look foolish again with a bogus crack like that. Careful though, we don't want her running to the moderator whining about being picked on again, even though she picks on and trolls the sheriff every chance she gets. Remember, in her personal book of rules it's ok for her to call Chuck Jenkins stupid, disparaging names, but no one is allowed to call her "Plumbum."


A supervisor has been in contact today. Thanks for inquiring.


How did the supervisor know to contact you, Pb, and who was the supervisor who did?


Always film the police.


"It appears as if" - So you aren't really certain, but you're going to "chase" a sheriff to get his tag number. How do you know if he or she was responding to an urgent situation or call? Police don't always use their lights and siren depending on the situation. I'm sure there was not that much traffic at 6:15 that it prevented him from safely navigating at 16mph over the speed limit.


You need to read my initial comment again. And read it aloud and slowly

@Kelly Alzan

It’s like they know there is no one that is going to ever hold them accountable! The deputy knows he will never be held accountable so public shaming is the next best thing.



Ummm, public shaming doesn't mean squat if you don't know who you're shaming, or who's being shamed. Maybe you should ask Plumbum to post the deputy's name here.


Should have let the criminals just walk from the scene and go home...Biden 2020..FOH


By criminals walking away and going home....Manafort and Stone? Or did you mean the pardoned Sherriff Arpaio, the domestic terrorist Hammonds, Bernie Kerik, and D’Souza?....Trump US SR, 2020


One of the men was wanted for attempted murder? I would say that the police did away with one dangerous person. No love lost here.


How exactly are you coming to the conclusion that the cops did away with a dangerous person? The article said one of the men was wanted for attempted murder but it doesn't say if the man that was wanted for attempted murder was the one that the cops shot does it? Even so since when is it okay for cops to be the judge, jury and executioner just because someone may be "dangerous"?

How about according to your logic we just tell the cops they can go and shoot anyone they deem dangerous? Well that's what the cops do anyway so never mind.


So much crime in Frederick County these days. Vote Alzan for Sheriff. Community Policing Restored. No more bull.


Gonna "go after the gangs," are ya? [lol]


Yeah, so much crime. Every category went down over last year, except for murder. We went from 2 to 3. Good job FCSO! Keep up the great work!👍👍👍



[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] gabe!

[thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown] Plumbum!


Those stats are for the city.


Here ya go:




LOL - he’s not very bright


"LOL - he’s not very bright" This from the dimmest bulb in the room.


plumbum, please compare and contrast the crime rates for both Frederick City and County. Where are there differences? For somebody "in the know" who claims to be running for the Sheriff's Office, those stats should be on the tip of your tongue, shouldn't they? Come on, show us what you know!


Burn and loot first, get facts later.


Just saw the story, video and all, on WBAL TV11. Thankfully no officers were hurt. Thank you FCSO, MSP, and all others involved 👍👍👍

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