About Frederick's Best: Athlete of the Month

Now is the time to recognize our great local high school sports athletes through Frederick's Best: Athlete of the Month.

Each month, a different Frederick County high school sport will be featured, and the community will nominate and vote for who they would like to recognize as the Athlete of the Month. Each month, one boy and one girl athlete will be crowned.

Who is eligible for Athlete of the Month?

All high school athletes, male or female, that attend a Frederick high school, public or private, are eligible to be nominated in Frederick's Best: Athlete of the Month.

How do I get nominated for Athlete of the Month?

Any Frederick County high school athlete can be nominated by anyone in the community.

Athlete nominations will be reviewed and approved as long as the nomination is legit and the athlete is nominated during the nomination period. We will not approve any nominations outside the nomination window.

The Frederick News-Post and Sports Team will review all nomination submissions for accuracy.

How do I win Athlete of the Month?

Each month, a new sport will be featured. After the nomination period is over, we will open a seven-day window where the community can VOTE DAILY for their favorite male and female athletes.

At the end of the seven days, the female athlete and the male athlete with the most votes will be crowned the winner. The winners will be announced at the end of each month.

If I am crowned one of the winners, what do I win?

Each month, the top male and female athlete will win the following:

• $25 Visa gift card

• Gift Bag from MMI, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

Bragging Rights! At the end of each month, we will feature the winners in print in The Frederick News-Post and online.

Featured Sports

2023 ATHLETE OF THE MONTH March features high school basketball and wrestling. Nominate March 6-15
Vote Daily March 20-26

2023 Athlete of the Month Schedule

Indoor Track & Field

Nominations: Jan. 11-20
Voting: Jan. 23-29


Nominations: Feb. 6-15
Voting: Feb. 20-26

Basketball & Wrestling

Nominations: March 6-15
Voting: March 20-26

Baseball & Softball

Nominations: April 3-12
Voting: April 17-23


Nominations: May 5-14
Voting: May 17-23

Track/Field & Tennis

Nominations: June 2-11
Voting: June 14-20

Enjoy the summer!


Nominations: Sept. 5-14
Voting: Sept. 18-24

Golf & Volleyball

Nominations: Oct. 6-15
Voting: Oct. 18-24

Cross Country

Nominations: Nov. 3-12
Voting: Nov. 15-21

Field Hockey & Football

Nominations: Dec. 1-10
Voting: Dec. 13-19

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