You experienced a career high in late July by throwing a no-hitter for Delmarva. What was that day like? It was funny because the bullpen before the game was probably one of my worst ones of the year. Going into the game, I thought it was going to be pretty rough. But it ended up being pretty good, obviously. It was definitely a cool experience.

You have thrown more than 130 innings this season. Were you ready for that kind of a workload? I was told that’s how many innings I am going to get in this year. I was kind of expecting it. It definitely is a lot different from what I am used to. I think the most I have ever thrown is 75 to 80 innings. It’s definitely different. But, late in the season, I still feel good. So, it’s nice.

When you were drafted in 2011 and chose to go to college, did you think you were gambling at all? It was in the 46th round. It doesn’t even exist anymore. So, it was definitely a good experience. It was fun to get drafted and all. But I definitely feel like I should have gone to college.

How did you wind up at West Virginia University? The coaches kind of called me. I went to junior college first for a year. They called me that summer and asked me if I wanted to come there after that first year. I was like, “Yeah, I want to get started.” I really liked the coaches and everything that was going on there. Out of high school, I got recruited by nobody but junior colleges. There are a lot of them from where I am from in Kansas. From there, I was hoping to go to a decent [Division II] school, maybe a low-end D-I, but definitely not Big 12 worthy.

How do you plan to spend your offseason? Just go back home to (Olathe), Kansas. It’s going to be so nice because I don’t have much to do but just work out and hang out with friends and see family. That will be nice. For the first few weeks, I am just going to take completely off and just kind of get settled into the offseason. But, after that first month, I am going to get right back into (baseball).

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