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Roy Main, shown during a practice in 2012, spent 31 years as an assistant football coach at Middletown High School.

Roy Main’s longtime career as an assistant football coach at Middletown High School came to an abrupt end following an unspecified incident during a preseason practice.

“I did something I wasn’t supposed to do,” Main said in a telephone interview Friday morning.

Main, 62, declined to specify the infraction. He said the school investigated the incident over a matter of weeks, and he was informed of his dismissal from the coaching staff Sept. 27, the day before Middletown’s 24-17 home loss to Oakdale, the Knights’ only loss of the season so far.

Main asked for the school’s permission to coach in the game against Oakdale, and it was granted. It marked the final game of his tenure as an assistant for Middletown football, which spanned 31 years.

“I am just mad at myself,” Main said. “I’ve always preached to the kids to do the right thing, and here I am not practicing what I preach.”

Main said this was going to be his final season coaching football at Middletown, even before the incident made it so. He is planning to move to South Carolina. He wanted to coach during the upcoming boys basketball season, but that will not happen.

“They did their investigation, and I respect their decision,” he said. “I made a mistake. I accept full responsibility for my actions.”

Main was a well-respected coach who contributed greatly to the success of the Middletown football program over the years. His primary responsibility was calling plays for the offense, and his smart, creative gameplans helped Middletown win 36 games in a row and three state titles from 2011-13.

His booming voice and blunt, straight-shooting style endeared him to many and rubbed others the wrong way.

On occasion, his temper has gotten the best of him. In 1999, he was convicted of abusing a dog after he kicked his girlfriend’s seven-pound dachshund unconscious after it defecated in its crate.

He was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail and pay a $1,000 fine. But, upon appeal, the sentence was reduced to 25 hours of community service at a Frederick County animal shelter.

Main had no prior transgressions as a Middletown coach.

Collin Delauter, the school’s 23-year-old first-year varsity head football coach who played under Main at Middletown, was not available Friday to comment on the coach’s removal from his staff.

Main said, “I am more upset about this happening in Colin’s first year. No coach deserves to have that kind of [stuff] going on in his program.”

Frederick County Public Schools spokesman Michael Doerrer declined to specify Main’s infraction.

“Any time there are any concerns about a staff member’s behavior or interactions, especially with students, at any time, we have processes in place to quickly and throughly investigate and take appropriate action,” Doerrer said.

Staff writer Allen Etzler contributed to this report

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"Defecating in its crate" is always from human inattention or illness. Dogs don't choose proximity. Seven pound dogs are no different that way. My purse weighs more.


Interesting comments


Middletown! What do you expect? (Just baiting Dick, sorry.)

Gladiatorial games bring out gladiatorial behaviors. Are we really surprised?


This man should of been investigated and fired a long time ago. I played basketball under him and it was terrible. He hasn't been doing the right thing for a very long time.


If I am not mistaken, he was suspended, after kicking the dog. What years did you play?


I too played basketball under Coach Main at Middletown (as well as soccer under Bob Sheffler) and although they were diametrically opposed in their coaching styles, loved playing for each. Was Coach Main crass and, at times, short tempered? Sure, but he loved his players and his players loved him back (at least that was my impression of our team).


Some pretty serious things in his past. Interesting this didn't happen sooner - and the dog incident was basically dismissed. Based on comments here sounds like the good ole boy network carried him through his coaching career. Don't know how people can take a blind eye to his behavior and demeanor especially when in a position working with our youth. Good riddance.


Main needed to go. He should be disgusted with himself, and all of us with him.

Should have been gone when he kicked that dog into unconsciousness years ago. Micheal Vick abused dogs and sat and rotted in jail. And FCPS still allowed Main around coaching? WOW.

Do not get me wrong. I believe in tough love. But also respect. FNP needs to do some more digging here and report the reasoning behind the firing. Was it cursing or something more disconcerting?

I hope Main enjoys his retirement. He can yell at the seagulls and old folks slowing down the bingo and shuffleboard games. But at a minimum, I would hope he stops yelling at adolescent boys, unless they are attacking him or placing his life/healthy/property at risk.


If he starts yelling at teenage boys who don't give a darn about being on the football team off school grounds he might find himself with a much different result- and a walker.[wink]


I have known Roy for about 40 years. Yes, he made some mistakes, but don't all of us. Audrey is right, he would yell at the boys, but that motivated them too. He did a lot for sports in Middletown, not just coaching, he would be out cleaning up the field too. He was a hard worker and expected the same from his sport teams. Yes, he has a temper, not a perfect person, still you knew he was all out to win. And maybe it is the best he retires. I wish Roy a long and happy retirement.


Maybe he will spend some time volunteering at the local animal shelter? Dogs, cats, bunnies and gerbils love attention from retirees.


There is a difference between raising your voice to deliver a message across an open field intended to encourage a player, and verbal abuse. If you don't know the difference, maybe you should educate yourself. Or not. But don't work in a field where you come into contact with other living beings, human or otherwise. Thankfully Roy Main will be supervised at the animal shelter. Yes, we all make mistakes, but most of us learn from those mistakes well enough not to repeat them. Obviously Roy Main did not. Verbal abuse has no place, ANYWHERE. Period. Years ago schools had corporal punishment. Now that is illegal, as it should be. Being "old school" is an excuse for not adapting to better ways of educating. Good riddance, Roy Main.


They're kids, he's an adult. Cursing at anyone is abuse, much less a student. Time for these old school coaches to disappear anyway, I.e. when I played 60 years ago, if you wanted a drink of water you were a wimp. We had hours of head on, full speed tackling practice "to toughen us up". We didn't get concussions, we "got our bell rung". We got our helmets slapped if we made a mistake. Profanity was routine. It wasn't that long ago that the much revered long time head football coach of Urbana High School had to resign for hitting a player. No more, Times have changed.


Good one, Phy. I too played from 1961 to 69 at the Boys Club and in High School. I had a particularly verbally abusive assistant coach in high school and his insults to me went way beyond wanting me to be a better ball player. By my first season of college football, I had had enough; the game was no longer fun and I gave it up. I have some regret because while I would have become an OK small college lineman, I was a very good place kicker and had several colleges looking at me for that position. It just did not matter to me anymore; much of it I liken to that verbally abusive coach.


About the same time, I too played football, for a small town in northern New York. Our coaches were tough, but I can't recall them using curse words. We did a lot of exercises, hitting and being hit, that was routine. The first game I started in, as a junior, I had my bell wrung. Not sure what happened, just that I got hit and they walked me to the side line, after getting me up. They wouldn't let me back into that game. Still, as a senior I played 60 minutes a game, most games. Never really got hurt after the first one as a junior. And practice could be worse, got clipped one time, it really snapped my back and hurt for some time. Got over it and continued on.


DickD is old school. Total respect!


I think I'm 25 years too young to be commenting on these pages! I've got to find another hobby![beam]


You will be missed Roy! One of the best at getting every ounce of talent out of players to ever play in Frederick County. Cursed at a player? Have you ever walk the halls in a FCPS high school? I think you will hear plenty of foul inappropriate language.


You telling me a 60-year-olds' actions and words are equivalent and comparable to those of a pubescent boys'?


It's practically impossible to be fired from the school system. BUT IT IS ABOUT TIME for Main. He is the reason some players didn't stay in the program. Period. Good players who told me this personally.


I don't believe he was fired from the school system, just from his coaching job. I assume he does something else at the school?


Roy Main you were well liked and respected by many. Someone passionate and who undoubtedly wore their heart on their sleeve. People making comments about your past incident should logically realize why you were able to continue. Enormous respect. Maybe getting out of football now is a good thing. It is definitely changing Coupled with your Dad the name Roy Main has been closely associated with FrCo sports for over 60 years. Best of luck in your move.


There is no logic why he was allowed to continue. That is the elephant in the room here. If you beat up a dog so much it is unconscious and the courts have a field day with sentencing that, even under appeal, you are spending days at an animal shelter working it off, you should not be around kids. Period.

FCPS and others dropped the ball. Period.

I see it clearly. What are you missing?


Don't tease us, FNP. Find the reason why.


Wow, kicking a dog unconscious indicates an issue that would preclude him from working with kids, in my estimation.


Do you have knowledge of this, or just spreading vicious gossip?


Community service at an animal shelter. Says something. In Maryland it is a felony to inflict bodily harm on an animal unless in self-defense. Legally he got off easy. Glad he was fired. Hope he moves away. Perhaps to Siberia.


What do you mean? The article states he kicked the dog, did you read the article. As for getting fired... scuttlebutt (vicious gossip) is he cursed at a player, apparently that's the crime of the century in Middletown.


Did YOU read the article? He didn't just "kick the dog," he kicked it unconscious. And now he has community service at an animal shelter? For cursing at a student athlete? FIRED after 31 years for CURSING? Main must be a friend of yours. Good riddance.


Prior conviction for animal abuse. Community service at Fred Co animal shelter. Seems obvious, Sevenstones. Good riddance, Main. Animal abusers have no place in a civil society.


??? it's in the article and was common knowledge at the time. i am SO glad to stop hearing his unending ranting at the boys.


You know annoys me? People who don’t read an article before making comments. If it is true he treated an animal that way, he should not have been around young adults.


I just read it in the article, Seven

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