Three Frederick County councilmen are frustrated that they aren’t able to meet with county staff and get information in a timely manner.

Councilmen Tony Chmelik, Kirby Delauter and Billy Shreve aren’t blaming the staff. They are blaming Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner, and the process they are being asked to follow.

The tension comes in part from a few lines in the new charter, which took effect in December. The charter states that council members can’t give directions to county staff who work under the executive, which is all employees except for those in the council’s office.

It also states it is the executive’s duty to “provide any information that is requested by the Council in writing for the purpose of introducing and evaluating legislation or to engage in the review and monitoring of government programs, activities and policy implementation.”

Council members have been asked to email their chief of staff, Ragen Cherney, to request a meeting with staff or get information. Cherney is meant to pass the requests to Doug Browning, the county’s chief administrative officer, who will then work on them. This is in part to help avoid duplicate requests.

Chmelik, who has been vocal at council meetings about his frustration in not being able to get information or meet with staff, gave one specific example. He wanted to meet with Dr. Barbara Brookmyer, the county’s health officer, to talk about Planned Parenthood, according to emails he shared with The Frederick News-Post. That meeting was denied.

Shreve gave several examples, including requests for budget information and a request to meet with county staff about medical marijuana zoning rules. Gardner provided emails showing that some requests Shreve has made have been addressed, but Shreve remains adamant that he did not receive the information he wanted.

Gardner says the county’s staff generally provides information in a timely manner.

Chmelik and Gardner have different interpretations of the line explaining how the executive must provide information. Chmelik reads this as the county must supply council members with information when they ask for it. The executive reads this as the majority of the council would need to agree that the council needs the information.

Hearing his fellow council members’ concerns, Council President Bud Otis said that he wants to help. Otis said he has not individually had an issue getting information when he needs it, but he doesn’t want others to be frustrated.

Otis said Tuesday that the council’s chief of staff and the county’s chief administrative officer were meeting this week to talk about ways to make it work better, and he will have more to share next week.

Ideas for legislation

The County Council wants to hear from residents about what they think the county’s priorities should be in the next General Assembly in Annapolis.

The council will host a workshop at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday to discuss what to include in its legislative packet. The council will be reviewing recommendations from the county executive, deciding which of the recommendations to support, and whether to recommend some priorities of its own.

Email ideas to the full council at

Candidate launches committee to help VA

Delegate David Vogt, a Marine Corps veteran, wants to improve the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Vogt, a Republican who is running for Congress in the state’s 6th District, is asking veterans who think veteran services should improve to join his new committee called Veterans for Vogt. Vogt said he doesn’t think Rep. John Delaney, D-6th, is doing enough.

“We need comprehensive reform of the VA; anyone who has spent time in a VA hospital can see it,” he wrote.

This committee will “provide policy feedback and help grow our fundraising base,” according to a statement from Vogt’s campaign manager in a news release.

In other words, they will donate to his campaign. In another news release sent out a few minutes later, he asked for those donations, including a link to his website,

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By the way, does anyone in our reading audience know where the PRINT button for comments has gone?


For the past 10 months We continue to go around in the same circle of bad mouthing the bad and corrupt behaviors Delauter, Shreve and Chmelik bring to market, BUT do nothing about it, other than to hand them back to Charter Government that didn't come out as they had planned. While this remains a warning for future uses and abuses of Charter governance, as it was strategically planned and designed by Blaine Young, Paul Smith, Delauter , Shreve, and Chmelik to rule Frederick County and hand it over to their DEVELOPMENT partners.

The wisecracking and condenscention of County Council members by Delauter, Shreve and Chemilk in open scheduled meetings is old, worn thin beyond recognition and should not be tolerated.

Delauter's MOTION to recind councils vote on Sept. 1, 2015 on the MTC project was proof enough that he is being tutored and scripted by Development's legal resources, at the direction of the Young clan and Republican operatives that want to get back as the head of Frederick County governance. Anyone taking in the Sept 15,2015 and Delauter's motion to recind, with all his double talk, mumbo jumbo and legal ease that Counsilman Donald took acception to, that later lead to yet another NO vote by Coincil (4-3) to what these three hoped to gain while playing word games with the County Attorney's office and their INTENTIONAL twisted versions of Robert's Rules of Order. So far, we have recorded our meetings with these three and are able to conclude they are prepared, and have for quite some time, to undermine Charter Governance and what serves in the best interest of the County citizen population.

Anyone catch that moment when Delauter was asking council for more information on who participated in the trial over the MTC, when he already knew who the county attorney participants were, but of no recollection to County Attorney Mathias' brief testimony he couldn't recall when Delauter already knew who tried the MTC project for the County in our Circuit Court that returned the decision back to County to decide based on "tainted" evidence so far presented and on record.

There is something to be said of one when they protest too much and work every intentional strategy they can to keep the MTC project from being "FOUND OUT" for what it truly represented, with only "affadavits" and a one way conversation to obviously speak to and supports the nature of the LIES, Delauter, Shreve and Chemilk are willing to tell through intentional strategic confusion, baited commentary, offensive communication designed by previous BOCC members to dodge their complicity in the corruption that is now in the hands of a Charter Government preparing to advance their ETHICS to another level of transparentcy that the local THREE want buried behind all the devisive meaesures they have employed and taken against a Council looking for the truth, by appropriate subpoena and standards of CROSS EXAMINATION, under the terms and conditions and consequences prescibed by perjury, under oath. It's what the Circuit Court has prescribed for the County Council to decide. Perhaps the County Attorney's Office will want to have an attorney of its own to defend against what County Council is likely to turn up, or has already been found out and looking for every means to find the truth out, through all the layers of lying and varnish that has been applied by the BOCC who would rather remain hidden from further PUBLIC inspection? It appears now that the County Council has elected to allow as much conversation and rope by Delauter, Shreve, and Chemilk to hang themselves, as they continue to play their games out from one day to the next and from one Council meeting to the next. Why would Gardner or Otis want to interfere with this dialogue being generated by Delauter, Shreve and Chmelik. Haven't they, their allies and operatives consistantly made it abundantly clear to the public, they no longer represent their constituents, but only a strategic manipulation they designed, devised and developed with and for development interest that are willing to stoop to any low place or level of fiscal manipulation they can afford? Soon enough, Frederick County will be in first place for growth in Maryland. We are now ranked number 5. So why can't we afford any more than one school at a time, with Maryland State governace trimming everything back except their pet projects. What do our State Representatives Ron Young or Karen Young have to say about this long standing circumstance? Who are we to reach out to for solutions, if the only thing Karen Young can come up with is to change the Maryland State song and a Frederick government doing their best to get rid of the Taney statue, based on a scripted lie they have chosen to deflect US away from what the Supreme Court of 1897 decided, and an American public that has yet to change their opinions from the same rulings of 1897 and what we see as a divided America in 2015 or do we still relish the LIE over that of the truth? WE were a foregone conclusion then and remain so to this day. If the LIE is what Frederick County is most comfortable with in 2015, what are we going to have on hand at the next election, except more lies?


Just think what life would be like had Ellen beaten Jerry last November.


Shows how every vote matters.


We would be in lock step with the same BOCC voting block that would have
stood for the same corruption we are trying to politely make go away, but certainly not on their own accord. We have Council that wants to move ahead with new voices and perspectives of Government that Delauter, Shreve and Chemilk simply don't share for want of being found out. Every time Donald Trump takes center stage, I'm reminded, over and over again, how far corruption has come, not just in Frederick County but our Nation's population. I'm a professionally trained observer of words, written and spoken. I look and LISTEN to every kind of LIE you could possibly imagine. I don't take sides, unless I am allowed to ask hard questions of BOTH sides and determine who the best liar is. It's ALWAYS about the lie, and Jerry Donald appears to have acquired to need to get as close to the truth as possible, which, in Frederick County is no easy accomplishment TODAY with all the skeletons government has left behind from decades of family values and a slap on the back from the good ole boys. Jerry is just a part of the change that is coming, on a playing field that's been tipped far to the right for years. This is not going to be easy and Jerry, Fitzwater, Otis and Keegan-Ayre's know this to be true. Change will come when Delauter, Shreve and Chmelik run out of scripted messages and messaging being provided by their Development partners and a BOCC
"insider" agenda, who would sell Frederick County off to the highest bidder and never look back. Perhaps Frederick County is just waking up to the reality that LIES have consequences.




The 3 Stooges knew the policy when they signed up, so what's the problem now? If they don't like it, they can quit and allow someone with the best interests of the county to take over.


When ELECTED OFFICIALS are involved in corruption there is no way to get rid of them without a vote of no confidence by the Frederick County PUBLIC. It's sort of like Kim Davis in Kentucky who can flaunt the law but still keep her Federal job. If 20% of the Frederick County population signed on to eliminate the corruption that continues to haunt the County, maybe the State, including the likes of our own State Representatives might consider adopting a recall statute that would protect the citizen population from having to live a LIE until 2018?


"Gardner says the county’s staff generally provides information in a timely manner."

Ah yes . . .the art of bureaucracy -- Gardner has learned well from the likes of Mikulski, O'Mom, and other DEMS . . . almost has a bit of Hillary to it -- releasing information over time . . .

Has Gardner ever held a real job -- real accountability? Okay -- next election won't come fast enough to give her the boot again . . .

boot again?


Jan is making a good record for herself, don't count on her not being there, unless she decides to run against our one term governor.


A real job? Of course. I understand that County Executive Gardner worked for many years in operations at the Quaker Oats Company. She also did accounting and tax work.

"...again...?" County Executive Gardner has never lost an election. She did not run in 2010.


Typical repub tactic to repeat lies: Jan never had a real job and she lost an election.
Repubs love the misinformed.
Nice try.


"Councilmen Tony Chmelik, Kirby Delauter and Billy Shreve aren’t blaming the staff. They are blaming Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner, and the process they are being asked to follow."

When will these three clowns learn their is a separation of powers, defined in the Charter. Bud is being nice to them, but they are not being reasonable.


AND, never will be, based on the last 10 months of recorded dialogue between County Council and their (Delauter, Shreve and Chmelik) working agendas that continue to work from the dark side of appropriate governance with transparency or even accountability.


I wish the ditto heads could find their way out of their dark side. Requires a real choice for the light side.


I applaud Chmelik for wanting to learn more about Planned Parenthood. Here's a tip, Tony: You don't need permission from anyone in county government to avail yourself of the services it offers.


It is up to the 3 clowns to undo the dodo of the ex dodo bird...


And the people pushing back against ethics rules somehow think that the council members have no opportunities to influence and/or badger the staff.

I am not surprised that Tony's request to discuss PP was denied. He likely didn't have anything to ask that wasn't just political fluff. I wonder what he wanted to discuss?


It seems like every day Shreve and Delauter are whining about something. If they'd put half as much energy into doing their jobs working with the County Executive and other Council members as they do complaining, maybe they could actually contribute something positive for a change.


Billy the county staff tramples
four years, we've seen many examples
and lately he's hot
on medical pot
to see if they're giving out samples.


The first line is shifted, no choice
nine spaces and raising my voice
the tab isn't great
here I only spaced eight
if I figure this out I'll rejoice.


To start a new line try the break


Billy shows his disappointment
and gets his nose right out of jointment
while Kirby and Tony
who buy his baloney
elected him fly in the ointment.


Only the great ones take on the challenge of rhyming "ointment...."

...And win.


Thank you, but jointment is poetic license.


Something at which you excel, I sense.



Glen Shiel

Well, Chmelik, Delauter and Shreve can thank their fearless leader Blaine Young who happened to be the biggest proponent of switching to a charter form of government, thinking that he was going to be the first county executive. Oops to him; first he loses that election to a female Democrat then she gets him booted off the planning commission after his backroom finagling to get onto it. I wonder how it feels to be the laughing stock of the largest county in the state?


The charter was designed for Blaine, and his ditto-heads are being stymied by Blaine's charter....

Payback is a b____


The Three Stooges are doing everything they can to make life miserable for Jan Gardner and Bud Otis. Talk about sore losers. You just want to put them over their daddy's knee and spank them for being such brats. They are like two year olds who don't get their way. It's disgusting. It's got to be Blaine orchestrating them.


Making life miserable in politics is what politics is all about. It's a blood sport and has always been the same since the beginning of time. When violations of ethics get drawn into the picture, it's no longer a game that the PUBLIC should NOT have to put up with. It's about BUSINESS and BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES that Democacy outlined and politicians took advantage of by changing the rules of the process to protect them from accountability FROM the people who put them into office in the first place. Until the public is allowed or decides to take their government back, what's the use of even having a government podium that only allows the public 3 minutes to voice their concerns, much less have elected governance do anything about it. I can't see putting a government official over my knee, but rather putting them out of office. This is no longer "disgusting." It's paying homage to corrupt government officials, we will find on every corner in our lives. We lie to ourselves just so WE don't have to be accountable but get to BLAME someone else, instead of ourselves, for allowing the LIE to persist under title of "It's somone elses responsibility because we are much too busy with the likes of "ME and MINE" hanging in the balance and assigning our rights away by proxy vote to the people who are protecting themselves, FROM us, by our own half baked consent order. IF WE have no right of recall, what is government worth on the open market or has that been religated to the highest bidder, such as we have been looking at and ignoring for years/decades?

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